Elci's stimulating Trump talk is gag worthy

Lee Elci’s “Stimulating Talk” stimulates the gag reflex better than syrup of ipecac. His Feb. 12 column, “Are you entertained by President Trump?” refers to the tearing of paper by Nancy Pelosi as “horrible and heinous.” These are the words that distinguish a crime as a death penalty offense in states which have the death penalty.

Then Elci blathers about Trump's pack of lies and blatant manipulation − misnamed as “The State of the Union” speech. I must agree that Trump is an entertainer who knows how to work a crowd, but most Americans are not celebrity crazed cultists.

The phrase, “heinous and horrible” properly describes the assassination ordered by Trump of top Iranian General Soleimani for an attack actually planned and carried out by Sunni rebels in Iraq. Investigation has shown Soleimani had nothing to do with it. Have we forgotten that George W. Bush reacted to the 9-11 bombings by invading the wrong country?

If the pilot of a 737 experiencing turbulence neglected his duties and stepped into the aisle singing “Stormy Weather,” the passengers would not be entertained, they’d be terrified. That is how most Americans react to Trump’s antics.

Anita Dees

New London



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