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The Café in downtown Westerly is a gem

What an embarrassment of riches — so many very good and different restaurants to choose from between Mystic and Westerly, and now, another great choice with the opening of The Café in downtown Westerly late last year. This eatery on Canal Street, connected to the newly...

What The Day's food critics reviewed over the past month

A look back at reviews of St. Bess Jerk Hub, brunch at Saybrook Point, and C.C. O'Brien's

Saybrook Point Resort sets a new bar for brunch

You will experience new levels of gastro joy in a beautiful setting, where the Connecticut River meets up with Long Island Sound.

St. Bess Jerk Hub in Norwich excels at bringing the island flavors

St. Bess is owned by Dwight Muirhead and Ricardo Blake, originally from St. Elizabeth Parish in Jamaica. The first thing you notice is the cooking aroma of the place — fantastic! It puts the "T" back in tropical.

There's a reason C.C. O'Brien's is a local mainstay

C.C. O’Brien’s is one of those local mainstays that rarely disappoints. It’s a family-owned sports café that has been serving regulars and newcomers for more than 25 years.  Like other bars and eateries, it struggled through COVID and adapted by offering more...

A glimpse of recent reviews from The Day's dining critics

Mi Familia, Long River Local, and Milagro Café

Love your (Long River) local in Old Lyme

I’ll be back again, because the quality of preparation, locally grown produce, and the variety of the prepped dinners all make for better eats.

Mi Familia offer superb Puerto Rican fare in New London

I used to hate the phrase "as the crow flies" because I never understood why "crows" were singled out for that particular cliché. Later, I learned a research group formed to explore "helpful banalities" tested several types of birds to see which would resonate best with potential users, and...

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More power to bicyclists!

Bike Stonington, a local advocacy group that promotes bicycle access, safety and awareness, is organizing a Bike2Work Challenge.

All history is local

"All history is local,” a friend texted me recently. He had been musing about the Revolutionary War and how the British, retreating from the Battle of Lexington and Concord under heavy fire for 15 miles to Boston, “passed...