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Changes needed in Congress

Watched our junior senator on Fox News Sunday recently hoping to hear his ideas, plans, and insight. Disappointing at best. Where are all the fact checkers? He mischaracterized many issues. On the southern border, inflation, SCOTUS leak,...

Hotels in the middle of the neighborhood

Short Term Rentals (STRs) refer to rentals of private homes for fewer than 30 days. I am concerned about the impact STRs have on our neighborhoods and communities. STRs are hotels set in the midst of residentially zoned neighborhoods.

Waterford vote will determine fate of contract

On May 31, 2022, from noon to 8 p.m., Waterford voters will be voting to approve or reject the action of the Representative Town Meeting approving a contract with Eversource for the installation of gas lines to the police station and the...

Education funds bring opportunity

I address the residents of the different cities of Connecticut to inform them of the great opportunity we have this year, with the increase in educational funding in the state budget. This financial increase represents an...

Your vote is important

The country was shocked and appalled when Russia's President Putin launched an unprovoked bombing of neighboring Ukraine. I wonder if the GOP were shocked and appalled when America's President Trump proposed an unprovoked bombing of neighboring...

Photo showed 'survival of the fittest'

In response to the letter, “Photo of coyote was ‘disgusting’,” (May 9), actually, the photo was of a clean...

Court decision would hurt less affluent

It did not take long for Mitch McConnell to double-down on the Supreme Court's anticipated reversal of Roe by suggesting a "federal ban" on abortion if the court holds firm and Republicans take back control of the Congress in 2024. Of course, he...

A little leak, no problem

The SCOTUS is twisting its robes over the leak of a draft opinion written by Justice Alito overturning Roe v Wade. Who cares about the identity of the leaker? America needs to know that a cadre of Supreme Court Justices got their jobs by...

Doctors should abide by Hippocratic Oath

In The Day we have a definite contrast on news reporting. In one story, a person is sentenced to life in prison plus 105 years for brutally murdering a family at home, “

Nips and driving drunk are linked

Nips are everywhere. I have to agree with the two recent letters to the editor regarding banning nip bottles, "Don't tax nips, ban them," "

Mayhem ahead for Democrats

Paul Choiniere hit the nail on the head. ("List with Joe and Jahana show Democrats' dilemma," May 1) The Democrats are in trouble,...

Mediator not the answer for Groton council

We all know how dysfunctional The Groton Town Council is. They do not listen to the community, cannot vote for their own mayor within the group without allowing their racist views affect them and propose unreasonable projects that everyone...



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Contracting funny business just got harder to cover up

Governor Lamont agreed not to stand in the way of the legislature’s bipartisan support for funding the board.

Contract benefits utility more than Waterford

Residents get a chance to voice their opinion at referendum

With Roe on the ropes, it's urgent that abortion medication be kept accessible

If Roe does indeed fall, red states must not be allowed to violate the First Amendment or interfere with interstate commerce.


Columnist Leonard Pitts Jr

If the Court loses its legitimacy, can its authority be far behind?

isn't it a bit unseemly for the wife of a Supreme Court justice to be part of a conspiracy to overturn an election? Or for him to fail to recuse...

Columnist Paul Choiniere

Can Bob’s $10 million buy a strategy? He needs one.

How hard is it to beat an incumbent governor? You have to go back to 1954 to find the last time it happened in Connecticut.

Columnist Robert B. Reich

The truth about America's second civil war

What America is going through is less like a civil war and more like Brexit — a lumbering, mutual decision to go separate ways on most things...