Uniting our voices in defense of a free press

Newspapers across the country are making the case that Trump's characterization of reporting as "fake news" and of reporters as "enemies of the people" is wrong and dangerous.

Now the race for governor really begins

A strong independent challenge by Oz Griebel could help prevent this campaign from devolving into attacks on Malloy and Trump.

'Space Force' is wrong approach to a genuine challenge

The more sensible course is working within the existing command structure provided by the U.S. Air Force Space Command.

Plastics pollution needs large-scale remedies

Choosing a paper straw or bag instead of plastic is a start — a single small step — but is not enough.

The tale of Gungywamp

Maybe there's something about Gungywamp that resists explanation even while it beckons the curious and makes staunch friends of skeptics.

Butler's willingness to continue good news for Mashantucket tribe

The heaping helping of career turbulence Butler faces is enough to chase many leaders out of the hot seat and into a change of direction. But the tribal chair says he's willing to stay.

Don't miss chance to fix Norwich police radio system

Norwich is fortunate that something serious has not happened due to this unacceptable situation.

Times hurts credibility by excusing hateful tweets

New member of the New York Times editorial board showed very bad judgment, even if you accept her explanation as to why she resorted to hate-filled tweets.

Time to change to open primaries in Connecticut

Party leaders fear that allowing unaffiliated voters to take part will remove a big incentive to join a party. Republican and Democratic leaders should think about what they are losing.

Policies are making insurance unaffordable for those most in need

The thing the happy talk about consumer choice leaves out is the extent to which one consumer’s choice affects another’s when it comes to health insurance.

Trump's attacks on free press are un-American

Cult-like, Trump, in his demand for fealty, asks his ardent supporters to ignore facts and even his own administration.

Sewers at last for Old Lyme beaches

The environmental risks of aging septic systems on too-small lots in tidal zones and with less than ideal soil conditions, as is the case in several of Old Lyme’s beach communities, have been a topic of concern, discussion and debate for two...


History filled with criticism of press by presidents

The claim by the editorial “Trumps...

Who has gumption to own their words?

The Day going forward now requiring all editorial contributors to own their words whether in print or online is huge. You can still be a jerk, but...

Murphy wants to silence his critics, block free speech

A United States senator, sworn to uphold and protect the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic, attacked one of its most cherished...


Columnist Marc A. Thiessen

Trump's failure to condemn the bigots of the alt-right tars his presidency

What makes it impossible for many Americans who approve of Trump's policies to approve of Trump's presidency is his failure to reject the bigots who...

Columnist Eugene Robinson

Trump and Omarosa deserve each other

People in Trump's orbit feel they need extra insurance because dishonor and disloyalty start at the top.

Columnist Margaret Sullivan

Online activists hit hatemongers like Alex Jones where it hurts the most - in the wallet

The process of applying concerted social-media pressure raises profound questions. What happens when these same techniques are used not to point out...