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Understanding and protecting our estuaries

The resulting growing knowledge will provide information on how to better protect estuaries and project how they will be affected by climate change and rising sea levels.

Democrats need to end the games, get vital infrastructure bill passed

In pursuing their strategy, progressive House Democrats risk seeing neither major piece of legislation, the infrastructure bill or build back better, win passage.

Congress must find out if Gen. Milley went rogue

If the general's actions weren't approved, these claims may suggest a serious constitutional breach on Milley's part, and could be read as an attempt to undermine presidential powers.

Helping local farms respond to climate change

Farmers are better than most at adapting, and the state should stand ready to assist them in those adaptation efforts with expert advice and targeted aid.

A cautionary tale in the FBI's stunning mishandling of Nassar case

It’s hard to wrap one’s mind around the FBI’s callousness in this case.

Make short-term rentals part of election debate

If slates of candidates for councils and board of selectmen can come up with policy positions on the matter it would allow voters to decide who they think has the best approach to this perplexing problem.

Biden's aggressive pandemic plan appropriate, should be supported

In opposing the president's vaccine mandates, Republican leaders again find themselves out of step with the American people.

Mega yachts? Helipad? Floating pool?

Perhaps we underestimate the potential for New London to attract the .01 percenters and their ostentatious yachts. But this seems so out of character with the city.

Helping the determined people of Haiti

A strong earthquake, a president assassinated and a confusing power struggle? Haiti is in a world of hurt, again. It seems too much to bear.

Primary day lessons

In Guilford a slate of Republicans used concern about critical race theory to win a place on the ballot for the Nov. 2 school board election. Expect the issue to reappear in other school board races in November.

Phew. Newsom survives recall. California saved.

If Republicans want to end the “one-party rule” in California, then it’s up to them to develop a platform that appeals to voters, rather than trying to gain power by gaming the state’s direct democracy system.

Push past filibuster to pass voting protections

Manchin has signed on to reasonable voting reforms, but his efforts will be for naught if he remains unwilling to moderate filibuster rules to get the voting protections passed.


Domestic violence must be everyone's business

This past March The Day published

'Wisdom, experience, maturity' are Olsen's strengths

As a resident of the City of New London for 21 years, I am proud to endorse Marty Olsen as a Republican candidate for a seat on City Council.

St. Mary Star of the Sea 'affordable' housing?

Several months ago, I purchased a completely remodeled condo for rental purposes in New London. The purchase price for this nice two bedroom, 1...


Columnist Leonard Pitts Jr

You can starve an ideal only so long before you kill it altogether

My argument is grounded upon a simpler point: Human beings deserve to be treated like human beings. What happened this week on Biden's watch is...

Chris Powell

‘Rescue’ money not helping special-ed kids

So, where are all those messed-up kids coming from? And instead of spending more on remediating their broken lives, how about trying to identify and...

Columnist Leonard Pitts Jr

Managing a mentally unbalanced president

When it came to President Trump, the Gutless Old Party behaved like Mikey's brothers in the old Life cereal commercial: "I'm not gonna try it. You...