Give Obamacare the chance to cure some ills

I am angry, sad and disappointed with those who are trying their damnedest to sabotage, thwart and delay Obamacare.

Connecticut is way ahead of the curve. I tried to enroll online and was stuck half-way through (income). I called for help and a bright woman took some info and transferred me to another bright gal who patiently took me through the whole application, located what I was eligible for and listed the policies starting with the best deal! I was thrilled to enroll in a policy from Anthem Blue Cross at half the premium and one-third the deductible I am paying now. Come on folks get on the bus, you might get lucky!

Who in the world said this was going to go forward without problems? This is big-time, like Social Security. This the bravest attempt yet for our government to do something right for the whole population.

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