Tougher laws needed to punish pet abuse

"Decomposing dog led to arrest of Norwich woman," (Feb. 8). It's beyond comprehension how a mom, yes a mother of three children, could have no heart for a 3-year-old dog. This dog was starved to death. A slow process, its tongue was torn in half, gums trying to open a can of Crisco. It is presumed the kids were bringing cans up to it. Please let us know how we can change our laws in Connecticut. Mandates to provide food, water, no 24-hour tethering are the only laws? Who do we write to in this state to make abusing, starving, killing of our pets more than a misdemeanor. Who? How do we change the law?

This woman has children. God, please help those poor kids. Where was her family while she did this? Is she fit to raise these kids? Is there a father of sane mind? Please pray that DCF keeps an eye on the children.

Jeffrey Dahmer and many mentally ill criminals started on animals. Who, where and how can we make Connecticut laws better for our helpless four- legged pets? The punishment has to fit the crime.

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