Skippers Dock lives on in many hearts

Now 31, I was 17 when Skippers Dock hired me, with no idea I was embarking on a long, meaningful relationship. Beginning as a hostess, I carefully picked out my outfit, taking pride sauntering up and down among the happy people who came to enjoy the restaurant and beautiful sun that always seemed to set just right for Skippers Dock.

When it was time for college I moved to Los Angeles. I ended up working in several restaurants, a five-star among them. Money was great, but all lacked the sense of family I had known at Skippers. I moved back. Skippers welcomed me with open arms.

While the sunsets are incredible, it's the people who are the heart of Skippers Dock. I will miss them the most. Skippers has given me some of the best memories of my life. Sometimes you don't realize how good you have it until something is taken away, but with Skippers Dock, we all knew we had it good.

After seeing the same faces for so many years, to think I won't see these people anymore makes my heart sink. Skippers is the center for many lives, providing a structure now ripped from under our feet.

Bill Griffin can tear these walls down, change it into something it's not, but he can't kill the Skipper's spirit, which will forever live inside our hearts.

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