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Make a small sacrifice, get a vaccine

Freedom is the ability to make our own choices. One choice is to be vaccinated, or not to. Another choice many make is to put their lives on the line for our country in military service. We now have yet another choice: to risk possible minor discomfort in an arm or a day of feeling just a little "punk" in service to our country.

Being vaccinated for COVID is not just for ourselves. It helps to prevent us from being spreaders of this disease that can damage lungs, hearts, and brains long-term, and kill people. The killer smallpox is gone only because of mass vaccination.

Vaccination also helps prevent the development of mutations that will complicate this war. Wearing a mask does the same things, and is an easy, risk-free contribution compared to those made by our first responders, hospital workers, and even grocery cashiers.

Ask around. How bad was it? I put my arm "on the line," twice. I never felt a thing, and barely remember it. It was a simple contribution to my country as well as to myself. Together we can end this!

David Bristle




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