Let all New London property owners vote

The New London administration and City Council remain unresponsive to the needs of business owners. The recent efforts to double the voting districts - in order to make voting more accessible to those without cars - is absurd. New London political parties, many local unions, as well as private citizens and the League of Women Voters, all provide rides to the polls. It is difficult to accept the notion that anyone interested in voting cannot get to the polls.

Additionally, those without cars most likely rent and have no tax liability to the city and live off the labor of others.

New London business owners and property owners residing outside the city pay the bills. These taxpayers have the right to vote on fiscal issues, such as the budget. (See Connecticut General Statutes {CGS}7.6.)

The city charter is silent on voter qualification. It does not restrict the right of those taxpayers identified in CGS 7.6, therefore the CGS is the presiding document. Those voters identified in CGS 7.6 should be eligible to vote. Any actions to prevent their participation is disenfranchisement. The New London charter identifies the qualifications for "Electors." A voter is different than an elector (CGS 9.1).

It is time for the city and its elected leaders to focus on the rights and needs of those who pay the taxes. Business and property owners cannot exit New London fast enough. The current administration acts as a catalyst to accelerate their mass exodus from the city.

Adding more districts will at least double the cost to taxpayers for every election. It would be fiscally irresponsible. The members of the committee recommending this change have not done their due diligence. They are doing a great disservice to the people of New London through their lack of preparation and research.

The proposal to add more polling stations ignores the fact that voter participation for general elections and primary elections has increased since the voting districts changed from 6 to 3.

It is time for those we elected to stop ignoring the state law and the provisions of the Charter for the City of New London.

Daniel McSparran lives in New London.


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