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    Saturday, August 13, 2022

    Give Republicans a chance to lead New London

    New London has for decades been stuck at a crossroads, wondering in which direction to go, and living hand-to-mouth while trying to decide. Our latest episode has us questioning the all-magnet district for New London Public Schools. We’re also now second-guessing the United States Coast Guard Museum in downtown. 

    I believe in the all-magnet school district and have not given up hope. Recent events, however, regarding the apparent loss of state funding for previously approved construction projects and poor information flow to city residents and taxpayers do not bode well for the project’s success. 

    I also believe we need to support efforts to ensure the success of the United States Coast Guard Museum. This project lags the all-magnet school district project, so there is time to fix what could be significant issues with traffic flow and parking. 

    Let’s make these projects work and choose the right turn. 

    The New London Republicans offer five candidates for the City Council and six candidates for the Board of Education. Each is ready to serve and will make the right choices for New London and finally move us beyond the crossroads. On Nov. 7, vote Row B, then watch and see. 

    Adam Sprecace

    New London