Assuring safe Navy housing must be priority

We commend Naval officials for conducting the housing meeting and encouraging personnel to air complaints both big and small.

North Stonington's homespun school opens, state made it possible

Perhaps having new schools will persuade some young families to move into town in the coming years, maintaining school enrollments that would make this investment a bit more justifiable.

Go slow in boosting the minimum wage

Democrats have a mandate to boost the minimum wage, but have to be careful to do it right.

Reducing deadly wrong-way crashes

Finding ways to reduce the likelihood of drivers entering Connecticut highways, especially I-95, in the wrong direction must be a priority for the state’s lawmakers and transportation officials.

Gun ruling another case of judicial overreach

Call us old fashioned, but we would like courts to uphold the law unless a constitutional violation is clear, not make law or finds ways to get around it.

Fairness 101: What to learn from admissions scandal

In too many quarters, the allure of universities thought to sit at the commanding heights is distorted beyond all reason.

Republicans block 'power grab for the people'

By passing the pro-democracy legislation in the House, Democrats have seized the high ground as the reform party advocating voting rights, ballot-box security, and reducing special-interest influence.

Somers right to keep heat on CMEEC

While it is true that the energy cooperative has taken steps to improve its performance, safeguards are necessary to prevent backsliding.

Sinking the nation ever deeper into debt

Failing to slow debt growth will depress economic expansion and wages and drive up interest rates. It is a disservice to future generations.

News of drug ring bust a reminder how difficult is the fight

That local businesses were implicated in the alleged laundering of drug money added to the disheartening and disconcerting aspects of this story.

Bill would allow too much police secrecy

This proposed law would give too much power to police and prosecutors to control information. It could very well undermine public faith in the fairness of the criminal justice system.

Plan to extend drinking hours would invite problems

The bottom line is that extended hours may help business, but it will also produce more drunken driving, more problems and likely more tragedy.


FAA is failing to meet its gold standard

We brag about American exceptionalism yet seek to diminish it in part of our government. Curious.  Case in point, the Federal Aviation...

No Obama fan, but Trump could learn from his 'dignified stability'

I’m a loyal Trump Republican who believes the president is America’s last hope to confront the multi-national intelligence network...

New London should crack down on unregistered, unused vehicles

In the City of New London there are well over 4,000 motor vehicles (including those with for sale signs parked on front lawns) that are paying no...


Columnist Lee Elci

Protecting the kids from access to everything

There must be some protective layer we can construct so that today's youth will have limited — if not zero — ability to watch content...

Columnist Catherine Rampell

Happy 30th birthday dear internet, you're now scray as hell

A sector once seen as a bunch of plucky underdogs has become viewed by many as a greedy, parasitic monolith, indifferent to its effects on democracy,...

Columnist Margaret Sullivan

Social-media platforms were used like lethal weapons in New Zealand - that must change

These are issues that major news companies have been dealing with for their entire existences; what photos and videos to publish, what profanity to...