Choice of lawful and unlawful, not of two evils

I take strong issue with the premise of the commentary, “Alabama Senate race leaves anti-abortionists no choice,” (Nov 25); that "is a choice of evils." Ponnuru states that Moore is "credibly accused of having been a sexual predator, including against girls." This, no matter how you look at it, is an actual crime and therefore Moore should be prosecuted as an alleged criminal.

Meanwhile, the writer says that the only problem with Jones, the Democratic candidate, is that he is a pro-choice candidate. Last time I looked, that is a perfectly legal opinion to have. So if Jones does win the election, what terrible thing will he do as a pro-choice person to upset the people of Alabama? Absolutely nothing. Abortion/Anti-abortion is not on the agenda of the Senate since it was a Supreme Court decision. For future Supreme Court nominee votes, his is one vote out of 100 (1 percent). My, my, what a dangerous percentage!

So, there is not a choice of evils. It is a choice between someone who is mired in evil versus one who has done nothing wrong. 

Linda C. Mock

East Lyme

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