Versatile comic Scott Rogowsky entertains Friday at Foxwoods

New York City-based comic Scott Rogowsky is — WAIT! Back up a sec ... Is it even necessary anymore to use "New York City-based" as a descriptive before the word "comic"?

Oh, I suppose if you're on the West Coast, you could substitute "Los Angeles." And I guess there's still a "Second City" troupe in Milwaukee or Cleveland or Chicago. Can't remember which one.

Anyway, yes, Rogowsky calls New York City his home base, and from there he produces, writes, performs, and conducts public practical jokes in that freewheeling fashion now possible in this all-inviting world of social media outlets. He's probably best known for his innovative "Running Late with Scott Rogowsky" talk show, which takes place live in a revolving variety of nightclub venues and which features his dad as well as scores of A- and B-list guests.

But I'm fond of his "Fake Books on the Subway" skits. It's a simple premise: Rogowsky sits on the subway "reading" fake books with all sorts of ridiculous, provocative and typically profane titles — so that the reactions of innocent fellow-riders can be captured on video and then shared.

Hell, anymore, the idea that anyone is reading ANY book is pretty funny, but this bit is just one of many reasons to go see Rogowsky when he brings his anything-goes act Friday to the Fox Theater at Foxwoods.

Scott Rogowsky, 8 p.m. Friday, Fox Theater, Foxwoods; $36; 1-800-200-2882.


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