Lamont's telling progressives what they want to hear, but what about the budget?

As with the Republican candidates, who have not done a good job of explaining how they would balance the budget while cutting taxes, Lamont is not explaining how he will pay for his progressive...

Consider all options to trim plastic pollution

Bags and straws are only the tip of the plastic pollution iceberg, but it is a sensible place to start the discussion.

Republicans again face choice of outsider or experience

In 2018, Republicans have Bob Stefanowski, David Stemerman and Steve Obsitnik cast as the successful businessmen touting their financial smarts over political experience. The GOP has tried that...

Trump's sorry and troubling performance in Helsinki

This is the point where Republican leaders must set political considerations aside for the good of the country and say this is not acceptable.

Theodore Bodenwein, publisher of The Day from 1891 to 1939

“The newspaper should be more than a business enterprise. It should also be the champion and protector of the public interest and defender of the people’s rights.”

- Theodore Bodenwein



Thomas Jefferson would be proud of Trump revolution

In 2016, the American people did what Thomas Jefferson believed they would do when faced with political elites corrupting the government; they turned to somebody else to run the country. In this case Donald Trump was their answer to what the...

Stolen children, what's happened to our country?

The United States government, President Donald J. Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions have condoned and committed the kidnapping of innocent immigrant children, and held them for ransom. All this heartbreak for a wall. Now, those in charge...

Don't use Norwich DPU cash to settle personal matters

The recent article, “State FOI Commission rules NPU General Manager John Bilda’s notes are...

Trump's Putin comments were a 'high crime'

I've never been a huge fan of President Donald Trump. But I believe his actions, or should I say lack of action, in regard to Russian leader Vladimir Putin has risen to high crimes and misdemeanors. He blames Russian actions on his own...

Agrees with Powell on athlete issue and political correctness

Did I really read Chris Powell's column, “Political correctness can’t transform boys into girls,” (July 8)? It is...

Fasano's criticism of Katz ignores key facts

The oddest thing about State Senator Len Fasano’s long-term...

Collins’ column an unfair attack on senator

A recent column by David Collins was a hit piece targeting one senator...

Give Trump credit for talking to tyrants, reducing chance of nuclear war

Recent letters to the editor condemning President Trump’s friendly meeting with North Korea’s homicidal autocrat Kim Jong Un and his conference with Russia’s equally venomous Vladimir Putin are short-sighted and...

Who Dems going to call? Not Kavanaugh

Summarizing the Democratic talking points on the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court: Fire and brimstone coming down from the skies! Rivers and seas boiling! Forty years of darkness! Earthquakes! Volcanoes! The dead rising...

Facts about MS-13 gang shows threat overstated

P. J. Rovero's letter “State needs leaders who will work with the president” (July 7), requires a response,...

Risk adjustment not unfair

Some readers did not understand the example of commercial fishermen and schoolteachers in my letter “

Making Canada great again?

Amidst all the hubbub, tariff tiffs, and some hurt feelings north of the border following the recent G7 meeting, it’s worth noting that even some of our Canadian friends can’t help but concede that President Trump has somehow...



Columnist Cal Thomas

Trump has good reasons to question intelligence findings

Declassify all material subpoenaed by Congress regarding Russia and collusion and possible FBI or Justice Department abuses.

Columnist Marc A. Thiessen

Keeping Trump's Helsinki comments in context

As always, Trump's critics bail him out by overplaying their hands. His summit was simply an embarrassment, not a disaster.

Columnist David Ignatius

Trump's stunning answer to 'who do you believe'?

It was the right music, until the record skipped when Trump was asked the "who do you believe" question. Then this summit became crazy time.


The case for censuring the president

For all the bipartisan condemnation of what has been called the "Helsinki humiliation," censure isn't part of the discussion. It should be.

EU not innocent in this game of corporate monopoly

New economic research shows that Europe isn't immune from the rise of dominant companies.


Bans on plastic straws are the latest policy to forget the disability community

I was about to enjoy my morning cup of tea at my favorite coffee shop when I realized there were no plastic straws. For most people, this would be a minor inconvenience. For me, a disabled person, no straw means no drink — if I...

'Children need our help'

We know, deep down, that the way we treat the youngest and most vulnerable among us is the truest reflection of who we are as a society and the most obvious signal of where we are headed.

We will be judged by how we treat the strangers among us

Strong borders should protect us from true enemies, true criminals, true dangers. They should not be so rigid as to prevent those fleeing impossible conditions from finding compassion.