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A winning recipe for election cake

What will we be doing the week before the Nov. 3, 2020, election? According to Dr. Walter Woodward, professor of history at the University of Connecticut and Connecticut State Historian, it might be good to make a cake and, possibly, win an award. Woodward writes that the first documented...

Gingery carrot-apple pancakes offer a subtle sweetness

Savory Carrot-Apple Pancakes With Ginger. (Laura Chase de Formigny/The Washington Post)

The produce leads the way with mounds of shredded green apple and carrot bound into tender, lightly browned skillet cakes with just enough egg and whole grain flour to hold them together in pancake form.

Grill oysters to perfection, with the help of a butter-garlic sauce

Classic grilled oysters (Photo by Laura Chase de Formigny for The Washington Post)

If you love grilled oysters as much as I do, you may have attempted them on your backyard grill and, like me, you may have been disappointed by the results. At least I used to be disappointed. Mine were always underdone or — the other extreme — dried out, and they just didn't...

Lemon, garlic sauce, rosemary make flavorful fish dish

Rosemary Fish Filets with Lemon Garlic Pasta (Linda Glassenheimer/TNS)

The lemon and garlic sauce flavors the pasta and complements the rosemary on the fish.

How to build better tacos at home, from the tortillas to the toppings

Making tacos (istock)

Every bite should have tortilla, the protein (or star ingredient), salsa and acidity.





Rick's List - Scholarly Personal Bookshelf Edition

You've heard of Rick's Bookshelf Arrangers, right? No? Well, it's my very successful new company. Y'see, if you're one of the 72 percent of the general population regularly called as a panelist to provide analysis on one of...

Friends in high places: The region’s top overlooks

Everyone loves a view. Beyond the inspirational benefits, you can’t get much more socially distant during a pandemic than standing atop an overlook.