Vandals damage field behind Mystic Middle School

Stonington — Two years ago, the town spent nearly $100,000 to rebuild and drain the grassy field behind the Mystic Middle School and to install an irrigation system.

And now some of that work has been undone when  someone drove what appears to be a four-wheel drive vehicle during the three recent snowstorm  on the turf. The vehicle dug up the turf and left wide tire tracks behind.

The town spent $80,000 to rebuild and drain the field and another $15,000 to install an irrigation system.  The repairs corrected a decades-old problem that left the field wet and unusable.

Bill King, the schools business manager, said this week that repairs will have to be made this spring to fix the wide tire tracks.  King said he alerted police who will  now be monitoring the field to prevent any future damage and possibly catch the driver. He has also ordered two security cameras that will monitor the field.

In addition to school activities, the field is also used by the Stonington Seals youth lacrosse program.


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