Dining reviews of Meatballs; Mystic Salad Co.; and Old Lyme Inn's Jazzy Brunch

Meatballs Ristorante & Pizzeria 929 Bank St., New London (860) 574-9191, Into the clustered Milky Way of local pizza joints comes Meatballs, an offshoot from a Long Island family's outfit featuring New York-style pies and all manners of the requisited...

Meatballs in New London the latest area restaurant to feature pizza and Italian food

New London's latest pizzeria opens on Bank Street

Jazz up your Sunday brunch routine at Old Lyme Inn

What is it about brunch that’s so appealing? The typically later brunch hours that allow for a delayed wake-up call? The prospect of Bloody Marys at breakfast? Omelets? It’s all of the above, and they only get better with the sounds of light, live jazz floating in the...

What our critics had to say about Anthony J's, Grano Arso, and Liv's Shack

Anthony J’s 6 Holmes St., Mystic (860) 536-0448 Whenever I write a food review, I hear from people after about their opinions of the restaurant. Some of those people I know, and some are...

Liv's Shack in Old Saybrook features small but winning menu

Liv's Shack in Old Saybrook, an offshoot of the popular Liv's Oyster Bar, is a fun and worthy destination, even if you're loyal to your own hometown lobster joint.

Its food and service make Anthony J’s a star

“We need to add this place to our repertoire,” my husband remarked as we were paying our bill at Anthony J’s on a recent visit. What he meant was that he really liked the food and service and wants to eat there again. Tucked away on Holmes Street just steps from...

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Rick's List - Koster Compound Edition

I like to think that, at my best, I can at least be petty, jealous, and capable of wallowing in self-pity — typically in a waist-deep pool of tears salted with bitterness. I TRY, anyway.  As I look around the newsroom...

Kayaking the waves: Who needs a surfboard?

Lovely two-footers broke gently against the sandy shore — big enough for easy surfing, but not so overwhelming that you had to worry about concussions and dislocated shoulders.



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