Looking out for SE Connecticut in Hartford

With few of them named to top General Assembly posts, the seven Republicans and six Democrats elected from this region must find ways not to let the interests of voters here be overrun.

'Give Gallons' milk program helps families and farmers

Food banks, on average nationally, can supply just one gallon of milk per person annually. This program can change that.

Connect New London top to bottom

The dream is to be able to hike or bike from one end of the city to the other.

McConnell should stop enabling the president

It is long past time the Senate carry out its constitutional duty to serve as a check on a president who is holding hundreds of thousands of unpaid workers hostage to try to get his way.

Theodore Bodenwein, publisher of The Day from 1891 to 1939

“The newspaper should be more than a business enterprise. It should also be the champion and protector of the public interest and defender of the people’s rights.”

- Theodore Bodenwein



Pave River Road, forget plastics

Can the Groton Town councilors focus on more important topics than plastics? River Road has not been paved in 20 years.  After contacting Rachael Franco and other Groton Town Council members there seems to be no end in sight in...

Choose trees over sidewalks

Recently I was saddened to see numerous healthy trees cut down on Plant Street. I know this has happened in other parts of New London due to sidewalk replacements. It's easy to assume this is a normal procedure when sidewalks are dug up and...

Too few showed up at RTM budget meeting

To her credit, Groton RTM Moderator Syma Ebbin called an RTM meeting for Jan. 9 to address the budget early. Only 25 of the 41 representatives attended. This after we were told ad nauseum during the recent referendum how critical the RTM is to...

Who pays legal fees for CMEEC defense?

Who will pay for the legal fees to defend the five alleged CMEEC felons indicted by the FBI after an investigation and an audit that raises significant issues as to impropriety? No small potatoes. Will the ratepayers carry the costs to retain...

Shutdown bad for the environment

I commend you for your responsible coverage of the federal government shutdown. Among the many issues of concern with the shutdown is the effect it is having on our environment. And it goes far beyond overflowing trash cans or unplowed roads...

Taxpayers' group meets Monday on State Pier transparency

For anyone who has been following the news about the Connecticut Port Authority having awarded a multi-million dollar contract to Gateway for the operation of State Pier in New London there is a grassroots effort starting to form to ensure the...

New London should tax short-term rentals

Every summer my wife and I return to New London to get together with old friends, enjoy downtown, Ocean Beach, and the friendly atmosphere. What I can’t understand is why New London, which seems to always be looking for additional revenue,...

Effective representation in Hartford is critical

I am proud to call New London home. In my daily travels I meet residents, business owners and visitors. A common theme in our conversations is “If only New London’s potential could be realized.” I have to agree. Our oceanside...

Friends will fight for Oswegatchie Hills

William Mathew’s op-ed “East Lyme’s Choice is Now Clear” (Dec. 28), was correct...

Helping Coast Guard in time of need

The Coast Guard has always held a special in my heart. I am a New London native and have spent the better part of 50 years on the water as an instructor and fisherman. Direct contact with the Coast Guard has only been the occasional safety check,...

No honor in this standoff

The U.S. government shutdown, now a month in, lurches on with no apparent end in sight. With politicians firing verbal shells across a new “No Man’s Land,” almost a million federal workers are facing the cruel consequences of...

Does Trump understand how to compromise?

I wish to raise reasonable questions relating to President Trump and the southern border “wall.” After two years of constant disappointment as we all try to understand this man, I ask … does he have any leadership...



Columnist Cal Thomas

Trump's State of the Union options

Should President Trump decide to do an alternative report, either in writing, or from the White House, or even a retro address on radio, he is likely to get more attention than he would receive from delivering it in person.

Columnist Lisa McGinley

One kid, one moment, one mentor

Americans optimistically supposed that dismantling structural racism would repair the racism of the heart, but equal opportunity needs self-esteem to thrive. Fortunately, there's a plan.

Columnist Catherine Rampell

Risks of a recession are rising -- and Trump might be to blame

Government shutdown, tariffs, trade wars are having measurable effects.


The choice for Democrats in 2020 is to fight Trump or keep cool

Sen. Warren is a fighter. She has been an outspoken critic of all things Trump. She will directly engage with the president.

The end of a Trump love affair with 'his' generals

Generals believe in intensive study and preparation before acting. Trump, by contrast, doesn't read and disdains in-depth briefings in favor of making decisions based on his "gut."


What it means that Trump served Big Macs at White House

Of all the bizarre images that have come from the Trump White House, this one will endure.

Enough of sitting still

St. James Episcopal Church hopes its decision to dump fossil fuel stocks will inspire other faith communities to do the same, "igniting the collective will."

Academic learning alone doesn't assure student success

Inspirational examples from New London show the district’s creative, resourceful, and dedicated teachers exemplifying a whole-child approach.