Trying to limit language and vital information

Seven words—fetus, entitlement, diversity, science-based, evidence-based and transgender —have been removed from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s website. So, now what?

Say you are a pregnant woman, seeking info on about how something might affect the—er, the tiny blob in your uterus?

Or perhaps you are a senior citizen, checking on Social Security, previously known as an entitlement but now to be called — a little something for the old folks?

In Connecticut, medical staffs look after people of greatly varied skin colors and ethnic backgrounds. They have up until now said they serve a community of considerable diversity. But now, they apparently need to say, “Yeah, we’re stuck with a motley crew lot here.”

What about evidence-based and science-based? If I’m prescribed a particular medical treatment, and I want to learn how it was tested, how it was found to be effective, I can figure on the CDC saying, “Hey, looks OK to us.” And all that the science work that shows clearly how and why our climate is changing? Never mind. “Science-based” is out. “We got our own ideas” is in.

No point even thinking about transgender questions and answers. According to the CDC, transpeople do not exist.

Carolyn Battista


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