Movie review: ‘Us’ is a whip-smart modern horror instant classic

Lupita Nyong'o stars in

Peele remains one of the most exciting American filmmakers — in any genre — to come around in a long time.

Andrew Rannells forgives his younger self with memoir 'Too Much Is Not Enough'

Andrew Rannells (Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP)

"Please consider this book the longer, more honest version of my bio - the one I'd share with a friend over a few drinks."

‘It’ girl Sophia Lillis cracks ‘Nancy Drew’ mystery

Sophia Lillis in “Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase.” (A Very Good Production Inc./IMDb/TNS/USA)

“Once I started working on the project, my aunts and uncles and family got me all these Nancy Drew books."

Movie tip: "Greta"

MOVIE TIP Greta I expected more from a thriller starring French icon Isabelle Huppert and directed and co-written by Neil Jordan, whose credits include “The Crying Game.” But “Greta” is a boilerplate stalker-gone-wild flick, right down to the sudden, loud,...

Review: ‘Turn Up Charlie’ stars Idris Elba as you’ve never seen him, as a manny

Idris Elba in ”Turn Up Charlie” on Netflix. (Nick Wall/Netflix/TNS)

It is an undeniable fact that Idris Elba, People magazine's World’s Sexiest Man and the people’s choice for the next James Bond, is the star of “Turn Up Charlie,” a new series from Netflix.





A burning question: Why heat with wood?

For diehards who heat with wood, this time of year often turns into a game of beat the clock.

Rick's List — Varsity Blues Scandal Update Edition

Hey, kid, wanna go to Yale? Some fresh thoughts: 1. By the time you see this, I suspect the whole Operation Varsity Blues college admissions scandal will have been covered, analyzed, discussed and indignantly condemned more than any past or...