Blame mayor for NL not being like Mystic

Has anyone ever asked what New London is doing wrong, while other cities thrive? Go to Mystic on any day and look at the people. We just returned from Cape Cod; small towns there are so busy they have to use special traffic officers to control traffic, both pedestrian and cars. Niantic, another thriving little town.

Sounds like management to me. An Italian restaurant called, "Finnizi's" in Cape Cod, (not to be confused with "Finizio") actually has to close its door because so many people were waiting to get in; the narrow streets were crowded well past midnight with many activities.

New London is closed for business at about 5 p.m. and there is no where to go. With the beautiful waterfront that New London has it very confusing why management can't make it work. There should be something going on at the waterfront every day and night.

New London will be a ghost town if this mayor continues on his path of destruction. People won't come if they think there are no police to protect them. Word is already out not to come to New London because things are not good ... all the cops are bailing out.

The words are the truth.

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