Gratitude for marching bands coverage

I sincerely appreciate The Day's coverage of the recent Marching Band competition held at NFA. That event marked the beginning of my daughter's fourth and final season with the Fitch High Band. I applaud Rick Koster and Tim Cook for truly capturing the essence of this deeply American tradition.

It's hard to describe the gratitude I feel for the staff who develop each school's show and then lead hundreds of hours of rehearsals. My admiration for the kids who work so incredibly hard to learn and perform each show is immeasurable. It's well-documented that the combination of adrenaline, marching, and playing an instrument elevates a typical band member's heart rate to 180 beats per minute for the duration of an eight-minute performance. That is equivalent to the heart rate of an elite 400-meter sprinter or a marathoner at mile 13.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention the joy we parents find as we merrily support the band in a multitude of ways. The bruises and splinters we get from loading and unloading equipment trucks are badges of honor. It's a small price to pay for an endeavor that changes the lives of our kids in profound ways.

Paul Rogers



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