City of Groton's election without choice

In May City of Groton voters will get a chance to elect anyone they want, as along as they are Democrats.

Trump apes Stalin

Enemy of the truth: Trump’s disgusting and dangerous assault on news he deems untrue.

Lamont reveals budget plan, now the hard part

Will Lamont and the administration team he has put together have the wherewithal to impose some political discipline on the Democratic majorities at their disposal? There's the rub.

Lamont arrives at right toll policy the wrong way

While it is always troubling to see a candidate say one thing and do another, Lamont has arrived at the right decision in recognizing the revenue stream necessary to address state transportation needs.

Republicans could regret allowing Trump to use sham emergency

Those who are betting on the federal courts to save the day could be disappointed, because a year from now the Supreme Court might very well rule that Congress gave away its power of the purse constitutionally.

A smart solution to address East Lyme's police station problem

East Lyme desperately needs a new police station for its officers, and an economical way has come forward to provide it.

Green New Deal: Thinking big, thinking forward

The Green New Deal recognizes that climate change is about the economy and the economy is about climate change.

Lamont’s fiscal fix must include promised structural change

The new governor promises, "A sustained commitment to fiscal stability that will allow Connecticut to turn the page on what’s been holding (Connecticut) back."

Telling the story of a courageous woman and her historic Groton home

Ideally, the house should be open to the public, providing visitors a fuller story of Connecticut’s only major Revolutionary War battle and local life following that war.

Positive signs state is ready to seize offshore wind-energy opportunity

A bipartisan panel of business, political and environmental leaders delivered a collective message that the state is prepared to be a serious player in the competition to capitalize on this chance.

Lottery myth exposed for 'Curious' readers

Our first CuriousCT question probed whether lottery revenues are being used to help directly fund education.

Justice may yet prevail in CMEEC debacle

Questionable bylaws and a poorly designed contract have so far protected five defendants facing federal criminal charges, but a trial awaits.


Giving Amazon unfair advantage would have been anti-capitalist

While Richard Cohen's column on Feb. 15, on New York's rejection of the Amazon deal raises a handful of legitimate points, there are two areas in...

Trump crafty? Sort of. Clever? Not at all.

I am responding to the letter, “

Don't speak for me, writes woman reader

I read the op-ed, “Why would women knock...


Columnist Eugene Robinson

In allegedly faking his attack, Smollett grievously injured countless others

Because of this, the next victim of an actual hate crime might not be believed.

Columnist Lee Elci

Demand truth from those we elect

Governor Ned Lamont's flip-flop on tolling cars is just the latest example of a politician lying to benefit his own political prospects.

Columnist Marc A. Thiessen

The Green New Deal means giant tax increases − on everyone

With her statements, Rep. Ocasio-Cortez has inadvertently exposed the neo-socialist lie that you can get something for nothing.