Energy diversity

The selection of several fuel-cell projects along with its commitment to offshore wind power show the state is wisely diversifying its energy stock.

A sign of progress from the Catholic Church

The church has taken to heart its promise to do better by the people who look to it for comfort.

Can Passero lead New London to that 'bright future' he sees coming?

There are many encouraging signs that New London is headed in the right direction, but taking any of it for granted would be a big mistake.

Growing corporate power threatens America's strength -- its middle class

Capitalism is the best economic driver the world has ever witnessed. But the tendency for it to accumulate power in fewer hands must be checked by the political process.

New London puts equal treatment of all residents in writing — again

Agree or disagree with the need for the resolution, the saving grace is that the matter is closed, with no more need for people to pick sides over this highly emotional issue.

Move away from cruel border policy that takes kids from parents

Sticking by this policy could prove to be a major political miscalculation by the Trump White House.

More dark clouds over 2016 election

The nation could well be headed for a constitutional crisis, with yet another report feeding conspiracy theories and undermining public confidence in U.S. institutions.

Needed housing in Old Lyme

A concern about pedestrian traffic should not be a project stopper and, while busy with traffic, the area is not excessively so.

Less (waste) is more (savings) for New London

A proposal to switch New London's waste collection to a Pay-As-You-Throw system will go before the City Council Monday, and by the end of summer it could be in use. The idea is absolutely worth trying.

From here on out, make it a safe summer on our waters

While it’s important for all boaters to adhere to safety precautions while on the water, paddlers and those sailing very small sailboats should be especially diligent.

Trump gave too much, got too little in Korean talks

The approach taken in these talks far better served Kim than it did the interests of the United States.

Trump's trade tantrum won't benefit U.S.

The result of Trump's tariffs is likely to be higher consumer prices and a reduced ability of the United States to use its innovation to compete globally.


System is rigged to block Trump

Well The Donald, as his ex-wife called Trump, seems to have a few faults: 1) he is a middle-class guy, who says what he thinks, which upsets...

Charging higher premiums to those with health problems is only fair

Apparently U.S. Rep Joe Courtney, D-2nd District, does not understand that insurance is a business. That business is the spreading of risk...

Gold Star Bridge joint problem worse

I travel the Gold Star Bridge six days weekly in both directions After the repair of the southbound section, the expansion joints are in...


Columnist Chris Powell

Toot-tooting back to the future

The New Haven to Springfiled line is thrilling as it shows that state government still can do something more than pay pensions to its employees, do...

Columnist Marc A. Thiessen

Clinton email recklessness: It was worse than we knew

The overlooked bombshell of the report is the inspector general's confirmation that classified information contained in Clinton's emails was in fact...

Columnist Richard Cohen

The shadow across the picture

The outcry against the policy is such that it cannot last. It has been denounced by leading Republicans, most notably former first lady Laura Bush.