So far, tax cuts only marginally stimulating

Republicans have taken it as gospel that cutting taxes drives economic growth, but the evidence is suggesting that may not be true.

Trump chaos? Why worry? GDP is soaring!

GDP says nothing about the distribution of growth. Consider weak real-wage-growth. We just learned that the real annual earnings of full-time, middle-wage workers fell by half a percent in the second quarter.

The case for censuring the president

For all the bipartisan condemnation of what has been called the "Helsinki humiliation," censure isn't part of the discussion. It should be.

EU not innocent in this game of corporate monopoly

New economic research shows that Europe isn't immune from the rise of dominant companies.

It’s time to let Roe go

The decision itself is a poorly reasoned mess. It failed to mount a convincing case that the Constitution guarantees a woman's right to abort her pregnancy.

Want to overturn Roe, Republicans? Get ready for what comes next.

Taking rights away is risky political business. People get mad, which means the Republican Party better get ready.

It's a hard time to be a never-Trump Republican

"Trump's control over the grassroots base is bigger even than Reagan's. It's very personal," said Vin Weber, a major Republican player and former congressman who came to Washington in 1981 with Reagan.

Don't nuke consumers' wallets with nuke bailouts

If our national security truly depended on propping up unprofitable nuclear plants, shouldn't the government just nationalize the plants?

PTSD explained his thoughts of murder and suicide

'A muddled mess of factors that the most learned scientists can’t fully explain lead to the taking of a human life.'


Bans on plastic straws are the latest policy to forget the disability community

I was about to enjoy my morning cup of tea at my favorite coffee shop when I realized there were no plastic straws. For most people, this would be a minor inconvenience. For me, a disabled person, no straw means no drink — if I...

'Children need our help'

We know, deep down, that the way we treat the youngest and most vulnerable among us is the truest reflection of who we are as a society and the most obvious signal of where we are headed.

We will be judged by how we treat the strangers among us

Strong borders should protect us from true enemies, true criminals, true dangers. They should not be so rigid as to prevent those fleeing impossible conditions from finding compassion.

Civil and human rights are at stake as Supreme Court awaits new justice

Expect the Court to undermine the Affordable Care Act, taking health care away from millions – disproportionally affecting women, people of color, people with disabilities, and low-income families.

Help for kelp

Consumers are key to the viability of a new seaweed aquaculture crop in Long Island Sound.

Fake meat needs a good grilling

Americans are showing great interest in meat substitutes, at least until they find out what is in them.

What Connecticut can learn from the Capital Gazette shooting

The premature ejaculations of passionate and ideologically committed “journalists” are nearly worthless, even when they may be right.

Transgender athletes have an unfair advantage in high school events

The leaders of the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference cannot sit on their hands on this issue. They must act and act quickly to put a stop to this ill-advised practice.

Saving our state is what election's about

Trying to make the Connecticut election about President Trump is a diversionary tactic to keep the party that has ruined the state in power.

Trump’s party has the gall to complain that critics are being uncivil? Give me a break

Liberals are getting a little tired of being civil. Can you blame them if they've had just about enough of the double standard that has allowed Republican incivility?


Colleges should reflect nation's diversity

College campuses should continue to encourage and reflect the demographic diversity that is the reality in the country. To do otherwise would be a...

Tolling only viable choice to pay for Connecticut's transportation needs

The Malloy-ordered study will provide for the next governor and legislature various tolling alternatives, placement options and potential charges.

Lamont's telling progressives what they want to hear, but what about the budget?

As with the Republican candidates, who have not done a good job of explaining how they would balance the budget while cutting taxes, Lamont is not...


Columnist Paul Choiniere

Connecticut party faithful have interesting choices for lieutenant governor

Republicans and Democrats face the prospect of fielding candidates who could fire up their bases, but become targets of opponents seeking to depict...

Columnist Chris Powell

Malloy ties hands of successor tighter

The governor is arranging to tie the hands of his successor and insulate his party's main constituencies, the government and welfare classes, against...

Columnist Marc A. Thiessen

Trump can shut down his Russia critics with one bold move

Moving U.S. troops to Poland would a bold, historic decision on par with Trump's decision to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem. It would completely...