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Make a Difference - Safe Futures

WHO: Sharon, 31, and her daughter, Anna, age 3 (names changed for confidentiality and safety)

AGENCY: Safe Futures (formerly the Women's Center of SECT)

THEIR SITUATION: Sharon has lived a cycle of abuse. It began as a child, with her mother's constant belittling, blaming and worse. To cope, Sharon fell into a life of drug use and escaped to abusive relationships. But Sharon always pulled herself up and out of bad situations. She was clean, working closely with a case manager, starting over in a new apartment, and feeling positive about an upcoming job interview. Then, in September, her daughter's father found her and severely beat her. She couldn't go to the interview with two black eyes. Sharon remained determined to keep moving forward with the support of Safe Futures. She is applying for college and looking for work. Sharon would like a career where she can help others.

WHAT TO GIVE: Funds for Internet service, laptop computer, printer, laptop case or backpack, desk with chair, paper, extra cartridges, 2016 planner; gift cards to Walmart for food, necessities and clothing through the year.

TO DONATE: Emma Palzere-Rae, director of Development & Communications, 16 Jay St., New London, CT, 06320, or; cash donations may also be made online at; enter Make a Difference in Note.


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