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Online wagering: the state's deal, not Lamont's deal

The governor should welcome the proposal of representatives from this region to set the parameters by statute. It should strengthen his negotiating position to have the force of recently enacted law...

Renewing our commitment to staying safe

With the pace of the vaccine rollout ramping up, we can be hopeful of better, safer days ahead. Until then, let’s remember we truly are all in this together.

Trump earned this impeachment

While Congress acted as it should, Wednesday was another sad day in a sad time.

State Republican Party has chance to rebrand

With the coming election of a new leader, the state Republican Party has an opportunity to better separate itself from politics of the national party that don't play well in Connecticut.

Theodore Bodenwein, publisher of The Day from 1891 to 1939

“The newspaper should be more than a business enterprise. It should also be the champion and protector of the public interest and defender of the people’s rights.”

- Theodore Bodenwein


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Unhappy with treatment of incarcerated dog

I read the most bittersweet dog story on the front page of The Day, “After years on death row, pit bull gets sanctuary,” (Jan.

Unfortunately, this is what we've become

On January 6, 2021 the images coming out of Washington, D.C. were shocking and terrifying to see. Most Americans collectively denounce the events that occurred at the Capitol that day. We hear, “This isn’t who we...

Championship football game was a fraud. Ohio won.

We won, you lost. This is a national issue, and we are going to settle it dispassionately and methodically. I am a Buckeye. That is never going to change. And Ohio won the college football championship. Any fool can see the score does not...

Salem Democrats: Hold Trump accountable

The Salem Democratic Town Committee joins the vast majority of Americans in condemning the attempted insurrection against the United States of America on January 6 by the followers of President Donald Trump. This is a nation of laws...

A new, brighter day will dawn for America on Wednesday

On Wednesday our nation can breathe out a sigh of relief. America will have a president and vice president who will dedicate themselves to bringing unity to our country and the American people. With core values of hope, belief,...

Disorder doesn't augur well for nation's future

America is now at the point Rome was when its democracy fell to disorder and disarray. In Rome, some retired presidents (consuls), together with religious personnel, were elected to civic positions as “augurs,” to provide...

Stark contrasts of loving and hateful responses

“Where there is hatred, let us sow love.” These words of St. Francis pierce the heart in the aftermath of hatred — stoked by President Trump — displayed by the vicious participants of last Wednesday’s...

It was Democrats who enabled racist South

Nick Fischer’s racism rant is really a stark example of bait and switch, “Racism as political strategy too long...

Those who backed Trump should now reflect on doing so

I applaud the East Lyme Republican Town Committee for forcefully stating what many of us instinctively knew was an insurrection at the nation’s Capitol. We need to understand the root of what happened and why so many voted for this...

(No heading)

Congress has seen fires, killings, theft in our major cities for the past year but never said anything because, as they say, it did not happen in my backyard. How can someone not see through the ugliness of Congress. It is time for all to...

Groton City Police autism approach an example to follow

It would be good to have all communities read The Day editorial about the City of Groton Police Chief Mike Spellman and his department having a program to work with residents on the autism spectrum, “

Don't lump all Trump supporters with Capitol attackers

The media consistently refers to the rioters at the Capitol in Washington as “Trump supporters” insinuating that all “Trump supporters” are like them. I believe most rioters were anarchists, and although they may have...



Columnist Paul Choiniere

Dealmaker Lamont? The evidence, and Mayor Passero, suggest not.

What should have been easy is getting New London that seat on the port authority. Fulfilling that pledge to New London and Passero should have been a layup.

Columnist Leonard Pitts Jr

Hand it to Trump, he wasn’t Black

Donald Trump had the foresight to not be Black. But not only not Black, but who was lavish in his contempt for all people of color. That was what so many wanted after President Obama.

Columnist John Kass

If we're not careful, this gets uglier

But now, those in power and control are making something clear. They really don't want to hear from the 74 million Americans who voted for Trump and who disagree with them.


'The President’s actions must be met with consequence'

The impeachment of Donald Trump is essential to protect our national security and the peaceful transition of power.

No march, new problems in fight for women’s equality

With a pink hat in the foreground, demonstrators march on Pennsylvania Avenue during the Women's March in Washington on Saturday, Jan. 19, 2019. (AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)

Thanks to the pandemic, women have a magnified set of problems to tackle. Once it is over, women are going to have to fight their way back into the workforce.


Groton Dem Committee: Insurrection aided by many in GOP

But Trump did not act alone. He was aided and abetted by numberless Republican politicians, some who actively endorsed his lies, others who remained silent.

Private clubs hit with big liquor-permit fee at worst time

Prior to the passage of this act, a club permit was $300 per year. Now it is $2,000 per year, a 666% increase in one year! Even for Connecticut, that's a bit steep.

Community College leaders joint statement on Capitol attack

This incident shed a glaring light on our nation’s failure to address the most critical and divisive elements in our society.