Poor Conn College just struggles along

Regarding, “With payment agreement set to expire, Connecticut College and mayor expected to negotiate,” (Sept. 1), not only does Connecticut College contribute the magnificent sum of $12,500 annually to New London but it also generously pays for its own power and snow removal. Now this may come as a shock to President Bergeron, but we the little people not only pay for our own snow removal and power but also for our water, heating and building maintenance, and we also pay property taxes, a concept that Bergeron does not seem to be acquainted with. So let me put the idea in terms that she, as an academic, might understand, and call it, "Your fair share." 

While retirees and others on fixed incomes have seen their city taxes increase 30 percent over the last three years, Conn College has struggled by charging each of its 1,900 students nearly $70,000 in tuition, room and board and fees. With a paltry endowment of only $284 million, one can understand Bergeron's need to watch the pennies. It’s amazing the place can stay in business. 

However, many in town might be reluctant to see Conn become more involved. The last time their president, Claire Gaudiani, got involved, New London ended up with the devastation that is Fort Trumbull. 

Susan Scarritt

New London

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