Lyme-Old Lyme grad wins silver medal in Wingsuit Flying World Cup

Jeff Harrigan, a 2007 graduate of Lyme-Old Lyme High School and an engineer at Pratt & Whitney, recently won another world medal in wingsuit flying.

Harrigan's Team Flatspin earned a silver medal in acrobatic wingsuit flying at the 2nd Fédération Aéronautique Internationale Wingsuit Flying World Cup, the United States Parachute Association announced in a news release Monday. The competition took place Nov. 1-9 at Skydive Fyrosity in Overton, Nev.

"In wingsuit skydiving, jumpers wear technologically advanced suits that are specially designed to increase their horizontal glide across the ground, allowing them to soar like birds through the sky at horizontal speeds approaching 200 mph," according to the news release. "The acrobatic flying event includes teams of three skydivers — two performers and a camera flyer — playing a thrilling game of aerial tag while gliding across the sky."

The team received a gold medal in acrobatic wingsuit flying during the first world cup that took place in November 2016. 


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