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So now Republicans want to heal? Seriously?

The article "Groton City Republicans will not run in May election, citing concerns over...

Do as you say, Day? Not as you do?

In The Day editorial, “Republican fear of loathing in the City of Groton,” (Jan. 26), you criticize Groton City Republicans for...

Music enriches life, and an inauguration

If you watched any of the inauguration coverage last week, you probably would have noticed the music that permeated the various events. Now imagine an inauguration without music. There would be no “Star-Spangled Banner,” no...

Great Opinion page!

I wish to compliment you on the Opinion page of Jan. 26. It was fair, balanced, and educational. Thanks. Glennys Ulschak New London  

Free to insult

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a scumbag as a dirty or despicable person. That being said, Ron Rando has changed

Time to apply pressure on CPA, state

I have been following the way New London has been treated by the Connecticut Port Authority and I have a suggestion − contact DRVN. How many local towns/cities does DRVN supply with salt? How many legislators live in those towns (more...

A Groton city gift to the Democrats

Regarding the article, “Groton City Republicans will not run in May election,...

NLPD union should embrace simple solution to improve community ties

“No one’s going to tell us what to put on our union website, period,” local police union President Todd Lynch said in a recent interview, “

NCDC will be planning tribute to remember Jason Vincent

All of us here at the Norwich Community Development Corporation are deeply saddened by the sudden loss of our president, leader, and friend Jason Vincent. We, like everyone in the community, are trying to cope during this incredibly...

Parents should encourage young people vaccination

Parental involvement is paramount regarding the encouragement of young people to be vaccinated for the coronavirus. The importance of young people being vaccinated when vaccines are available to them cannot be overstated. Young people are...

Major parties must reform primary process

By channeling political dialogue towards issues and away from the personalities of demagogues, our two-party system has been the vital source of stability, reason, moderation, and compromise in American politics since the Civil War. Yet a rogue...

Teach your children well, or else

I used to say: show me the 16-year-old and I will tell you what kind of man he will turn out to be. I remember those I grew up with and they would not change because that was their personality. By that I mean their values, their bigotry, their...



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Science and school reopening

The latest research suggests that schools which have been practicing a hybrid model — some days in school some days remote learning —...

Biden erases Trump's damaging approach to racism

Teaching the truth about this nation's history is not un-American. Loving America and being honest about its past are not mutually exclusive ideas.

Keep filibuster, but require a real one

The current filibuster rule is far too easy to utilize and too powerful for the minority to hold — Republican or Democrat.


Columnist Lee Elci

New London police face criticism without substance

A committee created to improve police and community relations has morphed into a group that spends its meetings attacking the police and their union...

Columnist Robert Reich

CEOs' newfound concern for democracy is bunk

If they were committed to democracy, CEOs of big corporations would cease corporate donations to all candidates, close their political action...

Columnist Froma Harrop

Trump didn’t save coal. He couldn’t.

It was not Trump's fault that coal was dying. It was his fault that he lied about being able to save it.