Florence lesson: Don't ignore evacuation orders

Our region is not immune from such disasters, of course. The Great New England Hurricane of 1938, which struck 80 years ago Friday, is considered the greatest natural disaster in recorded New England...

Senate right hearing both sides of troubling account

The nominee has a motive to make an unequivocal denial. It is harder to come up with a reason why the accuser would create such a false narrative.

House Republicans double down on reckless tax policy

The price tag for making tax cuts permanent will be $631 billion in additional federal debt over the next decade, according to the Tax Policy Center.

Library directors contributed richly to our communities

Two retiring directors have been instrumental in leading their libraries through a period of change and fiscal challenges.

Theodore Bodenwein, publisher of The Day from 1891 to 1939

“The newspaper should be more than a business enterprise. It should also be the champion and protector of the public interest and defender of the people’s rights.”

- Theodore Bodenwein



Don't strip RTM from Groton governance

Should Groton approve the proposed charter ammendments and change its town government? As a former moderator of the RTM, I believe the RTM should be retained. The committees of the RTM do have updates on the budget from department heads who...

Florin provides superior court coverage for Day

I write in honor of Day staff writer and court reporter Karen Florin whom I've sat with in our Part A courthouse and also in GA-10. Through the Buck, Michael Ross, Carpenter and other cases, what a great job she has done. She knows her...

Somers wanted bump-stock bill that was fair to all

Regarding the letter, “Gun vote convinced him to oppose Somers,” (Sept. 7), to not support state Sen. Heather Somers...

Discuss the issues, don't shove people you disagree with

What happened to the values and traits we teach our children? What happened to civil discourse, intelligent debate and discussion, understanding and respecting the points of view of others?  From the videos I saw before and during...

Wants to see country unified once again

I was watching a segment on MSG TV Sept. 11 and they featured several different sporting events post 9/11. It included hockey, baseball and football. Thousands of people at these events waving the American flag and chanting U-S-A! U-S-A! I...

A rain garden grows in Ledyard

The article, “Conservation district using grant to dot eastern Connecticut with rain gardens,”...

Lisa Benson cartoons 'not of this world'

Why pick a political cartoonist like Lisa Benson? This human seems to be living on another planet! Do you receive any positive responses to Lisa's editorial cartoons? To me they are offensive, uninformed and not of this world. I would not miss...

Need Senate debates to inform the voters

Why haven’t our candidates for state Senate scheduled any debates for this election cycle? We, as voters, need to know where politicians stand on any number of issues. Sen. Heather Somers has had, in my opinion, a disappointing voting...

In Groton vote 'no' on charter changes

My fellow Groton residents, I am voting "no" on the proposed Town Charter revisions and I would like you to consider voting no too. There is nothing wrong with the current system of government that we have: town manager, nine member Town...

Senator Somers, come out and debate

On Aug. 6, I issued a press release suggesting six debates for the 18th District Senate race and also reached out to Sen. Heather Somers’ campaign. I received no response. On Aug. 30, the Politics Club at Stonington High...

Vote Matt Pugliese for House representative

Matt Pugliese offers a refreshing, nonpartisan voice in the state House of Representatives for Lyme, Old Lyme, Old Saybrook and Westbrook. Matt brings business experience from the nonprofit sector where he has managed tight budgets and competing...

Another year and another Route 85 survey

For most of the last two decades, as spring arrives in Salem, we greet the annual survey of Route 85 from the roundabout south. This year the survey was extended south into Montville and continued over the summer. No clear reason is evident. The...



Columnist Chris Powell

For Connecticut Sen. Blumenthal, it's all about stopping Kavanaugh

Kavanaugh's judicial ideology remains the real issue. Blumenthal and most other Senate Democrats will oppose the nominee on any pretext, no matter the cost to due process of law or decency.

Columnist Marc A. Thiessen

Chaos or not, Trump is racking up a record of foreign policy success

Trump has pursued a foreign policy that is a significant improvement over his predecessor's.

Columnist Cal Thomas

The left is running on empty

This letter should be seen for what it is − a last-minute, desperate attempt to prevent Kavanaugh's confirmation and part of a broader plan to reverse the results of the 2016 election.


25th Amendment never used to remove a president, Trump unlikely to be first

At this point, the constitutional provision, adopted in 1967, is highly unlikely to be used. It is stunning that it has been discussed in the White House at all.

Democrats are motivated and turning to new faces

Democratic turnout has been way up this year, just as Republican turnout was high in 2010.


Solar project poses threat to Niantic River

This solar installation, as proposed, could do serious damage, especially given the track record of the company.

‘Circular Economy’ of re-use can avert crisis

The 'Circular Economy' entails a full implementation of a circular path of use, one in which goods and materials are re-used, re-cycled and re-purposed.

Why do people stay put during hurricanes?

Lack of preparation, the research shows, is caused by cognitive biases that lead people to underplay warnings and make poor decisions.