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Why is there still no free Wi-Fi on Metro-North?

In 2010 Amtrak first offered Wifi on its Acela trains between Washington and Boston and they immediately had bandwidth issues.

Our democracy at home depends on preserving freedom in Ukraine

If the United States and its allies cannot prevent and punish war crimes right on NATO's border, then enemies farther afield, big and small, will be emboldened.

Our book on puberty has been banned. This only puts kids at risk.

Some parents believe that telling children the truth about sex and our bodies will spoil their innocence. But innocence and ignorance are not the same.

What the rise of anti-ship cruise missiles means for the US Navy

If a relatively low-cost, short-range missile such as Neptune can destroy one of the largest warships in the Russian Navy, how do we ensure that ships in our fleet are not doomed to the same fate?

A real Mother’s Day gift? Flexible jobs and flexible benefits

While we have seen some progress in specific industries implementing permanent work-from-home arrangements, ultimately it may have been a short-lived revolution.

Forcing people to pay for being locked up remains common

The Connecticut attorney general can seize any settlement to pay for the cost of incarceration at a rate of $249 a day, the highest pay-to-stay rate in the country.

Are you playing the ‘who gave me COVID’ blame game? It’s not healthy

In a world where many of our decisions are shaped by random chance, it’s awfully hard to assign moral responsibility.

Helping parents 'step up' in New London

One of our focus areas is to push for mandatory anti-racism training for all administrators, educators, and staff (not cultural competency or diversity training).

I'm back protecting the Capitol, helping tourists - and reliving Jan. 6

I thought: This is how I'm going to die, trampled while defending this entrance

Blame Washington, not Putin, for rising prices

For over a year, the president has done everything in his power to hamstring American oil, coal and natural gas production.


Confront domestic terrorism

Both elected officials and influencers of public opinion must face what their self-serving rants cost innocent Americans and their families. They...

Formula shortage a sign of bigger problems

In the most serious consumer shortage yet, parents are scrambling to find formula to feed their babies. The cause of the shortage has roots that are...

Vaccines during pregnancy? Here's reassurance

Last week, Nature, a highly respected journal, published a systematic analysis of multiple medical studies. The resulting article is a powerful yet...


Columnist Hugh Hewitt

Trump hovers, but the number of his likely rivals keeps growing

It could be quite a field. If so, the party will need an even bigger stage than at the beginning of 2016 campaign.

Columnist Cal Thomas

How children become progressives

As this school year comes to an end, the summer would be a good time for parents of public school children to consider what is truly best for their...


Deal on abortion is possible but Dems prefer acrimony

Both political parties in Congress want to sustain the immigration controversy for partisan purposes more than they want a compromise that could...