Greens sought input from Waterford residents

I believe that candidates for local office should strive to have vision for their communities; they should take pride in their town and be proactive in tackling issues. Too often, elected officials make decisions without the input or support of their constituents or wait too long to take on issues facing the town, like in the case of much of Waterford's infrastructure.

Our town should not merely aim to function; we should aim to improve ourselves, our circumstances, and our community. It should be the duty of elected officials to push for both responsible management and aspirational goals, and I believe that the candidates put forward by the Waterford Green and Democratic parties offer this level of forethought and dedication.

The Greens are the only ones to have researched the issues and to have published a comprehensive platform on their website, and many of our candidates, including Baird Welch-Collins (RTM D2) and myself (RTM D3) have gone the extra mile to try to meet each resident in our districts to learn about what kind of Waterford they want to live in.

I hope you will take time to read our platform and that you will consider voting for candidates with a vision on Tuesday.

Joshua Kelly


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