Collins' opinion perplexing, NLMS leadership strong

I’ve been a member of the New London Maritime Society now for about a decade and I’ve been on the board of directors for eight years. I’ve never been associated with a more dedicated or steadier group of people. When I joined the group Susan Tamulevich and George Sprecace were just starting out as director and president respectively. I have witnessed them building this organization into a positive, proactive, far-sighted group genuinely interested in preserving local landmarks, local history and in promoting downtown New London.

Under the guidance of these two people, the New London Custom House Maritime Museum has evolved from a silent, largely overlooked collection of memorabilia and artifacts into a center of education, entertainment, outreach and culture. The NLMS retains a great many of the members present when I joined (which itself says a lot about our leadership) and has steadily grown, attracting people with a wide range of backgrounds and interests, all focused on the well-being of New London and in preserving and presenting the rich history of this place.

I find David Collins' vilifying of the society’s president, George Sprecace, in his column, “Sprecace should resign as maritime society president, (June 22), perplexing, at best.

Capt. Rob Groves


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