Dr. I says mark it down: A.J. Dillon will hoist Heisman before leaving BC

Idle Thoughts, while waiting for Election Day, Thanksgiving Day and more applause for The Day, recently named New England Newspaper of the Year:

• Dr. Idle, Dr. I to his close friends, begins today with a prediction.

A.J. Dillon of New London is going to win the Heisman Trophy before he leaves Boston College.

Remember where you heard it.

(If he doesn't win, however, forget where you heard it.)

• OK. So they can charge a hefty admission (eight dollars) at the ECC soccer tournament, but nobody thought to provide rosters at the gate?

Or anywhere else?


• So Dr. I saw that Plainfield beat NFA in girls' soccer the other day.

Woodstock won the girls' soccer and volleyball titles within the ECC.

Isn't it a shame those poor, aggrieved schools north of Norwich just can't compete anymore?

• Dr. I is already in sabermetric withdrawal.

How will we cope for months now without hearing about launch angle?

• If nobody else will say this, Dr. I will:

Casey O'Neill, the play-by-play voice of GameDay on theday.com, was fabulous doing soccer the other night.

Not easy to call, that sport.

• Reminder: Saturday's Coast Guard-Kings Point football game will be live on ESPN3.

• Today's deep thought: Have you ever noticed the people who tell you to calm down are the ones who irritated you in the first place?

• This is just Dr. I thinking out loud here, but don't you get the feeling Notre Dame could lose out and still make the college football playoffs?

• If Pete Reichard isn't named police chief in the 06320, Dr. I is going to lose his sunny disposition.

You've been warned.

• The Celtics have the best record in the NBA.

Just sayin.'

• Best men's college basketball team in Connecticut this year: The Bulldogs of Yale University.

Boola, boola.

• Coming this week on theday.com: A Peter Huoppi-crafted video on how Fitch football coach Mike Ellis doesn't curse. If you think "darn," "golly" and "son of a gun" sound funny in the heat of a game, you'll want to watch.

• Social event of the season Wednesday night at Filomena's: Four Waterford High seniors will sign letters of intent to play sports in college: Mike Burrows (UConn, baseball); Walker Sutman (Fairfield, baseball); Jacklyn Lavoie (Stetson, soccer); Mikey Buscetto (Southern New Hampshire, basketball).

Pretty cool.

• How come they don't call the Tuck Rule anymore?

• Best thing Dr. I saw all week: All the soccer moms in Stonington wearing brown shirts that read, "soccer mom."

• So let's see if Dr. I has this right:

Yuli Gurriel, the infielder for the Astros, makes a racist gesture toward Yu Darvish and Major League Baseball suspends him for five games.

Bob McNair, the owner of the Houston Texans, call his players "inmates" and gets no punishment whatsoever.


Must be nice to be so privileged.

• Does anyone else giggle at the Bud Light "Dilly Dilly" commercials as much as Dr. I?


• Who wants to join Dr. I's crusade to get rid of high school football on Thanksgiving?

Football season would end much sooner and give athletes and coaches of winter sports more time to practice and prepare.

• Dr. I has never understood the term "rise up."

How would one "rise down?"

So wouldn't "rise" be sufficient?

This is the opinion of Day sports columnist Mike DiMauro


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