Give Ritchie chance to heal, reshape New London schools

The Board of Education must show patience and, short of malfeasance or malpractice, give its superintendent every opportunity and the time to succeed.

Students engage gun debate. Good for them.

The students' plan would go well beyond the modest gun-control measures such as expanded background checks and "red flag" laws that have been the focus of the current debate.

The Pier and the probe, a tough juggling act

State must continue looking into port authority issues while doing due diligence on a potential megadeal for the future of State Pier.

Ned should ask buddy Andrew to drop dredging case

It was nice to see the guys go fishing, but our local marinas will be clogged with sediment if there is no place to dump the stuff.

Port authority follies no laughing matter

Tuesday's event had it all, security issues, a press conference -- everything, that is, except testimony from the main characters in this drama.

A new chance for chestnut trees

Two rare chestnut trees near the Montville-Waterford border may play a role in helping revive the once culturally and economically important tree.

Go back to casino Plan A

Three casinos is the limit. More than that will increasingly fragment the market, and without enough customers per casino, jobs go away.

Movement toward rational U.S. gun laws, at last

If what it takes to confer political courage on certain members of the Senate and the House is the specter of deying the wishes of large majorities of voters, then the moment has arrived.

Freedom of religion, freedom to know the facts

Connecticut should follow the lead of other states that have recognized that religious exemption clauses have become catchalls for other motives for not immunizing.

Never easy, but departing leaders served their towns

First selectmen in small towns are almost always on duty, even when they are not officially on the clock.

Pulling up the welcome mat won't win friends

The decision by the Smiler's Wharf developers to withdraw use of their property for a local festival is understandable, but not very wise.

First lift the dark cloud that hangs over CT Port Authority

We thought the Connecticut Port Authority had been left with a strong foundation on which to grow. Boy, were we wrong.


Chance Alaska meeting with 'Tundra' cartoonist featured in The Day

I’ve got to share an unexpected meeting I had while visiting Alaska last month.  Arriving in Anchorage, we tourists were...

Stand up, before it is too late

Americans, for the love of God, wake up, open your eyes and hearts and see what an evil, meg-o-maniac occupies our Oval Office. History...

Day photographers great. Elliot: 'A genius among us'

A genius among us. As a reader every day for over 50 years, I don’t recall seeing a bad photo by any Day photographer.  For...


Columnist Lisa McGinley

Protecting rare birds, blue mushrooms and a prehistoric fish

Environment -- humans are part of it and it is part of us. Why wouldn't we protect that, in our own interests?

Columnist Red Jahncke

Interception follows diversion in Lamont fiscal strategy

The administration devised a way to balance surging operating costs while, at the same time, the mandatory spending cap is imposing a tight limit on...

Columnist Froma Harrop

On setting vehicle efficiency standards, California will win

The Trump administration wants a 37 miles per gallon standard. This is Stone Age thinking in a world of tightening emissions rules where civilized...