Physical barriers can prevent wrong-way drivers

There was a disturbing story in March 10 edition, “Can wrong way drivers be stopped in time?” My answer to this is probably yes with some help from highway engineers.

Have you ever been to an airport car rental? Upon leaving and checking out with security there are metal spike strips. If you go one way (the right way) the strip goes down. If you were to come in the wrong way the strip would pop your tires. There are claws to prevent wrong-way driving. In trouble areas such as mentioned in the article this may be a preventive measure to combat it from happening again. I do not think florescent colors would make a difference or even more signs.

Signs, signs everywhere there are signs. They help some, but it is probably time for a physical barrier to keep the public safe. Again, there would need to be an engineering evaluation as far as how the snow plows would come into play with this.

People who inadvertently go up the wrong way and catch themselves are more than likely impaired and need a flat tire to wake them up.

Bobby Owens



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