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Don't worry about Trump, Dr. Fauci, tell it like it is

Dr. Fauci should no longer feel any compunction to get White House clearances before media appearances or to paper over differences.

Find funding to help domestic violence victims

Eighteen nonprofits that form a network of assistance for domestic violence victims faced a $350,000 gap in their budgets through the end of August. We trust the money to help these organizations can be found.

Online learning does not have all the answers

There will be a time when the pandemic is behind us, when the true impact of the pandemic on our children’s education becomes fully understood. That is the day school officials must prepare for now.

Help for the sea harvest

Fisheries and aquaculture, like dairy and produce farming in Connecticut, tend to be small business operations with a few commercial fishing boats or a few farmed underwater acres, but as a part of the food chain their products affect jobs in...

Facebook's more robust standards

Not all lies are created equal. Algorithms are horrible at telling the difference. Humans at Facebook must.

Stimulus relief more urgent than Barrett vote

Without further federal stimulus relief support, the economy will founder, creating further misery for American families and businesses.

After Isaias, a call to "take back our grid"

Similar outcries sparked investigations and reviews after the 2011 storms; if the utility's response to those wasn't enough to mitigate the impact the next time — this time — then it wasn't enough. Period.

Subduing pandemic takes leadership

For all who are running this year on state and national tickets, one issue should crowd out all others: the president's failure to lead the country back to public health.

Grading the bays

Having local conservation groups do the local monitoring is a promising way to get more communities invested.

Don't overlook the mystery of Trump's taxes

How are his decisions as president driven by financial need?

Move vaccine at ‘speed of science,’ not politics

Haste for political purposes could gravely worsen the effects of the pandemic if a vaccine were rushed into use and ended up causing serious side effects and public fear of getting it..

A looming crisis

If these non-profit agencies reach a breaking point and cannot properly care for a populace desperately dependent on their services, the state will face a crisis.


Too bad more politicians aren't like Carney

I confidently support the re-election of Rep. Devin Carney. He has served our district very well since being elected. He is well read on the...

Voting the person, not the party

Often, it seems as if Republicans and Democrats have nothing in common but disdain for one another. Voters expect the usual disagreements between...

Welch-Collins in 38th district

I will vote for Baird Welch-Collins for this seat and I urge you to do the same. The incumbent, Republican Kathleen McCarty, has a "perfect"...


Columnist Robert Reich

The public, the personal and the utter hypocrisy of the GOP

What's public, what's private, and where should government intervene? The question suffuses the impending election and much else in modern American...

Columnist Lisa McGinley

How are the kids doing? Teachers?

The normal stresses of going to school and teaching in school have been magnified many times by the anxiety caused by the pandemic and by social...

Columnist Cal Thomas

The national debt goes unmentioned in 2020 campaign

Former Congressional Budget Office Director Doug Holtz-Eakin said the national debt is "quite literally mathematically unsustainable."