Births - Sept. 29

Backus Hospital

JAN. 19, 2019 - A son to David and Ashley Amaral.

AUG. 24 - A daughter to Rafael Gonzalez Davila and Yulydia Ortiz Flores

AUG. 25 - A son to Damien Olden and Charlisha Daniels.

AUG. 27 - A son to Michael and Stacey Pierce; a daughter to Chrystina McClenathan; a son to Christopher and Katherine Dollar.

AUG. 29 - A daughter to Gulshan Soni and Priya Kohli; a son to Michael Coffey and Megan Murphy.

AUG. 30 - A daughter to Jordan Dodge and Chantal Roy.

AUG. 31 - A son to Erick Alvarado Zelayandia and Atalya Champalath.

SEPT. 3 - A daughter to Ramery Almonte and Mariel Abreu.

SEPT. 4 - A son to Joshua Worthington and Desirae Glaude.

SEPT. 5 - A son to Ninotchka Rivera; twin sons to Tyler and Miranda Marquis.

SEPT. 6 - A son to Brent Robinson and Ana De La Paz Martinez.

SEPT. 7 - A son to Joseph and Komeron Diaz.

SEPT. 9 - A daughter to Cory and Veronica Swiatkowski.

SEPT. 10 - A son to Aaron Chinigo and Tanya Dole.

SEPT. 11 - A daughter to Alex Bucci-Nardozza and Danielle Sullivan; a son to Timothy and Danielle Roy.

SEPT. 12 - A son to Nathan and Tess Cholewa.

SEPT. 13 - A daughter to Brayant Nieves and Leisha Rosario Morales; a daughter to Kurt and Larissa Raymond; a daughter to Corey Coates and Rheanna Basley.

SEPT. 14 - A daughter to Juan Taveras Coronado and Warlyn Hernandez; a son to Igor and Lucieana Pontes; a son to Jan Carlos Montes and Nayla Ortiz.

SEPT. 16 - A son to Jason and Justine Leffert.

SEPT. 17 - A son to Anthony Guido and Marissa Park; a daughter to Raeshawn DePina and Charley Sulueta; a son to Felipe Rodriguez, Jr. and Kassandra Valentin; a son to Richard and Hannah Forte.

L+M Hospital

SEPT. 3 - A son to Jaime Perez and Tatum Lakowsky of Uncasville; a son to Vicente Garcia and Digna Morocho of Groton.

SEPT. 4 - A son to John and Jacquelyn Wilson of Waterford.

SEPT. 5 - A daughter to Aviel Rosado and Nyasia Rivera of New London; a son to Raed and Alexys Sidani of Norwich.

SEPT. 6 - A daughter to Anthony and Katherine Caldarone of Groton; a daughter to Daniel and Jaclyn Jones of Groton.

SEPT. 7 - A son to Kurt and Shelby Stevenson of Groton.

SEPT. 9 - A son to Michael and Meghan Youmell of Ledyard.

SEPT. 10 - A daughter to Michael and Ashley Crowley of Gales Ferry; a son to Amanda and Zachary Emanuel Sr. of Groton; a daughter to Dakot and Jana Grier of Groton; a daughter to Scott Hester and Shelby Johnson of Westerly.

SEPT. 11 - A daughter to Thomas Holmes and Brittni Manfredi of Griswold; a son to Ashley Palmer of Westerly; a daughter to Sean and Elizabeth Pike of Stonington.

SEPT. 12 - A daughter to Michael and Brooke Sikora of Gales Ferry.

SEPT. 13 - A son to Aaron and Leah Buckland of New London; a daughter to Ryan and Alyssa Cassidy of Groton; twins, a son and a daughter to Robert and Angela Cochran of Gales Ferry; a daughter to Ethan and Samantha Irish of Groton; a daughter to Chelsey Rubin of Oakdale.

SEPT. 15 - A son to Adam Atchison and Cora Lynde of Quaker Hill; a son to Daniel and Lindsay Cady of Mystic; a son to Dawson Gibson and Amanda Sawicki of Groton.


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