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Put women's names first in news of births

Mother’s Day was this week. It may be why, as I read Sunday's paper, I finally decided it was time to write to request that you make a policy change at The Day in reporting local births.

I have never understood why The Day, a smart and with-it kind of news organization, adheres to some ancient practice of naming men before women in any feature but especially in the naming of those whose lives have been blessed with a new baby.

Let's get serious: while fathers are 50% responsible for the creation of an embryo and, in recent times may provide 50% of the care of the child once it is born, men do not donate 50% of the effort of bringing an embryo to a viable life and delivering it into the world. To diminish this work/labor as equivalent to the father's efforts is just absurd.

If women's names cannot lead in reports of births where the heck would it be more appropriate?

I wonder.

Sue Fraser Frankewicz




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