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The solution could be in better training for police

While I can see the logic of the new state committee's recommendation on police reform of not stopping drivers for minor traffic violations, I have always wondered when it comes to traffic stops what percent of the stops for minor infractions lead to arrest of bigger crimes. Like maybe a stolen car, bank robbers or people wanted for other crimes. Or even find out that the driver should not be driving at all, for public safety reasons, such as DUI, or a history of reckless endangerment to others. ("Connecticut task force proposes array of police reforms," Jan. 11)

The few times that I have been stopped for minor violations for such minor things like missing taillights I was not even aware of the problem, and may not have known about the problem until it was too late. I will say that officers I have come across have been courteous to me, and that may have been because of my skin color. But if the problem that the committee is trying to solve is a racial problem, the solution is training, discipline and a balanced racial mix of officers, also instant and real punishment for officers who abuse their actions.

Raymond Han



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