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Stop 'unprincipled thugs' from stealing this 'game,' the 2020 election

If your child participated in the character-building competition of youth sports and came up against a team driven by parents who openly embraced winning as their only value, coached by a person who slavishly served their goal by violating every standard of fairness and decency in order to ensure that your child was made a “loser” so that theirs could be “winners,” what would you do?

In this struggle for the future of our democracy, President Donald Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell are those parents, and Attorney General William Barr is that coach. They are committed to making you and me and our children losers because the only thing that matters to them is winning. Not fairness. Not decency. Not honesty. Not the law.

Certainly not personal honor.

The depths to which they will sink to serve their own purposes are unfathomable.

So again I ask; what would you do? What will you do? Will you let the team of We the People be labeled losers by a bunch of unprincipled thugs? Or will you stand up, as you would for your child against the bullies who would win at all costs, and help to save this democracy?

Donna Johnston




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