Many problems with New London's proposed office relocation

Let’s slow down a bit. I was astonished to read in The Day that our City Council is planning to avoid fixing up our historical City Hall and instead move to the little glass boxed-in Shaw’s Cove. What does this say about our little historical city? It is worrying how our leaders execute decisions.

George Waterman’s op-ed says it all (“Council ‘beheads’ New London’s downtown,” April 8). Waterman emphasizes he wasn’t even approached to bid on providing office space even though he has spent over $10 million renovating the two building on either side of City Hall.

He indicates he would bid $100,000 less to house City Hall employees. He was not notified of this opportunity, which seems like a slap in the face of a person who has spent so much to update downtown New London.

Waterman points out he lives in New York City much of the time. It appears no one explained to Waterman the city's plans. Please City Council, make this wrong right and give Waterman the opportunity to bid on this process.

Dottie Nauer

New London


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