Curb that enthusiasm over Big East return

No one is offering a good explanation as to what is to become of the football program, which was the motivation for leaving the Big East in the first place.

Bates helped get Port Authority off to a strong start

In a relatively short time, the port authority has had a major impact on State Pier in New London.

The right time and the right place for hemp

This whole-plant crop matches up well with Connecticut's climate, scale, and history of small-business manufacturing, especially here in the eastern part of the state.

Without a raise, Congress will be left only to millionaires

Most members must juggle working in high-cost Washington with maintaining their residency requirement at home.

Theodore Bodenwein, publisher of The Day from 1891 to 1939

“The newspaper should be more than a business enterprise. It should also be the champion and protector of the public interest and defender of the people’s rights.”

- Theodore Bodenwein



A close look at present location made him Smiler's Wharf fan

The article, “Developer outlines plan for Smiler’s Wharf project,” (June 18), written by Day Staff Writer Joe Wojtas brought a huge smile to my face that...

Ending frivolous lawsuits will keep doctors practicing

The frustrations and fears expressed by Dr. Jay Ginsberg’s op-ed, “Frustrated and afraid, doctor hanging up...

Changes are needed to rebuild middle class

Today, the inequality of wages between the working class and the elite is approaching levels only seen prior to the Great Depression. From post-World War II through the mid 1970s hourly compensation kept up with increases in productivity.

Help, Old Lyme, beavers have run amok

I recently returned to my beloved neighborhood on Black Hall Pond in Old Lyme. When I visited my 81-year old friend and former neighbor I was shocked to see the damage caused to his property by beavers. His property along Black Hall Pond is under...

Green agenda 'turning our kids into Marxist drones who want to destroy society'

The climate is always changing, so what’s the big deal? We need to think about scientific truth, media bias, and political agendas to resolve climate change issues. Can you smell the stench? Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y.

DEEP's compelling case to reject Smiler's Wharf proposals

We attended the meeting regarding the proposed variance to accommodate the Smiler’s Wharf development. In addition to concerns regarding sewage, traffic, parking, and safety, the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection’s...

Make tolling simple, focus on borders

Why is it that Connecticut always makes things as complicated as possible? Rhode Island is making millions of dollars with four toll stations, while Connecticut buries itself in a complex idea that is opposed by most of the people. Put...

Recent letter linking Vietnam and liberalism was 'mind-boggling'

Howard Flora’s recent letter, “Anger over Vietnam sent politics far left,” (June 16), has me shaking my...

Trump-critical press will pay for betrayal

I read your coverage of the Trump rally held in Orlando. I could almost hear your teeth grinding as you "reported" what...

It's Republicans who are betraying country with blind support for Trump

It was irresponsible and dishonorable for President Donald Trump to snarl that Americans who vote for Democrats are “socialist who want to destroy America as we know it.” (Orlando speech, June 18).  Those who have the...

Hold elected leaders to highest ideals

Our country is at a critical moment in its history and in desperate need to find some common ground to bring it together. Our two-party system and many of our citizens have become so tribal and partisan that we can no longer find...

Idealistic proposal not in the political cards

First a positive plug for Day Editorial Page Editor Paul Choiniere for his Monday morning live appearances on the Lee Elci Show on 94.9 FM radio. I always enjoy his comments. I look forward to his fielding calls from the...



Columnist Chris Powell

The Hartford Line train is wonderful, the subsidy is not

Divided by the first year's 634,000 passengers, the Hartford Line is enjoying a taxpayer subsidy of nearly $59 per trip. A bus ticket between any of the railroad's three main cities costs less than a third as much.

Columnist Paul Choiniere

A workshop on surviving in the workplace, literally

In an active shooting event there are three options, we were told — run, hide or fight.

Columnist Catherine Rampell

If even France can't figure out a climate policy, are we beyond hope?

Given France's failure to act against climate change, it's easy to become demoralized about whether the United States, with a much larger carbon footprint and a much less climate-concerned populace, can make progress.


What I'm looking for in Democratic debates

Some say Democrats jneed someone who can defeat President Trump; others, someone who is inspirational; and still others,someone with big ideas. I'm looking for a candidate who can do all of that.

Cuccinelli's appointment won't help our immigration problems

I long ago gave up trying to make sense of the president and the decisions he makes. But this appointment has no apparent upside.


Remembering journalists who died in pursuit of truth

We have established the Fallen Journalists Memorial Foundation under the auspices of the non-profit National Press Club Journalism Institute.

1933 act bakes in Groton inefficiency, high costs

A million dollar annual duplication cost to town taxpayers results from actions passed by the state legislature 82 years ago.

Pride month: Love one another, without exception

Be proud and blessed this month and always, no matter who you are, as God created us all, everyone, and God loves us all, everyone.