Provide body cameras to New London police

On Dec. 2, I attended “The People’s Symposium,” a forum of Democratic candidates for governor hosted by Connecticut Working Families. Topics discussed included taxing the top 3 percent of income earners, raising the minimum wage, paid family medical leave, and police accountability. While the four panelists had slight disagreements about most issues, there was one area of consensus noteworthy to me − police body cameras.

In 2015, New London approved the purchase and implementation of body cameras for police officers after a successful pilot program in 2014. Two years later the city has yet to purchase or implement body cameras. I urge the newly elected City Council, the newly appointed police chief and the mayor’s administration to stop dragging their feet and put body cameras to use in the New London Police Department.

I hope we continue to elect local and state officials dedicated to increasing police accountability. Body cameras are good for the public, good for police officers, and good for taxpayers. New London should be a leader in the state and implement its body camera program.

James Burke

New London

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