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Win your own holiday bake-off with muffins from the Flour Shop

Local rock star-turned-baker Jon Young provides the secrets behind the Caramel Macciato Muffins served at the Flour Shop, the home bakery he recently opened with his wife Hannah.

These TikTok food creators are serving up great food with a side of entertainment

Jon Kung's SK8 Infinity Purple Rice Noodles (Jon Kung)

"FoodTok" is an ever-expanding place. A short video clip can amass millions of views fast, changing the speed of virality thanks to TikTok's automatic video loops and scrolling feature.

Sheet-pan salmon with a honey-Dijon glaze hits the mark between tangy and sweet

Honey-Dijon and Pecan Baked Salmon With Asparagus (Photo by Scott Suchman for The Washington Post)

Have you ever stuck your fork into a fillet of glazed fish that looked so pretty and inviting, but you were taken aback by the sweetness? If so, you might like this Honey-Dijon and Pecan Baked Salmon. The glaze is made with equal parts honey and mustard for a balance of sweet and tangy.

Here's why the Superiority Burger is a not impossible vegan meal

The homemade Superiority Burger (Bloomberg photo by Deena Shanker)

The Superiority Burger has garnered international acclaim as the specialty at the hole-in-the-wall East Village storefront of the same name in New York.

College Pizza serves up a very fine potato salad

Potato Salad from College Pizza in New London. (Eileen Jenkins)

How to prepare the simple but truly fine potato salad from ... a pizza place?!





Tree, spare that woodman — danger lurks above

As I foraged firewood from the woods behind our house the other day, a persistent chirping/squeaking pierced the air.

Seals and shipwrecks off Falkner Island

If you’re not paying attention, it’s easy to miss Goose Island — or worse, crash into it. The site of several shipwrecks dating back to the early 19th century, the island barely measures half an acre.