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Chris Cuomo's egregious behavior

By communicating with, and working on behalf of, his brother's aides, Chris Cuomo inserted himself into a news story, putting family ties ahead of his duty to report the news.

Senate must not remove the paltry 4 weeks of paid family leave

The U.S. is among six countries without, putting us in the unfortunate company of Suriname, Papua New Guinea and a few island nations in the Pacific.

The dangers of guns at protests are too big to ignore

Twenty-one states allow the open and concealed carry of firearms without a permit — a status that gun activists call "constitutional carry." Six states joined that list this year, most...

Wakeup call from yet another variant

It should not need to be explained that cause and effect are at work in this scenario. If the cities with the lowest percentage of vaccinated people have the highest percentage of infection, that...

Theodore Bodenwein, publisher of The Day from 1891 to 1939

“The newspaper should be more than a business enterprise. It should also be the champion and protector of the public interest and defender of the people’s rights.”

- Theodore Bodenwein


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'STR party houses' are no fun

In addition to the risks of creating nuisances that reduce the quality of life in a neighborhood, non-hosted short-term rental units (STRs) remove houses needed to meet the needs of families that are looking for permanent homes. In Ledyard, even...

Let out-of-staters help pay for roadwork

Mr. Atwater had a very well thought out letter on Nov. 29 concerning highway tolls. ("Tolls should be put back on the table") I would like to...

Thanks for those who keep park beautiful

Jonathan Haddon and Joe Colaluca are but two of the people doing good things in and for New London. That is why it was important that their efforts at Williams Memorial Park were recognized by reporter Greg Smith, "

Biden Administration inflation schizophrenia

It is one thing for the Biden administration to say that inflation is low and transitory. It is quite another for them to raise the 2022 Medicare Part B monthly premiums by 14.5% and Medicare Part B deductibles by 14.8% for over 62 million elder...

Business-owned STRs ruin neighborhoods

Firstly, many of us opposed to STRs are only opposed to operating STRs as a business, not the resident who lives in the home where a room or rooms are rented out. ("

Always respect our veterans

I am a veteran, but this is totally not about me. I was traveling to a local business in Westerly on Veterans Day when I came upon a man sprawled out on the sidewalk, hands above his head and laying on his back. I had to stop as this just was not...

1932 Revisited

In 1932 newly elected President Franklin D. Roosevelt proposed sweeping social and infrastructure programs. The country needed help, but the Republicans ridiculed him and labeled him and the Democrats as Socialists. Luckily these programs were...

Rittenhouse is a coward

He was protecting himself; it was self-defense. Really? Why would Kyle Rittenhouse attend a police violence protest with a loaded...

Thank you, Capitol Police

Let us give thanks to the Capitol Police after five hours of hand-to-hand combat Jan. 6. Mitch McConnell returned to the podium before midnight and stated if 81 million Democratic votes are discounted, based on a loser's allegation, any future US...

Increase recycling, decrease litter

Notice all the trash sitting around your town? This is because pollution has been heavily increasing in Connecticut and is causing a serious issue. Connecticut is in the top 10 for the worst polluted ozone. A big factor in the air pollution in...

Community center too big, wrong location

New London officials should be ashamed approving to build a 62,000-square-foot building on seven acres of prime, taxable waterfront property. ("



Columnist Leonard Pitts Jr

Smash-and-grab another sign of the times

You don't stand facing the back wall of an elevator. In heavy traffic, you take turns merging. You stop at the red light even when the street is deserted.

Columnist Cal Thomas

Thank you, Mr. Sondheim.

People who create beauty stand out in an increasingly dark culture, even when their creations seem dark, as do some of Sondheim's lyrics.


Tragic or not, that spiky virus shows he can fix stupid

COVID-19 now takes its biggest toll in the red, vaccine-resistant parts of the country.


Facing the facts about gun violence in the U.S.

If we all discuss real data, perhaps then we can identify more appropriate policies and practices, which might include gun control, educational programs, mental health assistance and more


What I learned at COP26, and what to do about it

My biggest take-away from COP 26 is the division between the people on the ground facing these impacts every day and identifying solutions as their lives and livelihoods depend on it, and the people making the decisions.

Education group condemns attacks over curriculum

Our classrooms must remain safe havens where students learn about their world through honest, truthful, age-appropriate, and fact-based curriculum, even if some lessons are difficult and uncomfortable.

Abraham Lincoln and me

Once in a great while, a person like Lincoln comes along to embody true decency and leadership. Is there someone out there, as of yet unrecognized, who will answer history's call if our fragile Republic is pounded by potentially lethal threats in...