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Don't let inner-city Catholic schools become extinct

The church is allowing white communities to have an opportunity at a Catholic school education in neighborhood high schools while denying the same opportunity to Black and Hispanic students.

True conservatives should hate the Texas abortion ban law

For conservatives who have traditionally seen trial lawyers as an adversary, this law is a kind of lawyer-enrichment program.

Texas approach threatens other constitutional rights

A state could ban certain handguns and authorize citizens to bring civil suits against anyone who has one.

Americans support Afghan withdrawal, despite poor execution

It's possible to want answers and accountability related to the exit from Afghanistan, while also recognizing that what we're seeing now is the result of a much larger series of mistakes and failures.

Most misused terms in U.S. politics: Patriotism, freedom, Constitution

Absolute freedom for everyone is impossible. It has to be tempered by protections for the general welfare of “we the people.”

Purdue Pharma OxyContin ruling lets Sacklers off the hook

Practically from the start of the bankruptcy process, the bankruptcy judge made it plain that he was in favor of a settlement that protected the assets of the family that enriched itself by the growth of Purdue Pharma.

Celebrity conversions usually generate skepticism

Fellow comedians — many Jewish — roasted Davis for combining Blackness and Jewishness.

Afghanistan’s collapse began with Bush policy screw-up

First World superpowers somehow have repeatedly convinced themselves that they could impose order on a distant, staggeringly different nation.

Myths and facts about COVID-19 vaccination

Previously healthy young people have been put on ventilators and some have died. Such needless suffering can be avoided if more people would get vaccinated.


Bold vision for New London waterfront could be transformative

We would not invest millions of our own money for an unrealistic project. New London will benefit immensely.

Setting the record straight on TCI

In its recent editorial on the Transportation and Climate Initiative, The Day made a series of assumptions that need to be corrected.

It’s time to cut out dissection in schools

For some — particularly female students — their ethical objections to dissection cause them to turn away from science classes and pursuing careers in biology and medicine.

Day stokes racial divisions with attacks on white Americans

The Republican vision for the future is to preserve a land of freedom and a home for resiliency and bravery for all, regardless of color.

Questioning resdistricting process, seeking fair election lines

To make this process truly fair and non-partisan, we believe it should be carried out by a committee of citizens who are not beholden to politicians in any way.

Texas turns to Taliban model with its vigilante abortion ban

Like the “freedom” given to Afghani Taliban soldiers to take religious infractions into their own hands, the Texas legislature has given free rein to vigilantes to invade women’s privacy.

'Coming home' to her native New York after horror of 9/11

Just when we think we’ve got it all figured out, the city changes, having reinvented itself while we weren’t looking, or right before our very eyes.

Rising up to protect abortion rights that seemingly had already been won

We’ve learned the war to protect women’s reproductive rights is long. It is time return to our bunkers and regroup for the fight.

‘Great Resignation’ rebellion of 2021 is a sign of hope

More people are resetting their priorities, and maybe forcing policymakers to do so, too.

The Afghanistan failure and its enablers like Joe Courtney

Courtney was joined by the likes of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., and other progressive members of the House in praising the Biden policy.


Make short-term rentals part of election debate

If slates of candidates for councils and board of selectmen can come up with policy positions on the matter it would allow voters to decide who they...

Biden's aggressive pandemic plan appropriate, should be supported

In opposing the president's vaccine mandates, Republican leaders again find themselves out of step with the American people.

Mega yachts? Helipad? Floating pool?

Perhaps we underestimate the potential for New London to attract the .01 percenters and their ostentatious yachts. But this seems so out of character...


Columnist Leonard Pitts Jr

Managing a mentally unbalanced president

When it came to President Trump, the Gutless Old Party behaved like Mikey's brothers in the old Life cereal commercial: "I'm not gonna try it. You...

Columnist Red Jahncke

Is Lamont about to buckle to the unions?

With the state facing a massive retirement wave, which, if mishandled, could cripple state government, the governor may feel he has no choice than to...

Columnist Robert Reich

What happened to the GOP that stood for limited government?

Today's Republican Party, while still claiming to stand for limited government, is practicing just the opposite: government intrusion everywhere.