Big mistake to eliminate religion in schools

American students should be exposed to religion to have a functional knowledge of faith and principles such as doctrine, dogma, religious practice and spirituality.

Danger of teaching becoming preaching

Preaching in public schools undermines the unifying role public schools play in our communities.

TV cops shows are sending a twisted message to viewers

In another odd break with reality, cop shows today regularly show police acting violently and justifying it.

College critics of Israel can fuel anti-Semitism

The data suggests a boycott aimed at Israel is also generating increased anti-Semitic acts on campuses.

Bipartisan dreams are alive, sort of

Legislative successes would provide Democrats with a reply to charges of obstructionism that Trump already is planning to make.

Democrats win Connecticut again, state labor is safe, our wallets are not

Once again, Democrat chestnuts were pulled from the fire by the larger Democrat-controlled cities in the state and college students at Yale and the University of Connecticut.

Trump is right to defend U.S. border

It would be naive to think that some freeloaders, criminals and people who wish us harm won’t see this caravan as an opportunity to slip in undetected.

Compassion should trump Trump’s troop movement

By stoking fear and dividing Americans in an effort to hold onto to power, Trump is playing a treacherous game with our democratic society.


Memo to CMEEC Board: Reverse Course

Does the CMEEC board think its in-house attorney, who was there alongside Rankin the whole time, will produce an investigation with more veracity and depth than the FBI?

Mocked on SNL, veteran refused to join 'outrage culture'

As a country, we still have a lot of work to do. We need to agree on some basic rules for civil discourse.

Connecticut will reap what voters for Democrats sowed

With Democrats remaining in charge Connecticut’s taxpayers will suffer with less money, less opportunity, and less security.

Bishop saving face, not saving victims

I am asking you, The Most Rev. Bishop Michael R. Cote, to acknowledge me, my abuse, the abuse of others, and the culpability of the Norwich Diocese.

Tim Herbst: Election thumping shows Connecticut GOP must change

Some party leaders have been there far too long, doing nothing to proactively lead at the grassroots level to build our ranks and elect Republicans.

This is America to me

I saw two young men, teenagers maybe, locked in a loving kiss. I saw two Muslim women descending on the escalator, their dark eyes luminescent beneath their hijabs.

Consequences of Great War still linger

Exhausted soldiers crawled one final time from their respective trenches to meet on the battlefield, not as enemies now but as fellow survivors.

A quiz on the United States' involvement in World War I

1. Who was the commander of the American Expeditionary Forces? A. John J. Pershing B. Douglas Haig C. Douglas MacArthur D. Dwight Eisenhower 2. World War I began in August 1914; when did the United States enter the...

Nation must address needs of our veterans

Charity is all well and good, but ultimately it is the American people, through their government, who are responsible for meeting the needs of our veterans.

Hero of the Hudson calls on voters to save our democracy

"For much of my adult life I was a registered Republican. This Election Day I will vote for leaders committed to rebuilding our common values, not pandering to our basest impulses."


Press wins this round with White House

After a testy exchange led the Trump administration to ban a reporter, a court ruling helped restore his credentials. But this fight may not be over.

Back to the polls for good cause in Groton

A plan to build two new schools in Groton, for the same cost as renovating two older school buildings for a new use, makes a lot of sense and...

Much more than just learning to sail

Accreditation recognizes that NESS's experiential approach to teaching science and math, leadership and stewardship, is a true educational partner to...


Columnist Eugene Robinson

Rather than lick his wounds, Trump ramps up his bluster

A blue wave swept Democrats to take control of the House, with the party grabbing its biggest haul of GOP-held seats since the 1974 Watergate midterm.

Columnist Cal Thomas

Tight races raised election integrity issues

Brenda Snipes' actions (or inactions) during another controversial Flordia election would be outrageous no matter the color or gender of the person...

Columnist Catherine Rampell

Dealing with the invasion of the scooters

As scooters multiply in sunny Santa Monica, their owners ignoring the rules, a community tries to figure out how to react.