Country genius Robert Earl Keen plays the Knick on Sunday

Robert Earl Keen (Contribunted)

Texas is a state, yes. But it's in its own way a vast universe unto itself, encompassing numerous ecosystems from swamps, big cities and the Piney Woods to mountains, the Gulf Coast and deserts — and each is populated by characters as distinctive and colorful as the land itself.




Virginia man downs 480 oysters to claim crown

A Virginia man has slurped down 40 dozen oysters to claim victory at this year's World Oyster Eating Championship in New Orleans


Rick's List - Pomp and Circumstance edition

So far as I can tell from a family tree I found online, there are eight living descendants of the composer Sir Edward Elgar. Now, you may not have all of Elgar's works in your collection, but most of us are completely familiar with Elgar's...

All aboard for Tuesday Night Paddlers

Hikers, bikers and runners all know that if you’ve been zipping merrily downhill for a while, eventually you’ll face a lung-busting, soul-crushing ascent.