Rousing theories on why yawning is so contagious

It's possible that a yawn serves to cool down your brain or other parts of your body. It could also have something to do with regulating the amount of oxygen in your blood.

Is the long tradition of cursive handwriting on the way out?

With increases in technology and a focus on computer communication, is the long tradition of cursive or longhand on the way out of school curriculums?

Book tip: "Cemetery Road" by Greg Iles

BOOK TIP Cemetery Road Greg Iles Following his massive and masterful "Mississippi Burning" trilogy, author Greg Iles returns with a tense, complex and rocket-fueled stand-alone thriller called "Cemetery Road." Once again, Iles' recurrant themes of Deep South,...




The value of listening

Before I met my wife, I wanted to learn foreign languages in order to, well, meet foreign women.

Rick's List — History of Spring Break, Part One Edition

I'm always amazed by any scholar who has the confidence and skill to write a history book. A history of anything, really, although presumably the tome should have some gravitas. While I'm sure the "The History of Laminate Shelving in Functional...