Women & Girls Fund: vital then and now

As women exercise more leadership in the workplace and civic life, earn better salaries, and find their voices, many are becoming interested in philanthropy that addresses issues that matter to them.

What if a local official acted in this manner?

Is it not OK to use the levers of power to extort someone in an effort to get dirt on a political opponent.

Salem awards focus on the good, not the divisions

It is customary to thank battlefield veterans for their service, but words are only half of it. Real gratitude means unselfishly exercising the freedoms those heroes protected.

How to lose to Trump in 2020

Senator Warren and those backing her would risk Trump’s reelection for a policy proposal that has no chance of winning enactment.

Theodore Bodenwein, publisher of The Day from 1891 to 1939

“The newspaper should be more than a business enterprise. It should also be the champion and protector of the public interest and defender of the people’s rights.”

- Theodore Bodenwein



Trump has earned the loyalty of the 'Caucasian Working Class'

The letter, “Make America great again: Dump Trump,” (Nov. 7), questioning why anyone supports President Trump is easily...

Trump not a divider, the news media is

As I read letters to The Day telling how President Trump divides the country, I see that the reporting in this newspaper and by the mass media on the president has, for the past three years, been about 90 percent negative. I don't...

Appreciating Cal's honesty on Trump's spiritual pick

This is regarding Cal Thomas column, “Trump’s turn to a heretical, idolatrous adviser reason for...

Bully from Queens took act to White House

Yes, we need immigration policies and regulations. Yes, we need to hold our companies accountable such as the Trump organization in their hiring of undocumented workers. No, we should not separate the families looking for a better life. We as a...

Mystic Aquarium's goal is saving Beluga whales

David Kaplan’s letter, “Mystic Aquarium should not import belugas,” (Nov. 12), speaks to the spirit of caring for...

Another great photo

For me, you've done it again! The picture of a returning airman, “Home for the holidays,” (Nov.

Elm Grove Cemetery superintendent shares visitor's concerns

Regarding Beverly Brown’s letter, “Robbing the dead to save on flowers,” (Nov. 8), regarding stolen flowers. Elm Grove...

Warren pushing for change nation needs

I disagree with your editorial, “How to lose to Trump in 2020,” (Nov. 10), regarding Elizabeth Warren as "driving voters to Trump." When I...

Shameful that The Day ignored meaningful military Mass

I served on active duty in the U.S. Coast Guard for 22 years and have now been a civilian employee at the Coast Guard Academy for another 19 years. I am not Catholic, but on Nov. 3 I attended the Red, White and Blue Mass in honor of the Military...

Grateful for chance to serve Waterford

As my term on the Board of Selectmen ends, I wanted to say thanks for the incredible opportunity to serve the residents of Waterford at this level. As you know, I take great pride in serving the town professionally and politically. When...

Mystic Aquarium should not import belugas

Mystic Aquarium wants to import five belugas from Marineland in Canada for research. The whales are offspring of wild-caught whales from a Russian population designated as "depleted," making their import for public display illegal under U.S. law.

Fox News follies: Carlson is Exhibit A

Recently, Tucker Carlson declared California’s pro-green party turned off the electricity to help the environment; while California is still filthy. The electricity was turned off in sections of the state to help prevent the spread of...



Columnist Lee Elci

A bit guilty, but always thankful, on Veterans Day

I'm guilty because I missed an opportunity to fight for something bigger than myself. I missed the opportunity to stand side by side with patriots and serve in the United States Armed Forces.

Columnist John Kass

Whistleblower should be first to testify in Trump Impeachment Theater

Is this whistleblower a heroic patriot, as Democrats insist, or is he a Democratic operative as Republicans have alleged?

Columnist Rachel Marsden

Trump has a knack for attracting self-serving grifters

President Trump has a history of engaging with people whose interests are at odds with those of the country — and often with his own.


Virginia should serve as a warning to Republicans

The wounds the Republicans have suffered have in many respects been self-inflicted, as their party in Virginia was taken over by hardline forces on the right.

Could global frustration of the masses spill into United States?

The demonstrations not only are the “language of the unheard,” they are the predictable results of broken systems of governance. And the first steps toward chaos.


Let kids pick their heroes, gender aside

Why wouldn’t a boy pick a Wonder Woman costume? If he wants to grow up and be Diana, great. If he wants to grow up to be a cis male who embodies superpowers like extraordinary humanity and compassion, that’d be respectable too.

St. Francis House, 20 years of Christian service

All those accepted help with household chores, participate in prayer life and contribute what they can toward maintenance costs.

The power of kindness in troubled political times

There is no inconsistency between kindness and effective, winning leadership. This does not make me an idealist; it just means I am paying attention to the best social science.