'Official' statement on Tildenson (i.e. Tillerson) firing says it all

"The president used his massive brain to signal to Rox that he was going to be fired. If Rox did not receive that telepathical signal from President Trump’s impressively massive brain, that is his fault."

Journalists should look less at Trump and more in a mirror

Our little newspaper received national attention − and in some cases, ridicule − for its endorsement of the Republican candidate for president in 2016.

Trump's steel tariffs protect the nation

In the event of war, keeping U.S. productive capacity at high levels is critical, to prevent shortages at a time when production would be needed the most and imports cannot be guaranteed.

Tariffs threaten national and economic security

Competent economists understand that anti-trade policies will likely hurt the economic well-being of most people. Every time policymakers forget or ignore that fact, economic chaos tends to ensue.

CNN no longer fairly covering gun issue, it’s on a crusade

CNN wonders why so many Americans don't trust news organizations any more, here's an answer: They know that many media institutions are on one side of many political issues, and won't cop to it.


Don't forget needy as winter weather persists

Operation Fuel’s "Add-a-Dollar" program is one of the easiest ways to help Connecticut families and individuals who are struggling with unaffordable energy bills.

Spring! Humanity embraces its light

Spring sunlight and shifting night/day lengths markedly affect humans. Spring fever is for real.

Reporting on Connecticut Landmarks crossed legal line into malice

While the preservationist society respects First Amendment rights, it may be forced to sue because some of the reporting amounted to "actual malice."

Why lawmakers must thoroughly vet Malloy’s chief justice nominee

There are those who argue that all lawmakers should support McDonald’s nomination because a "no" vote is politically risky. That position is not only offensive, but violates elected officials’ obligations to their constituents

Sell Seaside, don't betray those in need

Those opposing this bill question the sale of Seaside as providing only a one-time funding source. Instead, it should be viewed as an investment in human lives.

Save Seaside in Waterford, don’t Pawn our Parks

Threatening Seaside and other state shoreline lands threatens Long Island Sound, drinking water, wildlife, and outdoor recreation.

Do we want a U.S. culture of violence or a culture of peace?

Is our acceptance of violence as a normal way of life, and the way we solve our problems, the root cause of our fascination with guns?

A close local look on this Women's Day

The Community Foundation of Eastern Connecticut commissioned DataHaven to conduct a study on the status of women and girls in eastern Connecticut to better understand the issues impacting women.

Trump's right, on trade we're the world's 'biggest sucker'

Others nations all want to sell here but they don’t want to compete with U.S. goods back at home, implementing unfair trade policies to protect their markets.

On trade, Trump risks repeating mistakes that led to Great Depression

For Connecticut, Trump's plunge into tariffs on steel and aluminum is not a happy situation for what is left of our large manufacturers.


Congress must protect the Mueller investigation

Approving such a bill would place the president in the position of either signing it and acknowledging the importance of allowing the independent...

New London already protecting the rights of its residents

Passing the resolution is unnecessary because the city already has the tools and practices in place to achieve its desired ends.

UConn moves on, but Ollie will be paid

The “just cause” claim is a negotiating ploy. It is unlikely that university officials think they can make the just cause claim stick,...


Columnist Margaret Sullivan

No, billionaires won't save us - that's a myth that links Zuckerberg and Trump

"At the heart of the fantasy is the idea that the world is best changed privately, on high, from the rich and powerful, not democratically, through...

Columnist Marc A. Thiessen

No, liberals don't hate America. And conservatives are not racists.

We should not stand for politicians from either party who insult those with political differences or question their motives or their patriotism.

Columnist Richard Cohen

The saga of the adult film star and the juvenile president

Stormy Daniels is as shameless as Trump, a publicity hound who adheres to the secular American religion that to be famous, even for nothing much, is...