GOP's ignoring of facts could lead to disaster

This is a response to the letter, "Most Republicans do care about science," (July 11).

Not all Republicans are against science, but the religious Republican base denies the expanding universe, evolution, climate change, global warming, sustainability, etc. So does money-driven Republican leadership.

Republican Rep. Paul Broun of Georgia says, "All that stuff I was taught about evolution and embryology and Big Bang theory, all that is lies straight from the pit of hell." The Earth, he says, is only "about 9,000 years old" and "was created in six days as we know them."

Broun is a member of the House Science, Space and Technology Committee.

Rep. Chris Stewart (R-Utah), the chairman of a House subcommittee on the environment, unlike 97 percent of scientists, denies climate change.

When Republicans don't agree with evidence, they deny it: "austerity is always wise economic policy," "Tax cuts will pay for themselves," "They will greet us as liberators," "Legitimate rape will shut it down," "Climate change is a hoax," "Government is the problem."

Now, after voting to cut the EPA, and end food stamps, they are threatening to shut down the federal government unless Congress defunds Obamacare.

R's don't care if they crash the economy, shred the social safety net, wreck the environment, or cripple government.

Empowering them guarantees disaster.

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