In Trump reality shakedowns OK, but parody is treasonous

Trump just cannot let go of Rep. Schiff’s modest attempt at the art of parody. He has become a focus of Trump’s wrath.

Who wins politics of Trump impeachment?

“I was totally underwhelmed by the transcript," said one political analyst. "After the build-up, (there) was not much more inappropriate said than we hear from him in a typical week."

Trump's solid pick for national security adviser

Trump is relying not only on O'Brien's established ability to work well with the president and the secretary of state, but also on his skills honed by decades of representing diverse clients in complex litigation.

Don't count on more Federal Reserve cuts

It's an economy that is expected to remain in "a good place" as a result of the Fed's actions.

Bolton or not, Trump foreign policy remains dysfunctional

Trump’s combination of carelessness and capriciousness will continue to haunt U.S. foreign policy regardless of who replaces Bolton.

Bolton exit provides an opportunity for Iran talks

When it comes to Iran, the Trump administration's hands are no longer tied by Bolton, an ideologue who views diplomacy as a weakness rather than a tool.

Smart transportation can clean air, cut health costs, shorten commutes

In Connecticut’s major urban areas and arteries, worsening traffic congestion has led to roughly $2.4 billion annually in lost time and wasted fuel.


Sell Seaside, meet commitment to developmentally disabled

Under state law, the sale would provide funds for the developmentally disabled without raising taxes or cutting other programs.

The Eagle tried to soar, reality dragged newspaper down

The publisher of the family-owend newspaper in Pennsylvania bet that good journalism could keep the Eagle solvent. And he bet wrong.

Highlight vegan options during National School Lunch Week

It’s just as irresponsible for schools to serve mystery meat, chicken nuggets and cheese pizza as it would be for them to feed kids nothing but chips, candy and cookies.

Higher education rankings threaten equity-based system

A seemingly benign media outlet may pose one of the greatest threats to the development of an equity-based higher education system: U.S. News & World Report.

Gateway excited to help transform State Pier into economic engine

State Pier will benefit from significantly upgraded infrastructure, including an enhanced dock and bulkhead that will be able to accommodate three vessels simultaneously.

National health insurance might be good for capitalism

Taking health insurance out of the private market could boost entrepreneurship and make the labor market more flexible.

Health care bills are a form of taxation without representation

American families and their employers are spending the equivalent of a basic economy car on health insurance every year, not counting co-pays, deductibles, suprise medical bills.

New London and its mayor get statewide attention

It is not unusual nor is it inappropriate to attend an event in Mayor Passero's honor in Chester (a whole vast 20 miles away).

'You cannot go elsewhere for a soul'

Whether you believe the president deserves impeachment, you know he does not deserve reelection.

Don't fight 'no,' but don't give up, either

Remember, one “no” doesn’t mean “no” to all future requests. If all you want from someone is a one-time deal, that’s all you’ll get.


Open the books, meetings of Partnership for Connecticut

With $100 million in state matching funds being promised, the public has the right to learn more about the ideas and plans for spending it to improve...

Aging 'war birds' are a legacy at risk

The crash at Bradley killed seven people. It also destroyed one more vintage aircraft. Is it wise to fly the few remaining planes at the risk of...

New London council was left adrift

The mayor handed his opponent an issue. Whoever wins the Nov. 5 election should never again allow a project to so dramatically expand without...


Columnist Paul Choiniere

Connecticut's accidental governor needs to find his voice

Nearly one year into his term, Ned Lamont has yet to find an inspirational message.

Columnist Margaret Sullivan

Warren pregnancy smear reveals a poisoned media world

Ancient meeting minutes may not show pregnancy forced Warren from her teaching job, but genuine reporting backs her story.

Columnist David Ignatius

Trump opens door for Islamic State resurgence

A revived Islamic State would pose a threat to the U.S. homeland. This frightening risk of "snatching defeat from the jaws of victory" is a result of...