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Let out-of-staters help pay for roadwork

Mr. Atwater had a very well thought out letter on Nov. 29 concerning highway tolls. ("Tolls should be put back on the table") I would like to add a few thoughts on why we should have tolls in Connecticut. I drive Route 95 quite often and, especially on holiday weeks, there are a tremendous amount of out-of-state vehicles on this roadway. Most fly by me as I do the speed limit, as radar traps are far and few between. And, as they fly by, all I can think of is, “Why doesn’t this state smarten up and put up tolls, so we can get money from them just like their states have been getting from us for years?” We do not need tolls all over the state, just on the main routes at our state lines (Route 95, 15 and 91). This way the majority of the toll monies would be from out-of-staters. Let them pay for our highway maintenance just like we do for their highways.

Vinny Melesko

East Lyme



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