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Tipping Point: Our picks and pans

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Food tip

Wellsley Farms Coffee Cake Cinnamon Muffins

BJ's Wholesale Club

The irony does not escape me that "our" BJ's in Waterford is but a short drive from either Flanders Bakery or Giuliano's, and I'm all for supporting local businesses. In fact, I shop with regularity at both Flanders and Giuliano's, so I don't feel guilty suggesting that, IF you happen to be in BJ's and IF you like cinnamon coffee cake muffins, you'll be sad if you don't avail yourself of a six-pack of their Wellsley Farms recipe. (Yes, I don't know who Wellsley is or where his acreage might be, but this is a BJ's house brand.) The muffins are giant, moist, and very flavorful, with that crumbly top and a support stalk that's just as tasty; this is a bargain at $4.49. Heck, buy three boxes — they STAY moist, too — and drop two cartons off at my house.

— Rick Koster

Streaming tip

The Show Must Go On: The Queen + Adam Lambert Story

I can't say I'm an unbiased observer where this documentary is concerned. I love Adam Lambert and I love Queen. And I realize the movie is a bit of hagiography. But, damn, it sure is fun. Seeing the powerhouse vocalist Lambert lead Queen through its indelible hits while fans jammed into arenas swoon and cheer made me nostalgic for pre-COVID concert experiences. "The Show Must Go On" focuses on Queen's reincarnation after original singer/showman Freddie Mercury died in 1991. This documentary might feel like an idea from a marketing department, a follow-up of sorts to the film "Bohemian Rhapsody," but who cares?

— Kristina Dorsey

Streaming tip


Yet another series based on a Harlan Coben book. Like the similarly irresistible Netflix treatment of Coben's "The Stranger," "Safe" is also set in an upper class British neighborhood — as opposed to the New Jersey suburbs where the American author bases his novels. Somehow, this works really well; the English are so ELEGANT in their approach to felony! Anyhoo, a recently widowed surgeon is having a rough time raising his two teen daughters when the eldest vanishes along with her boyfriend. As they live in a gated community that's sort of a large family unto itself, there's plenty of support and empathy from the neighbors. But my advice? NEVER buy an expensive home in ANY neighborhood Harlan Coben writes about. Each house is a leaning tower of secrets, and the layers of foul deeds, lies, chicanery and mischief make the Trump White House look like Mr. Rogers and Mary Poppins are in charge. Can Coben occasionally OD on the twists? Yes — and bless his pointy little head for each and every one.

— Rick Koster 


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