Coronavirus food advice: Keep calm and make these 2 soups from great Seattle chefs

Chef Monica Dimas' recipe for the rich, spicy posole she serves at her Seattle restaurant Little Neon Taco makes a ton - plenty to eat now and also freeze for more comfort later. (Erika Schultz/Seattle Times/TNS)

Out here in Seattle, we’re just washing our hands down to nubs, Googling “can drinking alcohol kill coronavirus” (answer: sadly, no, but can help with nerves), definitely never touching our faces again and encasing all older relatives inside protective bubbles for the...

Local restaurants boast curbside pick-up in wake of virus

Waitress Kate Houseman, right, hands Rosa Diaz of Old Lyme the bill for her take-out order Thursday, at the front door of Hot Rod Cafe in New London.  Hot Rod´s is one of the several restaurants in the area temporarily providing only take-out during due to the virus.  Diaz said she wants to support the local restaurants during this time.  (Dana Jensen/The Day)

Some restaurants stay open, minus the camaraderie

Cookbook author Dorie Greenspan says her new release is her 'Connecticut book'

Dorie Greenspan (Contributed)

As she worked on her book, Greenspan said she realized she had to be prepared and adaptable.





Rick's List — Hypochondriac's Super Bowl Edition, part II

Finale of a two-part series on the wonders of hypochondria during a pandemic.

Hiking during a pandemic: Single file, no selfies or shared gorp

As our small group stepped well off a narrow, winding trail earlier this week at Hartman Park in Lyme to allow an approaching couple to pass, the man nodded in appreciation.