Relief package incredibly costly and complex, but undeniably needed

By any measure, it is the biggest emergency package ever approved in a single vote. How big? It equals 46% of the $4.8 trillion federal budget.

Small kind acts amid a big crisis

COVID-19 may have us in its grips, but the community is coming together in many ways to try to ensure we all have some bright spots in otherwise bleak days.

Apart physically but watching out for each other

Our heroes have alway been the ones who try to leave no one behind, while looking reality in the face.

One way to beat the coronavirus blues: Pet adoption

Not only might this be a perfect time for people to adopt or foster, it may be a time when saviors are especially needed.

Theodore Bodenwein, publisher of The Day from 1891 to 1939

“The newspaper should be more than a business enterprise. It should also be the champion and protector of the public interest and defender of the people’s rights.”

- Theodore Bodenwein


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Time to rethink plastic bag debate

In these times of social distancing, face masks, etc., we should take a moment to rethink a well-meaning but counterproductive and now possibly harmful policy. The ban on so-called single-use plastic bags has been discovered to be worse than just...

Seek higher meaning in current pandemic

We all need to come together globally. Share with a neighbor who is alone. Love, don't hate. God alone can turn this around. Not the president, not Purell, and certainly not hoarding. Daniel 2:21 Living Bible, "World events are under his...

Virus from a world away brings chaos

In the 1960s the concept of Chaos Theory was proposed. The notion was that small changes in complex systems could have large effects elsewhere. This gave rise to something called the Butterfly Effect, which said that the flapping of a butterfly's...

Grateful for The Day’s responsible journalism

It occurs to me, now more than ever, what a treasure we have in our midst. The Day, established in 1881 and for decades owned by a trust, exists as "the champion and protector of the public interest and defender of the people's rights,"...

Power of a free press was on display

The March 21 issue of The Day contains a letter by Paul Choiniere, Editorial Page Editor, defending his policy erring on the side of diversity when publishing letters from readers, “

Review press conference, Trump's 'terrible reporter' comment was accurate

I need to respond to yet another President Trump hater who feels it necessary to take remarks out of context and then purport to be true. I refer to letter "

He's got it bad, dreaded 'Trump-Virus'

I have caught a virus. It's called Trump-Virus. My name for it is new, but the meaning of it is not. It has been festering and has spread to me as an infection from a mean man, Donald Trump. Trump can't help himself from being hurtful and...

Thanks to Madison, flu naming remains legal

Kudos to The Day for publishing Lee Elci's: “'Wuhan Flu' more accurately names virus and what it means,” (March...

New approach not always better approach

The shortage of sterile supplies for health workers includes those frequently changed gowns, caps and masks. These are purchased from industry and accumulate like mountains of contaminated goods to be destroyed, "safely." As an old, retired...

Connecticut senators wrong to delay relief package approval

Did our two U.S. Senators make the right decision to vote against the U.S. Senate proposed coronavirus stimulus packages proposed on March 22? Did their delayed approval of the same bill on March 25, that saw little or no change, relieve the...

This is now war, act like it and use smart tactics

Without warning or provocation this Republic and the world was attacked violently without mercy by a viral killing disease. Do the words sound familiar? Yes, I am talking about WWII and, yes, this viral outbreak is total war. The fact is our...

Day coronavirus coverage 'quite adequate'

The Day's coverage of the coronavirus outbreak has been quite adequate considering the inconsistencies of reliable information on the subject. What is troubling to me is the lack of detection of COVID-19 during blood transfusions. The...



Columnist Paul Choiniere

Democrats can make reform a winning issue

Senators and members of the House of Representatives, and often their top aides, know stuff the rest of us don’t, or at least know it sooner.

Columnist Leonard Pitts Jr

In Trump they trust, facts be damned

Trump denied there was a threat. His administration failed to prepare. And even now he talks of quickly getting back to normal even as the pandemic accelerates. Yet many approve of his performance.

Columnist Cal Thomas

So do you ever think about what became of Dan Quayle?

Quayle thinks his fellow Hoosier, Vice President Mike Pence, is "doing an outstanding job. He's a comforting voice. He knows his facts. He does his homework."


Keep Canadian drugs out of U.S. medicine cabinets

Drug importation will endanger both American and Canadian lives for little or no savings.

Winner take all

After 2020 vote, one party likely to control presidency and Senate. But which one?


Economic freeze could control the damage

If no one has any financial obligations, then there is no need for anyone to file for unemployment.

$318,000 shouldn’t be too much to spend to protect the public

"I am disheartened by the lack of support," warns local fire chief who says the failure to repair a bridge slows response times and risks public safety.

Local doctor: COVID-19 exposes weaknesses of health care, leadership

Crisis exposes a health system that is a complex, inefficient, low quality, uncoordinated patchwork of players who not only can’t get their act together during routine times, but become totally unhinged during a crisis.