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Understanding and protecting our estuaries

The resulting growing knowledge will provide information on how to better protect estuaries and project how they will be affected by climate change and rising sea levels.

Democrats need to end the games, get vital infrastructure bill passed

In pursuing their strategy, progressive House Democrats risk seeing neither major piece of legislation, the infrastructure bill or build back better, win passage.

Congress must find out if Gen. Milley went rogue

If the general's actions weren't approved, these claims may suggest a serious constitutional breach on Milley's part, and could be read as an attempt to undermine presidential powers.

Helping local farms respond to climate change

Farmers are better than most at adapting, and the state should stand ready to assist them in those adaptation efforts with expert advice and targeted aid.

Theodore Bodenwein, publisher of The Day from 1891 to 1939

“The newspaper should be more than a business enterprise. It should also be the champion and protector of the public interest and defender of the people’s rights.”

- Theodore Bodenwein


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Domestic violence must be everyone's business

This past March The Day published my letter describing a melancholy World War II era tune called "When the lights come on...

'Wisdom, experience, maturity' are Olsen's strengths

As a resident of the City of New London for 21 years, I am proud to endorse Marty Olsen as a Republican candidate for a seat on City Council. For the past 11 years, I have known Marty Olsen, including when he served as mayor, and while...

St. Mary Star of the Sea 'affordable' housing?

Several months ago, I purchased a completely remodeled condo for rental purposes in New London. The purchase price for this nice two bedroom, 1 and 1/2 bath unit was $50,000. Therefore, I was rather surprised, to say the least, when I read...

Solid media reporting vital to bright future

In an age when media mistrust is at an all-time high, it seems increasingly imperative that media outlets − like The Day − continue creative, constructive, amazing, and accurate reporting. I get it that we are all trying...

Maybe it's writer who should resign

Once again, David Collins writes another column about a story of which he knows little, if anything. Collins consistently shares his one-sided opinion and states it as fact. Regarding his call for Democratic Town...

Amusing that columnist raves about result he helped create

It is amusing that David Collins encourages his fawning followers to "bullet" vote for Town Council candidate Portia Bordelon in the recent Democratic primary in Groton and then raves about her getting the most votes, “

Find bright light to counter Collins's 'dark' commentary

As a daily reader I am dismayed by the negativity of columnist David Collins, regarding New London. Nothing satisfies his high regard for his own judgment. His columns are dark, conspiratorial, and reflect a glass always less than half...

'Adolescent outrage at adult expectations'

Opposition to vaccine mandates is adolescent outrage at adult expectations. The mandates presented by President Biden neither violate individual rights nor threaten personal liberty. Instead, they exemplify what a responsible government is...

U.S. must do more to amend for drone strike that killed the innocent

Shortly after a suicide bomber killed 13 American service members and 169 Afghan civilians at the Kabul airport, the United States ordered a retaliatory drone strike, reportedly blowing up a vehicle carrying “multiple suicide...

Sirhan Sirhan not deserving of parole

The Guest Editorial, "Don't parole Sirhan," (Sept. 14) is the right call, guest or otherwise. Some murders are so devastating,...

Retiring editor was good on his promise

Kudos to Paul Choiniere for his years − is it really 33? − at the Day. His influence as the editorial page editor has ensured balance and fairness, qualities that have marked his career at the newspaper. When I first moved to the...

State lawmakers asked to support Lamont, extend pandemic emergency powers

I ask my state legislators, Senator Paul Formica and Rep. Kathleen McCarty, to extend Gov. Ned Lamont’s emergency powers to respond to the coronavirus crisis. Connecticut is maintaining the battle against this deadly...



Columnist Leonard Pitts Jr

You can starve an ideal only so long before you kill it altogether

My argument is grounded upon a simpler point: Human beings deserve to be treated like human beings. What happened this week on Biden's watch is nothing less than an outrage.

Chris Powell

‘Rescue’ money not helping special-ed kids

So, where are all those messed-up kids coming from? And instead of spending more on remediating their broken lives, how about trying to identify and stop what is breaking them?

Columnist Leonard Pitts Jr

Managing a mentally unbalanced president

When it came to President Trump, the Gutless Old Party behaved like Mikey's brothers in the old Life cereal commercial: "I'm not gonna try it. You try it."


Entitlements are the big elephant in the room

Perhap hitting senators and congressmen in the pocketbook may be the only way to get them to do their jobs.

Companies should hurry up and require vaccines

Some companies and states are expected to wage legal battles against OSHA. All of this may make the pace of corporate mandates more glacial than it should be.


Republicans, don't filch on America's bills

Refusing to pay the country's bills — especially when Republicans have been the ones ringing them up for the past four years — would be the height of fiscal irresponsibility.

Foolish to block Tesla sales in Connecticut

Telsa makes a great electric vehicle and Connecticut should stop inhibiting its ability to sell them here in Connecticut.

Democratic 'vision' is not about division

You know who we are. Let’s have a respectful conversation about our shared vision and how we can work together to solve the problems facing all of us.