Saving energy should be a goal of all of us

The members of the newly formed Sea Level Rise Climate Adaptation Committee in Old Saybrook are to be commended for seeking ways to prepare for the impacts of climate change to which low-lying coastal communities are particularly vulnerable: sea level rise and increased flooding.

Greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide remain in the atmosphere for millennia, so climate changes being seen by coastal Connecticut are likely here to stay. However, we have a choice in terms of how bad we let those impacts get.

Investing in energy efficiency is the single most cost effective way to reduce the carbon dioxide we continue to pump into the atmosphere. Gov. Dannel P. Malloy and the legislature are to be commended for increasing funding for energy efficiency programs last year. These utility-run programs have helped thousands of homes and businesses save energy and money through investments in weather-stripping, upgraded lighting, more efficient boilers, and much more.

There is much more low-hanging fruit to be picked, and there is no time to wait: the actions we take today will dictate the level of adaptation Old Saybrook and other Connecticut communities will be faced with. Visit to learn what you can do.

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