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Time to be the United States of America again!

The Republicans continue to keep us divided as red and blue, based on their backing of our president's election conspiracy fantasies. So maybe it is time to divide into two separate countries with open borders and mutual defense. As in a constitutional amendment, each state would vote on which country it wants to join. So, assume the Sunbelt except for New Mexico and Arizona would be red, along with the middle of the Midwest.

The blue states not dealing with the current do-nothing Republican Senate could pass some meaningful legislation: common sense gun control, ERA amendment, affordable health care, meaningful immigration laws, simple progressive income tax, fixing inequitable pay structure, free trade, climate control, infrastructure improvements, better education, etc.

The red states can continue to support conspiracy theories, white supremacy, NRA, super PACs, debt, under-education, big coal and oil, etc. They will also have to replace the shortfall of taking more money from the federal government then they pay.

A more viable option is for the majority of red and blue states to join forces and stop being controlled by the extreme left and right, and put country first and politics a distant second.

Ed Pellegri




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