Marijuana use a cause for concern

Marijuana use is again highlighted in the news via a report from the University of New Hampshire.

Dr. Hans Brietner reports that teenagers who smoke marijuana once or twice per week can incur a lasting ill effect on their brains. He states that it affects motivation, emotion, causes apathy and lack of focus.

I checked this assertion out by asking a prominent PhD friend from a nearby state and he confirmed he tried marijuana once and said "it left him nutty feeling for days." Brain experts say this new medical finding should be closely watched.

This should be a high priority item for federal health officials, along with and Attorney General Eric Holder and President Barack Obama, who both admitted to have been casual marijuana users.

My police officer friends say that another bad aspect of foolish children illegally using marijuana is that it is far more expensive than the deadly killer heroin that is dirt cheap and readily available, and that one leads to another.

It is well recognized that this is a complex issue that must be addressed.

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