Open the books, meetings of Partnership for Connecticut

With $100 million in state matching funds being promised, the public has the right to learn more about the ideas and plans for spending it to improve education.

Aging 'war birds' are a legacy at risk

The crash at Bradley killed seven people. It also destroyed one more vintage aircraft. Is it wise to fly the few remaining planes at the risk of losing them?

New London council was left adrift

The mayor handed his opponent an issue. Whoever wins the Nov. 5 election should never again allow a project to so dramatically expand without bringing it back to the council.

Odd moves and astonishing tweet suggest Trump's unhinged

Abandoning this ally to a potential slaughter by a much stronger opponent is morally wrong. It also happens to be a terrible foreign policy and military decision.

Theodore Bodenwein, publisher of The Day from 1891 to 1939

“The newspaper should be more than a business enterprise. It should also be the champion and protector of the public interest and defender of the people’s rights.”

- Theodore Bodenwein



Want his vote? Then don't text him

Dear politicians: Since 2010 when I was harassed by Ned Lamont, I have kept my number off my voter registration in order to avoid calls soliciting votes. Beginning in 2016, politicians have been getting my cell phone number from "third party"...

Lyme P&Z needs House and Gigliotti

Lyme voters will have the opportunity to vote for an outstanding candidate for one of two open seats on the Planning and Zoning Commission. Carol House, a Democrat, is well-qualified and will be a tremendous asset to our town. She worked for 33...

Day should further investigate nun assault allegations

Your much reported and detailed story of the Old Lyme sex assault trial is a convoluted,...

For morals, values and tenacity, vote Rix in Montville

In this election for Montville Town Council I’ll be voting for more than a candidate. I’m voting for morals, values and tenacity. Colleen Rix is not only a lifelong resident of this town, but an advocate for us, our parents and...

Benvenuti cares deeply about Waterford schools

I am writing in support of Marcia Benvenuti for the Waterford Board of Education. I have known Marcia for many years as a teacher, neighbor and friend. She is dedicated to our children and their education as well as their environment, being...

Help Democrats move Old Lyme forward

It has been a privilege to serve as selectwoman for the town of Old Lyme. I request your vote on Nov. 5 so that I may continue to work hard for our community and our residents. I am proud to be running with First Selectwoman Bonnie...

Firsthand look shows Nickerson has been effective improving East Lyme

I’ve watched Mark Nickerson’s work as East Lyme’s first selectman for the last five years from a close vantage point. He’s proven himself to be a very effective leader for the town because he knows his department heads...

Photo a disservice to local Jewish people

Wow! Why, of all things to note about our Jewish New Year celebration in New London County in 2019, where we dress in everyday clothing, pray and sing in both English and Hebrew, wish each other good luck and good health in the new year, and fit...

Give us an 'R,' give us an 'A,' elect Franco in Groton!

Rachael Franco for Groton Town Council.  R is for her Reliability, always prepared at council to understand and discuss the issues. A is for her positive Attitude, working with everyone for the good of Groton. C is for her...

Reiter says he has the skills for Old Lyme treasurer

My name is Michael Reiter and I’m running for Old Lyme town treasurer. Since moving to Old Lyme eight years ago I’ve seen how important local government is to the things important in my daily life, from schools to playgrounds to...

Montville voters should consider backing Democrats Election Day

Montville voters please consider voting for the Democratic Party members running for local office. These candidates have years of experience in local government along with a long history of dedicated service to the community. Robert...

Allyn-Gauthier clear choice in Preston for top post

It is clear that the most qualified choice for first selectperson this Nov. 5 in Preston is Sandra Allyn-Gauthier. She has the necessary skills in terms of communication, interpersonal engagement, and decision-making ability to provide excellent...



Columnist Paul Choiniere

Connecticut's accidental governor needs to find his voice

Nearly one year into his term, Ned Lamont has yet to find an inspirational message.

Columnist Margaret Sullivan

Warren pregnancy smear reveals a poisoned media world

Ancient meeting minutes may not show pregnancy forced Warren from her teaching job, but genuine reporting backs her story.

Columnist David Ignatius

Trump opens door for Islamic State resurgence

A revived Islamic State would pose a threat to the U.S. homeland. This frightening risk of "snatching defeat from the jaws of victory" is a result of the Trump administration's chronic policy breakdown.


In Trump reality shakedowns OK, but parody is treasonous

Trump just cannot let go of Rep. Schiff’s modest attempt at the art of parody. He has become a focus of Trump’s wrath.

Who wins politics of Trump impeachment?

“I was totally underwhelmed by the transcript," said one political analyst. "After the build-up, (there) was not much more inappropriate said than we hear from him in a typical week."


Sell Seaside, meet commitment to developmentally disabled

Under state law, the sale would provide funds for the developmentally disabled without raising taxes or cutting other programs.

The Eagle tried to soar, reality dragged newspaper down

The publisher of the family-owend newspaper in Pennsylvania bet that good journalism could keep the Eagle solvent. And he bet wrong.

Highlight vegan options during National School Lunch Week

It’s just as irresponsible for schools to serve mystery meat, chicken nuggets and cheese pizza as it would be for them to feed kids nothing but chips, candy and cookies.