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During the pandemic, Stonington artist R. Douglass Rice transforms friends' selfies into 'Portraits in Isolation'

R. Douglass Rice, in his Stonington studio, shows a few of the selfie photos that he has received for his new project. Rice asked people to send him selfies and is painting their portraits and calling the project “Portraits of Friends in Isolation.” On the wall in the background are a few of the portraits he has painted. (Dana Jensen/The Day)

“As I’ve painted them, I’ve created this Facebook group called Portraits of Friends in Isolation, and as each person gets painted, I invite them into this group. I encourage them to meet each other, to check in on each other and to celebrate each other … The idea is to...




Writer not ready for dining reviews

In mid-March, when my wife and I were just back from trips to Dallas and Charleston after respectively visiting her parents and attending a wedding, COVID-19 arrived in a big way. On return, The Day's managing editor Tim Cotter suggested I...

Not so easy, is it?

One of the more surprising things about the whole pandemic has been that while the ICU and the COVID ward have been relatively busy, the rest of our hospital has been relatively NOT busy.



Man's serious health issues dominate 40-year marriage

DEAR ABBY: I married my husband 40 years ago. A few years later, he was diagnosed with diabetes. He refused to take care of himself and ended up with double leg amputations 13 years ago. He had prosthetics but wouldn't use them.

Sister is jealous of happy life woman made for herself

DEAR ABBY: I recently lost a lot of weight and finally felt confident enough to start dating. I met a wonderful man I'll call "Teddy." We've been together for eight months, and I can see a future with him. He has some quirks with...

Man has nonchalant attitude about locking up at night

DEAR ABBY: My husband has a bad habit of forgetting to lock up our house at night when he's the last one to come to bed. On nine occasions I have gone downstairs after he's in bed or awakened in the morning to find our sliding...

Stepmother-to-be is happy to leave parenting to parents

DEAR ABBY: I'm engaged to a younger man with a 10-year-old son from his first marriage. My two daughters are grown. My fiance and I have talked at length about my role in his son's life after we're married. The boy's mother...

Parents strive to heal their youngest son's broken heart

Parents strive to heal their youngest son's broken heart

Security camera captures angry man's hourlong rant

DEAR ABBY: A few weeks ago, my husband and I had what I thought was a minor conflict, from which I walked away to avoid escalation. I could hear him continuing to rant, so I pulled up the security camera on my phone and watched...


Your stars May 27

ARIES (March 21-April 19): Use what you've learned to help you get through a challenge. Draw on experience, knowledge and...