Keep Canadian drugs out of U.S. medicine cabinets

Drug importation will endanger both American and Canadian lives for little or no savings.

Winner take all

After 2020 vote, one party likely to control presidency and Senate. But which one?

The return of the corporate bailout

You would think super rich corporate CEOs and other executives would have to give up something in return for getting saved by taxpayers. But will they?

Sanders must decide should he stay or should he go

If the ultimate goal is to remove President Trump, the longer Bernie Sanders hangs in the longer it will take for the Democratic Party to unite behind a single standard-bearer.

Coronavirus shows need to better utilize tech innovation

Heathcare providers could do a far better job using technical innovation to confront the coronavirus crisis and to improve medicine generally.

Moral bankruptcy behind downfall of Boy Scouts of America

Leadership turned a blind eye to repeated instances of Scout leaders molesting children and resurfacing elsewhere to do it again.


Stop telecasting Trump's daily 'reality show' briefings

It is so obvious that the president is worried predominately about the numbers on Wall Street and in his re-election bid.

Profound faith experience, even without church

I’ve been searching for what God wants from me now, for what faith means in this crisis. I’ve been searching for silver linings.

A pandemic is tailor-made for dictators

A pandemic is sweeping across the world, and while it brings unanticipated problems, it also provides an opportunity for autocrats to redouble their claim to absolute rule.

Stranded in Mumbai by COVID-19, local doctor takes practice global

All international commercial flights were grounded, stranding us. COVID-19 had arrived in India, an inevitable unwelcome guest in a nation of 1.3 billion

Be on watch for signs of suicidal thoughts amid crisis

Now, particularly, all of us need to be aware of the warning signs of suicide in our friends and loved ones.

Don’t let the Pentagon silence Stars and Stripes

For American war fighters, Stars and Stripes has served as a little piece of home, a welcome diversion, and most importantly, a guarantee of the free flow of reliable news.

Economic freeze could control the damage

If no one has any financial obligations, then there is no need for anyone to file for unemployment.

$318,000 shouldn’t be too much to spend to protect the public

"I am disheartened by the lack of support," warns local fire chief who says the failure to repair a bridge slows response times and risks public safety.

Local doctor: COVID-19 exposes weaknesses of health care, leadership

Crisis exposes a health system that is a complex, inefficient, low quality, uncoordinated patchwork of players who not only can’t get their act together during routine times, but become totally unhinged during a crisis.

Plan to close State Pier to cargo is a security risk

Excluding traditional cargo from State Pier will increase traffic congestion and associated traffic fatalities and increase road/bridge wear.


Americans' right to know now means digital access

People with digital access have far more ways to cope from home than those who don't, particularly the elderly and families of school-age children...

Far from perfect, but more relief aid to individuals welcomed

Ironically, those who could most benefit from the $1,200 checks Washington is sending out could have the hardest time accessing the money.

Business bailout immense, need may be bigger

This program will have great impact on the southeastern Connecticut. Communication with the business community will be critical to make sure the...


Columnist Froma Harrop

How governor Cuomo filled the void

Cuomo has taken on the role of explainer, strategizer and comforter.

Columnist Paul Choiniere

How Courtney's little-noted bill became historic

This is not the way the workings of representative democracy and the enacting of legislation was explained in Civics class.

Columnist Chris Powell

We need future adults, not fragile snowflakes

While students may get anxious as a "high-stakes” test approaches, why shouldn't they become so? Life itself sometimes involves high stakes...