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Advice to Tucker Carlson on helping white folks

Carlson would rather scare white people than help them organize for decent health care and education, stronger labor protections, a more robust safety net and a sustainable planet.

J&J vaccine pause was right move, but creates big challenge

Failing to pause could have fueled the narrative that public health officials were willing to lie to the public about the safety of the vaccines and to coverup problems.

Connecticut faces big test in addressing pandemic learning gap

The plans announced by the Lamont administration using federal-relief dollars, are sound and ambitious. But the key will be how effectively those plans are executed.

Tribal 'family businesses' now led by their own

These are, fundamentally, family enterprises, albeit on a major scale, led by people of shared blood and heritage. Educational opportunities provided members the chance to move up in the family business

Making New London greener, shadier and healthier

A group of volunteers have quietly gone about the task of planting new trees in the city and making the extra effort to help assure they will be there for generations to come.

Concerning affordable housing, Connecticut must do better

What is unassailable is that housing options for low-income residents are almost exclusively situated in impoverished and often segregated communities.

Criticism of Georgia voting law well deserved

The primary goal of the changes in Georgia voting law is to suppress the Black vote in future elections. That is what is going on.

Keep a level field for EV sales, don't undermine dealership model

Tesla wants to play by its own set of rules. But the company, and any other car manufacturer, is free to compete on the established playing field.

Ban on flavored tobacco is worth revenue loss

What is becoming clear is that ending the sale of these flavored products does curb use among young people, and that is significant, because people who do not get hooked on tobacco as teens or young adults are unlikely to become later users.

Stop stalling, governor, release emails sought under FOI Act

It is particularly troubling when it is the office of the governor that is stalling because that sets the standard for state agencies.

Act aggressively to build on economic recovery

Biden wants to go big. And the nation should. Being cautious won't lift people out of poverty or address economic inequities.

Hedrick decision gives all voters a choice in City of Groton

It is only fair that Republican and unaffiliated voters also get a say as to who will lead their city.


Ticket experience driving his vote for Bumgardner on May 3

I live in the City of Groton and have spent most of my adult life living in Groton or Mystic. One day, almost two years ago, I received a parking...

Bumgardner pledges one thing, does another

I write this letter in support of the open and transparent nature that candidate for mayor Aundré Bumgardner promotes. However, that is...

Elci noted problem. How about solution?

In Lee Elci's column, "Swampy Washington needs a...


Columnist Leonard Pitts Jr

It takes two parties to be bipartisan

Nine is a lovely number for a Supreme Court, and bipartisanship is fine, if possible. But they're not sacred. The power of the people? That's the...

Columnist Red Jahncke

Until China's emissions are addressed, Paris Accord is a joke

China’s emissions are not only the world’s most, but they are increasing every year. U.S. emissions are about half as much and have...

Columnist Clarence Page

J.D. Vance seeks to build bridges, maybe even among Republicans

We Americans need to offer more than simple "Save the Family" slogans about complex problems.