Congress must protect the Mueller investigation

Approving such a bill would place the president in the position of either signing it and acknowledging the importance of allowing the independent probe to continue, or vetoing it and making the case...

New London already protecting the rights of its residents

Passing the resolution is unnecessary because the city already has the tools and practices in place to achieve its desired ends.

UConn moves on, but Ollie will be paid

The “just cause” claim is a negotiating ploy. It is unlikely that university officials think they can make the just cause claim stick, but instead are betting it will be a bargaining...

Lessons for both parties from Penn. special election

To stop the political train rushing at them, Republican candidates will need to do more than stoke fears about gun control and tax-and-spend Democrats. They must energize their own base.

Theodore Bodenwein, publisher of The Day from 1891 to 1939

“The newspaper should be more than a business enterprise. It should also be the champion and protector of the public interest and defender of the people’s rights.”

- Theodore Bodenwein



Kindergarten safety walk not such a big deal

I read the article, “Walkout by New London kindergartners sparks debate,” (March 16), about...

New London school board member stands by criticism of principal

I take much pride in working on behalf of all children who attend New London Public Schools. I would be derelict in my job as a school board member if I did not ask questions and demand answers. On March 14 a...

Stop anonymous attacks, provide fairer coverage

I express admiration for the students at New London High who, led by young women of color, walked out of a school assembly as part of the

March all you want, nothing changes

The march on gun violence by school students went off as planned. Wonderful! What was gained by it? I saw a trumped-up reason for "excused" time out of class. If our politicians cannot come up with a way to stop killings, how will young adults...

Day coverage a disservice to students at New London High

I found the juxtaposition of New London High School’s walk-out on March 14, “Tension in New London,”...

New London kindergarten students exploited by teachers

“Walkout by New London kindergartners sparks debate,” (March 15). Just found the answer to what happened by an OK...

Teens lead movement for gun control

How is it that teenagers can articulate the issues so much better than our elected leaders? While House Speaker Paul Ryan says this is not the time to discuss gun control and President Donald Trump suggests more guns are the answer, amazingly...

Elites silencing voices of conservative movement

Quietly and under-the-radar, your friendly internet giants (i.e. Facebook, Google, You Tube, etc.) are imposing serious restrictions on conservative views, programs, and services. You know, just like your local newspaper does. They intend to...

Town of Groton created school location property problem

It is the Town of Groton, not conservationists, which should be held accountable for the dispute over using the Merritt Property for a middle school. The town, which purchased the Merritt Property in 1989 with town open-space bond funds and...

Win-win solution possible in Groton school property dispute

Let’s spend less time complaining that the new middle school should move full speed ahead regardless of the consequences to the town’s open space, and more time promptly fixing the problem that is of the town’s making.

Mistakes were made with Groton land swap but options available

The Merritt property, purchased with public funds, is dedicated to open space, conservation and recreational purposes. Though aware of that dedication, the town manager and school superintendent promoted the property as site of school...

Putin pulls Russia down familiar path

We sit here and watch as Russian President Vladimir Putin pretends his leadership is good and our leadership is bad. This is anything but the truth. The majority of people in Russia suffer extreme poverty and abuse and corruption by the political...



Columnist Margaret Sullivan

No, billionaires won't save us - that's a myth that links Zuckerberg and Trump

"At the heart of the fantasy is the idea that the world is best changed privately, on high, from the rich and powerful, not democratically, through political reform."

Columnist Marc A. Thiessen

No, liberals don't hate America. And conservatives are not racists.

We should not stand for politicians from either party who insult those with political differences or question their motives or their patriotism.

Columnist Richard Cohen

The saga of the adult film star and the juvenile president

Stormy Daniels is as shameless as Trump, a publicity hound who adheres to the secular American religion that to be famous, even for nothing much, is to be rich.


'Official' statement on Tildenson (i.e. Tillerson) firing says it all

"The president used his massive brain to signal to Rox that he was going to be fired. If Rox did not receive that telepathical signal from President Trump’s impressively massive brain, that is his fault."

Journalists should look less at Trump and more in a mirror

Our little newspaper received national attention − and in some cases, ridicule − for its endorsement of the Republican candidate for president in 2016.


Don't forget needy as winter weather persists

Operation Fuel’s "Add-a-Dollar" program is one of the easiest ways to help Connecticut families and individuals who are struggling with unaffordable energy bills.

Spring! Humanity embraces its light

Spring sunlight and shifting night/day lengths markedly affect humans. Spring fever is for real.

Reporting on Connecticut Landmarks crossed legal line into malice

While the preservationist society respects First Amendment rights, it may be forced to sue because some of the reporting amounted to "actual malice."