Book tip: "The History of Living Forever" by Jake Wolff

Debut novelist Jake Wolff delivers a totally unique premise full of controversy, heart and compelling science — and pulls it off,

They have our lives in their hands. So we asked an airline pilot how she takes care of herself.

Pilot Erin Jackson flies 737s for American Airlines. (Kent Lepkowski)

"As they walk onto my airplane, they're trusting that I got enough sleep, that I'm healthy and eating right, and I have the mental acuity and I've done the preparation to safely get them from point A to point B so they can relax and watch a movie."

Book tip: "Knife" by Jo Nesbø

At a certain point in a "tortured detective" crime series, the increasingly outrageous plot and character developments necessary to sustain the novels' ongoing mythology becomes a danger to the whole enterprise. We as readers love our heroes — alcoholic Oslo cop Harry Hole, in this...

Marie Kondo has a new book to help your kids find the joy of tidying up. Hers have.

Kiki & Jax: The Life-Changing Magic of Friendship

"Tidying up and friendship are very important aspects of our lives at any age," she said in a video interview from her home in Los Angeles.




Look out! Snake in a tree!

An enormous black snake, which by quick calculation measured at least 6 feet long, slowly slithered through the leaves, paused to raise its head, flicked its tongue and peered in my direction.



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