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Country-poppers Old Dominion play Sun Arena Saturday

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I remember once overhearing a person say, "I went to Old Dominion." I randomly thought, "Well, that's a good school." Turns out, though, the guy had been to a concert by the country-pop group Old Dominion — as opposed to attending the college of the same name.

Which makes me wish there was a band called Cornell or Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I could then confidently walk into a job interview — not that I need a job (I hope) — and off-handedly announce to the recruiter/CEO/HR person, "Yeah, you know, I went to Cornell."

And they'd give me the job!

Of course, they might press for more information, at which time I could honestly say, "Yeah, I attended Cornell at the House of Blues in Boston on their last tour. They opened for Old Dominion."

Now, in case you're interested in going to Old Dominion — the band, not the institute of higher learning — they're playing Saturday in the Mohegan Sun Arena. Expect plenty of stuff from their brand new "Time, Tequila & Therapy" album, along with a recitation of hits such as "Make It Sweet," "One Man Band," "Snapback" and "Introductory Statistics for Biology."

Old Dominion, 8 p.m. Saturday, Mohegan Sun Arena; with Walker County; $59-$79;


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