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Acting like it's 1957, Trump promises protection of suburban lifestyle

Trump's vision of the Suburban Housewife is an aproned fantasy that no longer exists, and maybe never did. At least not the way he imagined it.

Phony, racist 'excited delirium' used to justify police brutality

The syndrome is disproportionately diagnosed among young black men, highlighting the racist undertones of the reported clinical symptoms: having "superhuman strength" and being "impervious to pain."

Waiting for election may be waiting too long

The go-to Washington solution is always wait until the next election when the beauty that is the American Experiment will sort everything out. But this is not a normal year.


Provide tax incentives to save local newspapers

This simple yet comprehensive legislation helps the three keys to trustworthy, fair and accurate local journalism: citizens, business owners and journalists.

Candidate for U.S. Congress says accountability act example of bad legislation

It sounds great to say “good cops” have nothing to worry about, but this is never true.

Appreciating the couch, or whatever you call it

So whether you have a couch, sofa, canapé, divan, futon, or daybed, show it some respect. Appreciate its loyalty.

Don't protect companies from their COVID cruelty

Pilgrim's Pride transferred Maria Hernandez, a 30-year worker, from her usual job to another department at its plant in Lufkin, Texas. She was being reassigned to her death.

Heroes past and their lessons for BLM movement

With the passing of time all travails, triumphs and tragedies of history’s largest figures are slowly obscured and forgotten.

Gilmer would work to reinvigorate region's economy

Our congressman has refused to address issues such as affordability, federal infrastructure funding, opportunity zones, supporting our police, and protecting our constitutional rights.

'I have done nothing to cause feelings of guilt': A veteran officer speaks out

A police officer writes in defense of his profession. Asks for people to be reasonable.

Congress is broken, send independent to Washington

A vote for me, the independent candidate, will send a signal that we need to change from the you win, they lose party dynamics and move to a collaborative environment to accomplish change.

Reminder of the violence that founded a nation

He fought to remove Mason statute, only to learn an ancestor participated in the slaughter of the Pequots, an image that haunts him.

Local reporting would have provided complete story on church aid

It really would have been helpful and more accurate — and more honest — if the news department of The Day had done some more research into this story before painting ALL Catholic parishes with the same wide brush.


It's in everyone's interest to be counted in census

As the final push to count everyone continues, we urge all residents who have not yet been counted to step forward. Don't be intimidated into not...

Eversource investigations must lead to changes

Most frustrating is that the same breakdowns were identified nearly a decade ago and were supposed to have been long ago corrected.

Should athletes be playing high school, or any, sports?

The announcement that UConn did not feel it could safely carry out its football season has to, at the very least, raise uncertainty about the...


Columnist John Kass

Protecting Joe Biden from a debate, and the Susan Rice dilemma

Putting him in a debate would be disastrous for the Democrats. So now liberal pundits are coming up with reasons why debates are unnecessary.

Columnist Lee Elci

Personal encounter with COVID-19 and the bewilderment of health care

Similar to the game “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon,” every person who’d come into contact with my father was considered potentially...

Columnist Cal Thomas

It was awful witnessing Lewis funeral used as political event

Democrats and their media allies consistently ignore the fact that Jim Crow Laws, the Ku Klux Klan and other immoralities were all led by Southern...