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Wright the right choice for New London police chief

When you have an ideal candidate, why search further?

Lamont wrong to defang important watchdog

Nothing can drag down approval ratings faster than a scandal. And it doesn’t have to directly involve the governor, just be close enough to singe his good standing.

Legislature needs to chill before voting on cannabis bill

How about giving the public the chance to full understand this law and offer input on it before a final vote is taken?

Addressing growing threat of cyber-attacks

In his meeting this week with Vladimir Putin, President Joe Biden must emphasize that this is a dangerous path that Russia is venturing down.

Theodore Bodenwein, publisher of The Day from 1891 to 1939

“The newspaper should be more than a business enterprise. It should also be the champion and protector of the public interest and defender of the people’s rights.”

- Theodore Bodenwein


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Real infrastructure, please; not babysitting subsidies

The infrastructure of day care? It never ceases to amaze me how “infrastructure” is an excuse for digging a bottomless money pit in some people’s minds. First and foremost, the illustrious Sens. Richard Blumenthal...

Don't blame workers for burrito price hike

Robert Reich wrote an interesting column in The Day, “Republican claims about price increases don’t hold up,”...

Operation Warp Speed? Don't make me laugh.

The cartoon regarding Operation Warp Speed, (June 8), made me laugh. Well not really, because you would think, for all the credit Trump claims for COVID-19 vaccine...

Commentary retracted

The Day is retracting the June 11 commentary that was critical of the decision by the Mystic Aquarium to import beluga whales from Canada. The commentary was submitted by a purported animal rights activist and scientist. We sought to verify its...

Upbeat Day articles a pleasing formula

We recently renewed our subscription to The Day. Even before reading Karen Florin's column, I...

Mystic Art Association is irresponsible homeowner

For those of us who see the eyesore every day, the lack of...

Keep Seaside State Park, even if it means losing historic buildings

It is time for Senator Paul Formica, R-East Lyme, to forget about developing the former Seaside Sanatorium ("For...

Republicans wake up, Trump threatens our democracy

I majored in social science in college and then went on to teach social studies for 37 years. For most of my life I was a registered Republican. Never did I think I would witness what I have seen since the wannabee dictator was elected. Former...

Biden: So much damage in just 4 short months

President Biden has accomplished so much. In his first four months he canceled the Keystone Pipeline project, potentially destroying thousands of American jobs. He effectively opened our southern border, inviting illegal migrants to flood our...

Town of Groton deeply involved in Mystic River Bluffs project

The massive Mystic River Bluffs project will have a significantly negative impact on the entire Mystic River Valley. Jon Reiner, Planning and Development director for the Town of Groton, recently announced that the project has not moved...

Firefighter volunteers a great Norwich bargain

When will Norwich officials learn? Currently, taxpayers in the town district pay their own taxes, .32 mills for volunteer fire protection, and another $3,299,876 for the overbudget Norwich Fire Department, which directly violates the...

Return to work by train: an environmental and logistical mess

Last month I learned that there is vastly less train service between my home in New London and my work in New Haven: two very early morning trains to New Haven, and one returning at the end of the afternoon. The problem is made worse...



Columnist S.E. Cupp

Hate, division, too often displaced unity in pandemic response

In cities and small towns all over the country, anti-maskers harass their neighbors — even their children — for wearing masks.

Columnist Cal Thomas

Why not call it Ferris Bueller's day off?

In many cases children are being indoctrinated with secular progressive ideas. Parents need to take a stand against it.

Columnist Chris Powell

Removing symbols won't stop murders in Connecticut's cities

The affectation of morality about statues at the Capitol when the adjacent city and Connecticut's other two major cities, New Haven and Bridgeport, are exploding in mayhem is too exquisite.


Mystic Aquarium's mission of education, research, rescue

This organization has made a significant transition over the years into one where public education, research, and rescue now appear to be its primary functions.

China's secrecy is greater concern than nuclear plant problem

Nuclear safety depends on a paranoid regulatory culture that addresses the smallest problem with the maximum of attention and transparency. That doesn’t appear to be happening in China.


We can take the lead in offshore wind-energy technology

The massive investment in offshore wind power will drive technological innovation. Developing a research laboratory in the region will assure much of that new technology is developed here.

Not optimistic then. Not optimistic now. Hoping I'm wrong again.

The world has not turned out to be what I expected. For one, humans have survived. Maybe far more enlightened days are ahead. But probably not.

Push back against intolerance in East Lyme

America gets its strength from its diversity.