Press wins this round with White House

After a testy exchange led the Trump administration to ban a reporter, a court ruling helped restore his credentials. But this fight may not be over.

Back to the polls for good cause in Groton

A plan to build two new schools in Groton, for the same cost as renovating two older school buildings for a new use, makes a lot of sense and deserves voter support.

Much more than just learning to sail

Accreditation recognizes that NESS's experiential approach to teaching science and math, leadership and stewardship, is a true educational partner to classroom instruction.

Doesn't CMEEC get it? It has to change

Federal indictments are harder to shrug off than a wrist slap from a local ethics commission.

Theodore Bodenwein, publisher of The Day from 1891 to 1939

“The newspaper should be more than a business enterprise. It should also be the champion and protector of the public interest and defender of the people’s rights.”

- Theodore Bodenwein



Connecticut voters opt for tax and caravan loving Democrats

I love Connecticut. It used to be a great place to live and work. Now it is slowly dying. Congratulations to the voters for allowing their personal hatred of Donald Trump to cloud their judgment by voting in Dannel Malloy Jr. (Ned Lamont)...

Boycott effectively targets destruction of Israel

The Day performed a valuable public service by publishing Whitt Flora's op-ed, "College critics of Israel can fuel anti-Semitism,"...

Active listening and use of facts can avoid hurtful discourse

We are depressed by bitter statements from supposed leaders in politics, entertainment, and the news media. And now, increasingly, from neighbors, friends, family − you and us. These are opinions and we are entitled to our opinions; when...

Senseless is the wrong term to describe another mass shooting

Another mass shooting, this time in a California bar, and again reporters and commentators and politicians call the slaughter of humans by guns senseless. Senseless? I think not. It makes sense to me for the following. 1. It makes sense...

Stick with Mystic name for boathouse

It was with dismay I read, “Mystic River Boathouse Park plans moving ahead,” (Nov. 11), that the Mystic River Boathouse Park...

Sharing personal Alzheimer's story with congressman

I was fortunate to meet Congressman Joe Courtney at the Alzheimer's Association Coffee with Congress held recently at the Lebanon Senior Center. The attendees discussed with Courtney the staggering impact of cost and care of...

Trump highly successful, but media ignores it

Media wasn’t outraged when President Obama condemned Fox News, the only conservative view news network. The liberal media’s reporting is unjustly over 90 percent negative against President Trump causing him to lash out and he is...

Keeping Trump in office benefits Democrats politically, bad for country

Politically, Democrats would be better served not to impeach Donald Trump. Left as president, Trump will become the single most motivating factor for Americans to vote Democrat. Record numbers of Republicans have defected and voted Democrat in...

Movie may move you to adoption option

During this special month, I invite everyone to learn more about the children in state foster care who are awaiting adoption by seeing the new film “Instant Family,” which realistically portrays what it’s like to adopt these...

Save this surprise for after Christmas

With Thanksgiving soon approaching, before we know it Christmas will soon be upon us also. A time when parents think of surprising their child(ren) on Christmas Day with that adorable new puppy or kitten.  Adopting a pet for a child is...

NPU commissioners failed accountability test

For two years since the Derbygate the Board of Directors at CMEEC and the Norwich Public Utilities Commission have buried their heads in the sand and did nothing. When the newly appointed Norwich Public Utility commissioners took office I...

With federal indictments, time to dissolve CMEEC

It has been over five years and finally, that organization (Connecticut Municipal Electric Energy Cooperative) that was abusing funds destined to support various city utility users in several towns has officially been accused of corruption...



Columnist Eugene Robinson

Rather than lick his wounds, Trump ramps up his bluster

A blue wave swept Democrats to take control of the House, with the party grabbing its biggest haul of GOP-held seats since the 1974 Watergate midterm.

Columnist Cal Thomas

Tight races raised election integrity issues

Brenda Snipes' actions (or inactions) during another controversial Flordia election would be outrageous no matter the color or gender of the person at the top.

Columnist Catherine Rampell

Dealing with the invasion of the scooters

As scooters multiply in sunny Santa Monica, their owners ignoring the rules, a community tries to figure out how to react.


Big mistake to eliminate religion in schools

American students should be exposed to religion to have a functional knowledge of faith and principles such as doctrine, dogma, religious practice and spirituality.

Danger of teaching becoming preaching

Preaching in public schools undermines the unifying role public schools play in our communities.


Memo to CMEEC Board: Reverse Course

Does the CMEEC board think its in-house attorney, who was there alongside Rankin the whole time, will produce an investigation with more veracity and depth than the FBI?

Mocked on SNL, veteran refused to join 'outrage culture'

As a country, we still have a lot of work to do. We need to agree on some basic rules for civil discourse.

Connecticut will reap what voters for Democrats sowed

With Democrats remaining in charge Connecticut’s taxpayers will suffer with less money, less opportunity, and less security.