Warren's DNA test

Now Warren needs a catchy label to prod the president into releasing his tax returns.

The irony of Sears' demise

Much as Amazon does today, Sears workers in massive warehouses, the largest in Chicago, organized, sorted and mailed the products through the Postal Service to Americans.

For sake of our kids, revive civil discourse

The young are exactly the people we need to give grown-ups an updated model of the civil conversation they used to use.

Republican policies are driving up deficit and missing an opportunity

This should not be happening. The economy is going strong. Unemployment is low. The nation had an opportunity to reverse its deficit spending.

Saudi Arabia must say what happened to missing journalist

Turkish authorities believe a Saudi journalist working for an American news organization was tortured and killed by a team flown in from Riyadh.

On climate change, denial can be deadly

While state and local initiatives are laudable, they are a weak substitute for the leadership of the United States in addressing a worldwide climate crisis.

Seize chance to end the litigation and open Harbor Light in New London to visitors

Hopefully, with both sides taking something positive away from the judge’s ruling, the court fight can end without further appeals and the job of figuring out how to reopen the historic lighthouse to visitors can begin.

Resolve Orchards tree dispute

While Washington battled over a Supreme Court choice, East Lyme homeowners were fighting over the worthiness of their trees.

President Donald Trump’s evasion of taxes and truth

The Trump family orchestrated a series of questionable and disturbing efforts to evade enormous amounts of income, gift and estate taxes, a New York Times report alleges.

Treat Connecticut's dire fiscal condition - or else

Connecticut needs new budgetary assumptions that recognize the fiscal realities of today.

Senate making wrong decision on Kavanaugh

The court’s validity to settle highly contentious matters depends upon public acceptance that it is more than a tool of partisan power. Kavanaugh's confirmation undermines that validity.

With a month to go in governor's race, candidates avoiding specifics

All three candidates are vague about how to address the biggest budget item; negotiating with the state employee unions to reform work rules and reduce pension liability.


Rotella: 'She will get it done'

The country is so divided right now. We need to be able to work together. Kate Rotella has what it takes to represent us in Hartford. Kate has...

Carney pushes reform using common sense solutions

I write in strong support of Devin Carney for re-election as our state representative for Lyme, Old Lyme, Old Saybrook and Westbrook. He is...

Pick experience, elect Thad Gray as state treasurer

Support Thad Gray for state treasurer.  I have served as the chairman of the Bozrah Board of Finance since 1999. I consider our town...


Columnist Margaret Sullivan

Nate Silver’s warning about midterm predictions that journalists won't want to hear

While it's quite probable — and has become slightly more likely — that we'll see a split decision in Congress, there's a solid chance...

Columnist Eugene Robinson

The tale of Taylor Swift and Kanye West is no 'Love Story'

If Swift's intervention moves the needle even slightly on young voter participation, that could make a big difference in tight races.

Columnist Froma Harrop

Even birth control is under attack

People may believe as they choose. But a government policy designed to make it harder for poor women to avoid having children they don't want is...