Groton has other issues besides breweries

Do you have to be a barfly to qualify for the state Senate or Groton Town Council seat? 

Has anyone else noticed how much attention state Senator Heather Somers and Groton Town Council members place on the local breweries while ignoring more important issues? 

State Senator Somers regularly posts about supporting the breweries' ability to sell additional package goods; holds beer and issues meetings; and posts about brewery openings. Groton Town Council members created a media event for a new brewery that opened on Bridge Street in Groton. 

How about looking at the mess Aquarion created with the roads in downtown Mystic neighborhoods that Mayor Patrice Granatosky reported will not be repaved in 2020 or 2021? 

Please remember these points when it is time to vote. The current Groton Town Council members do not support this town. 

Kevin Bogle



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