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Finding a path to compromise over casino reopening

An ugly showdown that ends with a contested reopening will not be good for the tribes or the state.

Raising Coast Guard Museum funds is priority, not parking

Assuring all necessary parking is directly across from the museum is not critical. Arguably, it may not even be preferable.

Even more memorable for this year's graduates

While the virus may have claimed the ability to gather en masse for celebrations, it should not endanger celebration itself.

Improving nursing home safety requires all the facts

As researchers learn more about how the virus behaves in individuals and in groups, the response should improve, but that also requires the information the governor set out to get.

Theodore Bodenwein, publisher of The Day from 1891 to 1939

“The newspaper should be more than a business enterprise. It should also be the champion and protector of the public interest and defender of the people’s rights.”

- Theodore Bodenwein


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Transcripts undermine justification for Mueller 'attempted coup'

The House Intelligence Committee's recent release of transcripts of its closed-door...

Letter made clear why Groton Republicans struggle politically

A reccent letter urged creation of a conservative third party, exemplified by the GOP lack of presence in Groton government, “

Ending Republican rule, not third party, is what U.S. needs

A recent letter to the editor said, "the State of Connecticut needs a truly conservative third party to emerge in order to...

Bill Toscano lived life with enthusiasm; his passing is another COVID tragedy

I want to thank Mike DiMauro for his heart-felt column on the life of Bill Toscano and his death from COVID-19, “The Day never had a...

Rockwell worthy

That poignant picture of the Fitch High graduate on the front page of the May 23 edition would have made a great Norman...

People show no respect for beautiful beach, or others

Eastern Point Beach is one of Groton's gems, so why is it treated with no respect by a few people? My experience the morning of May 16 is an example. I went to the beach early for my swim (I follow the tides, high is best) a bit after 6...

Accessible voting for the disabled is a right

As of this week, Governor Lamont signed an executive order allowing all eligible Connecticut residents to vote absentee. However, the current vote by mail system is not accessible to those with visual impairments or other severe physical...

Single-use serving containers are the way to go for now

It is such encouraging news to see that our state is preparing to gradually reopen businesses like restaurants, as reported in The Day’s article entitled “

Still wants to move Coast Guard museum

Some years ago, I wrote to you regarding the location of the planned Coast Guard Museum. (And you published it). It is amazing that the argument is still going on, “

President's failure allowed deaths

Trump: “I could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and wouldn’t lose any votes.” That assertion appears somewhat accurate. Trump’s delay in initiating mitigation actions, in the face of prior repeated warnings, is a...

Some respect for truckers, please

I, myself, along with other truck drivers, are essential employees. I have learned from the best. We go through many hours of training to get our commercial driver's license. The trucks that we drive are heavy, take longer to speed up, take very...

Do right by all in face of coronavirus

Making sense of what is going on politically, socially, economically, and medically is almost impossible. All we know is what we are told, and all we can do is our best. We have always been adjusting to a new normal every day. Changes have...



Columnist Lee Elci

Prepare now so U.S. economy never has to shut down again

Political gaffes, including absurdities from the Oval Office, combine with misinformation and miscommunication to create skepticism and public doubt.

Columnist Froma Harrop

Pandemic makes end-of-life care harder

Hospice workers themselves face new challenges. Some family members are afraid to even have them in the house.

Columnist Lisa McGinley

Hair and now

The on-again, off-again reopening of salons and barber shops presents an early example of what could occur as retail businesses, museums, houses of worship, and others get phased in. Will Mom and Pop send Grandma and Grandpa away?


China using crisis started there to dominate markets here

Chinese government officials and leading academics have described the COVID-19 crisis as an opportunity for Chinese producers.

Trump needs two electoral blocs to win. The pandemic is dividing them.

If the president's support among seniors persists into November, Trump won't just lose; he'll lose in a landslide.


We have slipped down the slope of 'relative ethics'

Leaders justify conduct that is clearly immoral by making the defense that it is in the greater interest, reducing ethics to a relative term.

Get buried green

No embalming. No concrete vault. No polyester suit. No plastic buttons. No pocket change. If you’re in a casket, it’s plain vanilla pine or cardboard.

Collaboration essential for economic recovery

This unprecedented health and grave economic crisis has resulted in a devastating increase in unemployment.