Region could lead the way to improve lawmaking

'Rats' inserted into legislation at the last minute, legislation passed under cover of darkness, hearings that don't serve the public — these abuses need correcting.

The trickledown economics of hunger

Proposed USDA rules ignore Congress' intent and would hurt most the people in labor markets where the average employment rate is not what it seems.

Start mascot discussion at the local level

A stronghanded move in the legislature to ban all potentially offensive school mascots would make the debate more political, further tugging it into the cultural wars.

The Day works to get you the information you need

A credible, fearless and ambitious local news organization provides a community with a common narrative and history.

Coast Guard Museum delayed, not denied

Despite the slow pace, our editorial board remains bullish about the prospects for this project and its importance to the future of the downtown.

Judge got it right, tear down that fence at Old Lyme beach

Fencing off the beach to all because of the inconsiderate actions of some was not the right or, as the court has ruled, legal solution.

Senate must uphold its constitutional duty

The facts are not in dispute. What the Senate must decide is whether those transgressions warrant Trump’s removal.

Does raising pay for state lawmakers make sense?

The senator recognizes the legislature would never consider a pay raise going into the 2020 election, but if re-elected he plans to raise the issue in 2021.

Lamont must be open about State Pier deal going forward

Our desire is that the administration’s change of heart in releasing the document on Tuesday is the turning of a page and the start of the open approach the governor will take on this matter moving forward.

What the fight to restore an insulting nickname says about our politics

Having held their own democratic vote at the high school, they may have thought the matter was resolved. Instead students have had a lesson in the timeless truth that elections matter.

These Stonington students stood tall

These are not easy things to talk about. Speaking up means pushing past the impulse to not get involved, to let the situation pass and have someone else do the difficult thing.

Open primaries to unaffiliated voters

With unaffiliated voters participating, a moderate like Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton could have well won the primary and led the party to victory in the general election.


It appears Trump was right about his base

As I listen to one Republican senator after another sheepishly defend the president while the case for impeachment is laid out, one lasting Trump...

How fortunate to have a 'Stable Genius' president

The American people should be thankful that Donald Trump is president. Not only is he a great leader, but also an amazing teacher. On...

Day liberal slant doesn't match its customer base

It would not surprise me if in a few years there is only a Sunday edition of The Day. I believe that the circulation problem the Day faces...


Columnist Leonard Pitts Jr

Hell was a place called Auschwitz

Don't be fooled that it can't happen again. Along with forgetting, believing that it can't happen again will allow it to happen. And, in some ways,...

Columnist Paul Choiniere

Surreal times at a chamber luncheon

It was made clear, once again, that Rep. Courtney did not relish the opportunity to impeach President Donald Trump. He had to do it, he not so...

Columnist Froma Harrop

Democratic attacks on Sanders were long overdue

The catchphrase on Sanders' website, Our Revolution, is "Campaigns end. Revolutions Endure." Indeed, he and his fellow socialists have latched on to...