Businesses stepped up when Town of Groton didn't

A lifelong Mystic resident, I would like to publicly acknowledge Linda Lillie, president of Sprigs & Twigs for having her tree-man remove a stump on Groton Town property adjacent to my property line. Several years ago the town took down the dying tree but the stump remained. Over the years, the stump became hazardous, especially in winter. With ice and snow on the ground the oil delivery men could not see the deteriorating stump. Their expensive hose could easily be damaged or the men fall and be injured, resulting in a lawsuit against the town. 

The general manager of Andersen Oil Company asked that the stump be removed for the safety of his employees. After many attempts with the Public Works Department I was told it’s not in this year’s budget or next.

In less than an hour, Sprigs & Twigs removed the stump, all the debris and spread topsoil in my garden. Why couldn’t the town have taken care of their stump in a timely fashion?

My gratitude to Linda Lillie, her employees, Danny of Andersen Oil and his delivery men. Their compassion and helpfulness for an elderly woman ignored by the town warmed my heart.

Alice Foley


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