To change gun laws, change Congress

What has become clear is that things will only change if voters deliver a message at the ballot box. Only if Republicans are stung with big losses in the November 2018 election might the GOP reconsider its stand against gun-control reform.

Saying so long to another link to better service past

The high cost of doing business combined with the advent of new technologies, touched off the steep and steady decline in local and full service operations decades ago.

Trump budget is not art, and not a deal

We’ve learned something else about Trump since then: Never count on him to hold up his end of a deal.

New London BOE remote roll call should be used rarely

The New London school board's policy allowing electronic attendance by its members is a thoughtful, twice-deliberated move with appropriate safeguards, a vigilant chairperson and compliance with the state Freedom of Information law.

Is Cape Town drought our water warning?

Cape Town's "once in a millennium" drought should be viewed as a harbinger of events to come. What, for example, will Los Angeles or San Diego look like if their Day Zero ever comes?

Document draft dodging in Stonington

It took The Day multiple appeals and more than a year to gain access to a Stonington report that should have been released soon after the town received it.

An election year does not provide a license to ignore budget problems

As Connecticut finds itself in another state election year it must recall the lessons that should have been learned from the 2010 budget debacle.

Fifty-one percent: the goal for women and girls

Faced with such predictions as an estimate of 2061 before white women have wage equality with white men, and even longer for minorities — baby girls born this year would be middle-aged — girls and women need to know they can remedy the...

Troubling questions surround neglect of historic home in Stonington

Connecticut Landmarks needs to start explaining how it allowed an 18th century home donated into its care to deteriorate. And why isn't the first selectman answering questions?

Fiscal conservatism missing in action

Connecticut Democrats happily joined in supporting a budget endorsed by the Republican leadership that defied all their past rhetoric about the need to control deficit spending.

Don’t get distracted, stick with East Windsor casino plan

Legislation to revoke authorization for the East Windsor casino would be a victory for MGM, not for Connecticut and particularly not for this region.

Defending Connecticut's ideals in this age of Trump

Malloy outlined how the core principles of the Democratic Party in Connecticut could prove appealing for a large segment of the electorate eager to send a message of disgust with President Trump and his Republican Party.


Recent editorial cartoon was just 'sad'

The editorial cartoon published recently by Mike Lester implies that...

Lester cartoon confounds fantasy and reality

The political cartoon which ran Feb. 13, depicting what seems to be an...

Wordy memo offered little of substance

The Nunes Memo of 1,340 words boils down to the following 38: “(Christopher) Steele was a longtime FBI source who was paid over...


Columnist Paul Choiniere

Trump’s shadow darkens Conn. GOP prospects

My thinking is that the anti-Trump tidal wave, led by that gender gap, will damage Republican chances up and down the ballot.

Columnist Marc A. Thiessen

Despite the Olympic glow, half of Korea remains in darkness

Despite the cruel reality of life in North Korea, the media could not help fawning over the North Korean delegation.

Columnist Lisa McGinley

Zero degrees of separation in 'the new normal'

The victims have to be kept in our sights as the human persons they were, not as anonymous targets. We need to use our horror to help us resist...