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Pay serious attention to policing recommendations

Police Transparency and Accountability Task Force has well fulfilled its mission.

Need for coastal resilience plans grows urgent

The Mystic study is vital to the future of the historic village that is an economic powerhouse for the region and state. Mystic attractions serve as the state's top tourist draw, numerous residential neighborhoods hug its shore for a coveted spot...

Much as Trump tries to obstruct Jan. 6 inquiry, Supreme Court won't play along

No matter what Trump’s cronies in Congress assert about this being a partisan witch hunt, they cannot count on the Supreme Court to help them obstruct justice.

DOT off key on highway

If motorists are pulling over on an interstate highway that creates a safety issue. We seriously doubt the Federal Highway Administration would argue the point.

Offshore wind leadership is Connecticut's to lose

It is hard to think of a category of components in which Connecticut could not contribute to the vessels, logistics, ports and harbors that are part of the second and third tiers of construction and assembly of the giant turbines.

Big wave of retirements will reshape state workforce

Gov. Lamont and any future governor must push back against attempts to institutionalize inefficiencies through labor contracts.

Keep the fight going to protect voting rights

As unfair as it may be to Democrats, any Republican who breaks ranks with their party to support the passage of voting protections would likely go down in the history books as American heroes.

State Pier of the future

Until now the facility generally has remained higher on potential than in reality.

Gavin Newsom rightly keeps Sirhan Sirhan in prison

Ethel Kennedy and six of her and Bobby’s kids were aghast at the decision and pleaded with Newsom to override it.

Still to do in East Lyme: Acknowledge the problem of racism

The resolution would be useless as an idealistic statement sitting on a shelf, but as a blueprint applied to policymaking and budget development, its fairness principles should underlie decisions in the same way as cost and need and long-term value.

Government: Be honest about Covid

When the experts get it wrong, the stakes are high. If home tests aren't reliable, and breakthrough cases become more likely, false assurances can endanger people's health. Misguided advice also makes it all the more difficult to persuade people to...

DeSantis pushes for freedom from COVID’s brutal reality

Here’s the cruelest thing about DeSantis’ schtick: Every day, more Floridians are losing their freedom. It might start with the loss of the ability to take a deep breath without coughing, or the freedom to give a loved one a hug when...


Doctor's piece was 'eye-opening and insightful'

Good work The Day! The op-ed “I...

Will Stefanowski offer solutions?

Re: "Bob Stefanowski opens...

Floating zones circumvent zoning regulations

The massive five-story apartment complex with 80 units, commercial space, 121 parking places and a party rooftop proposed for Five Corners does...



Working at UConn is great, but getting fired is better

In the four years since Ollie's firing the university probably could have negotiated a financial settlement with him well short of $11 million, out...

Columnist Lisa McGinley

A wintry impression of New York

New York City has long Covid, but it's still New York.

Columnist Red Jahncke

The pandemic is over. Pivot to the economy.

Reducing energy costs is critically important, and it should be easy. Oil and gas are very sensitive to the law of supply and demand.