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Make medicines in U.S., end our global dependence

I have comments on two articles appearing in The Day, March 30. In my humble opinion, I think the article by Mathew H. Greene, “Economic freeze could control the damage,” is brilliant. Everything he states in the article is true. I agree we need to slow everything down, as stated, for two months. Some companies, like AT&T are doing it now, to let us get ahead of this virus without destroying jobs and the economy.

The other article, "Keep Canadian drugs out of U.S. medicine cabinets" by Peter J. Pitts, mentions only part of the problem. Does Mr. Pitts know we get most of our drugs from China and other foreign sources? I found out by peeling a label back to find some also come from India.

Why don't we make everything here, so we can have more control over our lives? Is it all about the money?

W.R. Antonowicz




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