Confronting challenges for Mystic boathouse park

All parties need to be flexible to carry out Stonington's worthy plan to eliminate a brownfield and replace it with a public park and boathouse.

Yale and L+M affiliation a success story

New London treasured its independent community hospital but, If anything, the affiliation should have come sooner.

Looming Mueller report will test Congress

The country is facing an intense political drama and constitutional challenge. The need for calm, wise and nonpartisan leadership is urgent.

Don't rush relocation of New London offices

Yes, the city has to do something about its costly, aging buildings. But it has to take time to make sure it is the right thing.

Keeping Millstone humming

New competition rules for Millstone are welcomed because a sudden shutdown of the nuclear plant would pose a big problem.

Congress should approve federal prison reform bill

The chief obstacle to reform is Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. He should be pressured to allow a vote on a prison reform bill.

Resiliency is Connecticut's best climate bet

The response to rising sea levels in the state is not an either-or choice between drastic measures and reconstruction. Resiliency requires managing risk with every means available.

Lamont should embrace structural reforms to shore up unemployment fund

The governor-elect is right, Connecticut must be ready with structural changes now to prepare for the next downturn.

Troubling report on Coast Guard Academy demands congressional response

An attorney, assigned by an admiral, found "bullying behaviors in the form of work interference, undermining performance, or damage to her reputation."

Another Republican black eye

This debacle is just one more indication of the dysfunction that dogged Connecticut Republicans in an election that saw the party suffer big losses.

NFL never learns

Once again a player is caught on video physically assaulting a woman in a hotel, once again a team and the league take no action until the video goes public.

Inclusiveness playing well in Lamont's big tent

Economic growth is the priority Ned Lamont trumpeted during his transition tour. But the governor-elect also said he seeks structural changes in how the state raises revenues and spends tax dollars.


The best way to honor victims of gun violence

Friday, Dec. 14, marked the sixth anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy. Since that day, we have seen an ever-increasing rise in...

Needed: Honest leaders in our difficult time

As we approach this holiday season, it’s time to reflect on all the blessings our country has and how fortunate we are as a nation; even...

Don't punish gun owners because of actions of a few lunatics

Just an observation. Does anyone find it odd that we are constantly advised to not judge all Muslims for the acts of a few lunatics but at the...


Columnist Margaret Sullivan

Cardinal's sin, and why the media can't report it

Because of a court-issued gag order intended to preserve impartiality, the news media has been forbidden from publishing news in Australia on a...

Columnist Catherine Rampell

Equal treatment under the law? Now that's a joke.

The gap between enforcing laws and carrying out punishment for the rich and for the rest of us continues to grow.

Columnist Marc A. Thiessen

On Saudi Arabia, Trump channels his inner George H.W. Bush

Bush's eagerness to placate Chinese leaders after the Tiananmen Square slaughter, and his reticence in condemning those who committed such horrific...