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Raising Coast Guard Museum funds is priority, not parking

Assuring all necessary parking is directly across from the museum is not critical. Arguably, it may not even be preferable.

Even more memorable for this year's graduates

While the virus may have claimed the ability to gather en masse for celebrations, it should not endanger celebration itself.

Improving nursing home safety requires all the facts

As researchers learn more about how the virus behaves in individuals and in groups, the response should improve, but that also requires the information the governor set out to get.

Observing Memorial Day once again, but differently

Gratefully but somberly, we add to the list of those we honor on Memorial Day.

Speed over safety a recipe for vaccine disaster

Normally, three phases of testing are needed to ensure that a successful vaccine candidate is safe for a broad cross-section of people and that it offers protection from the virus.

Tech giants should pay for what they use

Publishers have had no success until now convincing the technology giants to pay a license fee for their news content. Now, some national governments are recognizing the threat to journalism in their countries and are taking the digital platforms to...

Lamont, tribes need to agree on reopening

Both sides have economic and safety advantages to gain from consulting on the reopening. A compromise opening date could emerge. Or, if opening is still too risky, both sides will know it.

Amid safety concerns, EB so far avoids mass illnesses

To the credit of EB managers, unions and employees, cooperation with guidelines kept the workforce employed and mitigated the serious economic impact of job losses in the region.

The rule of law

The unprecedented decision by the Justice Department to withdraw its prosecution of Michael Flynn came despite his pleading guilty twice to lying to the FBI.

The challenge of keeping beaches open this summer

Careful planning will mean the beaches will welcome visitors, even as the number of visitors must be limited and facilities and services dialed back.

Readying to open

With impressive and unprecedented speed, state and local authorities are modifying the rules to allow restaurants to begin reopening with outdoor seating.

A demand for help for our hard-hit region

With unemployment spiking in the region and thousands left without access to health care, local lawmakers are right to ask the governor to turn his attention to the region.


People show no respect for beautiful beach, or others

Eastern Point Beach is one of Groton's gems, so why is it treated with no respect by a few people? My experience the morning of May 16 is an...

Accessible voting for the disabled is a right

As of this week, Governor Lamont signed an executive order allowing all eligible Connecticut residents to vote absentee. However, the current vote...

Single-use serving containers are the way to go for now

It is such encouraging news to see that our state is preparing to gradually reopen businesses like restaurants, as reported in The Day’s...


Columnist Froma Harrop

Pandemic makes end-of-life care harder

Hospice workers themselves face new challenges. Some family members are afraid to even have them in the house.

Columnist Lisa McGinley

Hair and now

The on-again, off-again reopening of salons and barber shops presents an early example of what could occur as retail businesses, museums, houses of...

Columnist Cal Thomas

'Snake oil' cures

While I don't doubt the president's sincerity, he has no medical training and never even played a doctor on TV. It is dangerous to promote drugs one...