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It's in everyone's interest to be counted in census

As the final push to count everyone continues, we urge all residents who have not yet been counted to step forward. Don't be intimidated into not being counted.

Eversource investigations must lead to changes

Most frustrating is that the same breakdowns were identified nearly a decade ago and were supposed to have been long ago corrected.

Should athletes be playing high school, or any, sports?

The announcement that UConn did not feel it could safely carry out its football season has to, at the very least, raise uncertainty about the prospects for high school sports.

Montville's improbable pugnacious primary

In an unusual move, the Republican Town Committee nominated challenger Jeff Rogers over incumbent registrar Dana McFee.

Hong Kong election delay could drain democracy of substance

By the time the election takes place, pro-democracy candidates could be cleared away and all the candidacies could be occupied by pro-China candidates.

Make Plum Island National Wildlife Refuge

“Eighty percent of Plum Island has become a de facto wildlife sanctuary,” states a new report. It should soon become an official one.

Senate must recognize the national emergency

Expectations that the nation would get control of the pandemic have been dashed. There will be no quick recovery. More relief from Washington is critical.

Trump's dangerous rhetoric about 2020 election

The president’s unsubstantiated warnings of voter fraud undermine confidence in our democratic process.

RIP: Oz kept contributing to make his state better

He was upbeat, passionate, full of energy. These were Griebel’s hallmarks. He remained undaunted about the ability to make things better.

Why Confederate flag had to go from military installations

To many African-American military members the Confederate flag is a symbol of slavery.

The elected respond to the people

The swift passage of a comprehensive police reform bill showed a state government responsive to the demands of the people.

As school year nears, no normal in sight

It is difficult to calculate the damage that is being done to long-term learning for the students deprived since March of a traditional classroom education.


Student wants to return, sees benefits

I feel it is important to reopen schools for in-person attendance. This is because school provides the main thing that distance learning did not...

Toughen up, power outages happen after bad storms

I take issue with the numerous negative comments concerning Eversource’s response to power disruptions caused by Tropical Storm Isaias...

Vote Moriarty for probate judge Aug. 11

I am writing to strongly endorse and recommend Sarah Moriarty for Probate Judge. In my previous profession writing mortgages I had the...


Columnist John Kass

Protecting Joe Biden from a debate, and the Susan Rice dilemma

Putting him in a debate would be disastrous for the Democrats. So now liberal pundits are coming up with reasons why debates are unnecessary.

Columnist Lee Elci

Personal encounter with COVID-19 and the bewilderment of health care

Similar to the game “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon,” every person who’d come into contact with my father was considered potentially...

Columnist Cal Thomas

It was awful witnessing Lewis funeral used as political event

Democrats and their media allies consistently ignore the fact that Jim Crow Laws, the Ku Klux Klan and other immoralities were all led by Southern...