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Formula shortage a sign of bigger problems

In the most serious consumer shortage yet, parents are scrambling to find formula to feed their babies. The cause of the shortage has roots that are two-fold: the temporary loss of a major manufacturer and a reduction in imports.

Vaccines during pregnancy? Here's reassurance

Last week, Nature, a highly respected journal, published a systematic analysis of multiple medical studies. The resulting article is a powerful yet accessible shareable database of the accumulated science, with data overwhelmingly supporting...

Contracting funny business just got harder to cover up

Governor Lamont agreed not to stand in the way of the legislature’s bipartisan support for funding the board.

Contract benefits utility more than Waterford

Residents get a chance to voice their opinion at referendum

With Roe on the ropes, it's urgent that abortion medication be kept accessible

If Roe does indeed fall, red states must not be allowed to violate the First Amendment or interfere with interstate commerce.

Juneteenth becomes official

The first goal for the new holiday should be for all to understand why Juneteenth matters.

The Supreme Court is poised to go in radically different directions on abortion and guns

For 49 years, under a ruling of the nation’s highest court and subsequent precedent, Americans have gotten used to the idea that women have the freedom to terminate a pregnancy until the point of fetal viability. They don’t have to...

COVID’s toll, once unthinkable, is now part of the American fabric

Early obfuscation by Beijing enabled the virus to sucker-punch nations worldwide.

Paying the bill for police body-cam footage

If the cost of getting access to police body camera videos is prohibitive it undermines the legislature’s motivation for mandating the cameras in the first place — transparency.

Alito's draft ruling is so self-contradictory that it calls court's judgment into question

Alito basically would establish an entirely new bar for basic rights that cannot be met under a strict reading of the Constitution.

Finally, a boring town budget season

Given all the stresses of the pandemic and inflation that most residents are dealing with, we are grateful for a smooth and peaceful budget season.

The Supreme Court is prepared to overturn Roe v. Wade. It’s time to stand up

Representatives need to know that people who believe in abortion rights will vote them out of office if they don’t protect abortion rights.


Rats! Rodent takeover in NYC

Yes, folks, it is happening and there is very little anyone is going to do about it ... in New York, that is. After reading Bobby Caina Calvan's...

Thankful for uplifting photography

I logged on to the online edition of The Day this morning and was greeted with the beautiful picture on the front page, "

A groundless attack of Dr. Fauci

The Day cartoons often depict views I disagree with, but they are usually witty with a modicum of face validity, not a humorless rant. The



Deal on abortion is possible but Dems prefer acrimony

Both political parties in Congress want to sustain the immigration controversy for partisan purposes more than they want a compromise that could...

Columnist Leonard Pitts Jr

If the Court loses its legitimacy, can its authority be far behind?

isn't it a bit unseemly for the wife of a Supreme Court justice to be part of a conspiracy to overturn an election? Or for him to fail to recuse...

Columnist Paul Choiniere

Can Bob’s $10 million buy a strategy? He needs one.

How hard is it to beat an incumbent governor? You have to go back to 1954 to find the last time it happened in Connecticut.