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Esther Povitsky returns home for new Comedy Central special

Esther Povitsky stars in a new Comedy Central special,

The hour-long episode jumps between clips of Povitsky performing jokes in clubs about her social media stalking habits, bedroom talk and need for attention and scenes of her hitting North Shore spots with her parents, Morrie and Mary.

Review: Despite an army of comic talent, Netflix’s ‘Space Force’ shoots blanks

Steve Carell plays decorated Air Force Gen. Mark Naird, who is chosen to lead the new United States Space Force, in

Carrell plays Gen. Mark Naird, newly promoted from three to four stars and expecting to command the Air Force. Instead, he is put in charge of creating a Space Force, a job at which he first snorts, then embraces.

Tracee Ellis Ross takes center stage in 'The High Note,' and deserves every moment in the spotlight

Dakota Johnson, left, and Tracee Ellis Ross in

She plays Grace Davis, an R&B diva who's been in coast mode for several years; as the film opens, she's being offered a residency in Las Vegas that will offer the perfect glide path to wealthy obsolescence.

HBO Max rolls in with 'Love Life,' a surprisingly deep romance dramedy starring Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick stars in

HBO Max could become the strongest challenger yet to Netflix.

Inside talk TV’s weird and difficult year

Kelly Clarkson (Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP)

“Things are not going great,” John Oliver of “Last Week Tonight” joked to Colbert. “I’ve learned, unfortunately, how to make a TV show on my own here, with my staff over Zoom, so I’ve basically been committing union infractions out the wazoo.”





Fogbound in Fishers Island Sound

The rippling waters of Fishers Island’s Hay Harbor sparkled in late-afternoon sunlight the other day as a fresh breeze kicked up from the southeast, gently rocking our kayaks.

Marching into history

The piece lamented how rapidly local Civil War veterans were dying, and it listed the deceased — hundreds of them — by town and place of burial.