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Griswold's claims aside, beaver problem persists

Tim Griswold, Old Lyme first selectman, lies again. Mr. Griswold had the audacity to tell the community in his newsletter that the beaver problem at Black Hall Pond has been "dealt with." Mr. Griswold has never met with Dave Berggren, whose home has been destroyed by the flooding, to ask his opinion. Why is he so afraid to meet with one of his constituents?

Not only is the flooding continuing, the beavers are still present, and the promised dredging of Bucky Brook has not occurred. Mr. Berggren is still unable to use his septic system fully and the water has not receded to pre-beaver dam levels. I am sure that Dave's neighbor did not build his dock under water.

Although the pandemic has shifted the focus from this problem it does not mean everything is OK for an 82-year-old man forced to live in a home that is deteriorating around him. The town of Old Lyme has designated Mr. Berggren's home as unsellable. The Old Lyme Land Trust and Tim Griswold have taken a page from the Trump playbook. However, saying that the coronavirus is over does not make it so and neither is the flooding on Black Hall pond. I will not give up the fight to get Old Lyme and the Land Trust to fix this situation.

Lee Detwiler

Jenkintown, Pennsylvania



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