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Wright the right choice for New London police chief

When you have an ideal candidate, why search further?

Lamont wrong to defang important watchdog

Nothing can drag down approval ratings faster than a scandal. And it doesn’t have to directly involve the governor, just be close enough to singe his good standing.

Legislature needs to chill before voting on cannabis bill

How about giving the public the chance to full understand this law and offer input on it before a final vote is taken?

Addressing growing threat of cyber-attacks

In his meeting this week with Vladimir Putin, President Joe Biden must emphasize that this is a dangerous path that Russia is venturing down.

Praise for budget on which to build Connecticut's economy

In avoiding any major tax increases, it lines up with what we set as an editorial priority heading into the 2021 session.

Fiery response aside, need for Norwich fire services director remains

When it cames to the response from the volunteer fire chiefs in Norwich, we would have liked to have been wrong. Unfortunately, we were quite right.

Teaming up to turn around New London schools

Being accepted into the Commissioner's Network in effect means that a school system isn't going to take it anymore.

A new strawman, but same old tactic

Critical race theory has become the focus of attack as politicians seeks to exploit the fears of white Americans about schools offering a more honest look at the history of discrimination and its implications.

Let the demolition begin. High-rises must go.

Reuse of these buildings, as some have suggested, is impractical in that location. Better to take them down.

Failure to address deadly problems with infant product

As the committee’s research reveals, the Rock ‘n Play Sleeper was misbegotten from the start.

'Those People': Simply people

Both painfully and joyously honest, the documentary breaks the mold for journalism's traditional "objective" stance outside its subject matter.

Vaccination gimmicks

What could be a better use of those dollars than saving lives and cutting healthcare costs while protecting the county's economy from a fresh outbreak?


Real infrastructure, please; not babysitting subsidies

The infrastructure of day care? It never ceases to amaze me how “infrastructure” is an excuse for digging a bottomless money...

Don't blame workers for burrito price hike

Robert Reich wrote an interesting column in The Day, “

Operation Warp Speed? Don't make me laugh.

The cartoon regarding Operation Warp Speed, (June 8), made me laugh.


Columnist S.E. Cupp

Hate, division, too often displaced unity in pandemic response

In cities and small towns all over the country, anti-maskers harass their neighbors — even their children — for wearing masks.

Columnist Cal Thomas

Why not call it Ferris Bueller's day off?

In many cases children are being indoctrinated with secular progressive ideas. Parents need to take a stand against it.

Columnist Chris Powell

Removing symbols won't stop murders in Connecticut's cities

The affectation of morality about statues at the Capitol when the adjacent city and Connecticut's other two major cities, New Haven and Bridgeport,...