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Kudos to President Biden

Appreciate President Biden for seriously addressing COVID-19 by distributing vaccines and implementing measures to get through it and reducing healthcare costs through Obamacare expansion. Thank Biden for providing help to get schools and businesses open, instituting measures which brought back the economy from the abyss, expanding employment by over 400,000 jobs per month for 12 months, and actually investing in infrastructure to address long overdue maintenance and rebuilding.

Credit Biden for providing assistance for families with children that actually got kids out of poverty, re-establishing leadership in the climate change battle by returning us to the Paris Agreements and trying to revive the nuclear control treaty with Iran, both trashed by Trump.

Recognize Biden for promoting cleaner, cheaper energy, supporting popular reasonable gun control, and opposing white supremacy and discrimination, unlike the previous president. Kudos to Biden for trying to overcome the Republican’s opposition to democracy and voting and shepherding a very qualified Supreme Court nominee through disgusting Republican attacks and trying to bring civility to government for the people.

Best of all, uniting countries around Ukraine and democracy and against Putin’s war have shown him as a true leader with compassion, empathy, and dedication to America’s best interests. Celebrate the positive and fight with him.

Peter Roper



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