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How to build flexibility into your summer vacation

As they begin to plan their summer vacations, travelers don't just want flexibility, they need it. That includes Katy Kassian. She doesn't know where she's going yet, but she knows how she'll get there and where she'll stay. "I'm going to drive, because it gives me the most flexibility,"...

Ways to support, relieve and remember moms on Mother's Day

Moms deserve a break. It's not news that parenting is stressful, but health experts say the pandemic made things worse. "Even in the best of circumstances, it's really hard to be a mother," said Natalie Slopen, an assistant professor in the department of social and behavioral...

Ways parents can help kids persist at tasks they resist

Children will avoid expending energy on tasks for all sorts of reasons, whether they think they're boring, irrelevant or frustrating, or they want to protect their ego or feel pressure to perform. Although it can be easy to engage in a battle of wills, here are seven more productive ways that...

How to pick a summer camp for your kid, in 8 steps

The most important factor in camp choice is a child's interests. At Keystone Camp in Brevard, N.C., staffer Sami Reiss, left, teaches horseback riding to Henley Schivera and Kensley Rodd. (Photo by Jacob Biba for The Washington Post)

Going to summer camp can be an eye-opening experience for a child, a chance to build self-esteem by making new friends, gaining a little independence and trying activities that may not be feasible at home. Depending on the program, campers may tackle sailing or horseback riding. Some may take a...




All history is local

"All history is local,” a friend texted me recently. He had been musing about the Revolutionary War and how the British, retreating from the Battle of Lexington and Concord under heavy fire for 15 miles to Boston, “passed...

If you like rocks, Chatfield Hollow is really gneiss

We snaked through tight fissures, scrambled among jumbled heaps of boulders and ducked beneath horizontal overhangs.