A ban on hydraulic fracturing? No fracking way

A fracking ban would not just harm families at the pump and at the meter, but for all the goods and services they buy.

Deficit danger worse than we know

Add up all its “rosy in both directions” errors, and the CBO ends up with deficit projections that widely miss the mark and deficits that accumulate much more than what the CBO forecasts.

Trump plans to put black vote into play

The president will try to win over more black voters by highlighting African-American stories of redemption and self-determination.

Trump sings one vision of America

The president's image of our nation's development empties the land of the people who were here before.


Constitution has failed, minority rules, upheaval will follow

The president now has tacit approval to use foreign aid for his personal benefit and ignore subpoenas and investigations. The president has transcended the Constitution.

Denmark not socialist, but values economic, educational fairness

For a Dane like me, the American Dream often looks like a merciless race to the top, in which everyone has to be the architect of their own fortune.

Why Bloomberg is best bet for Democrats

Bloomberg really is a moderate who can stand up to Trump. He understands what needs to be done to beat Trump.

Suppressing black vote amounts to oppression

We must reflect on the legacy of systemic oppression on which the black experience in America was founded, and which, in far too many ways, continues to this day.

Charge of voter suppression shows true racial animus

What is perhaps most alarming about President Ojakian’s statement is its author abusing his authority as CSUS president to disseminate his personal opinions on political issues which have nothing to do with higher education.

Debate is not really about tolls, it's about lack of trust

The Connecticut government is addicted to taxpayer dollars, with the Democrats who control it going to any length to get their fix.

Investing in the Connecticut Experience

The Tourism Fund invests in the Connecticut experience — building vibrant communities, attracting tourists and employers, and boosting our economy.

One size fits all is a bad fit for public buildings

A plan mandating classical design for federal buildings could be heading for Trump’s desk. My advice: Rip it up.

Orsted/Eversource State Pier deal an economic opportunity for the region

The project is forward-thinking in its support of sustainable, pro-environment green energy and U.S. energy independence. It creates diversity in Connecticut's energy supplies.

The vegan revolution is here to stay

Consumers are showing a growing preference for food products that don't involve using or killing animals.


Fix Old Mystic bridge

Groton and Stonington need to get on the same page and share the cost of repairing the bridge before something very bad happens.

That cellphone is stealing your life away

A Deloitte survey found that people check their phones nearly 50 times a day, including at work. That’s an extreme distraction, perhaps even...

Experts assembled, now follow their advice

Best case scenario is that this turns out to be another health scare that arises, is managed, and recedes. But when it comes to preparation,...


Columnist Clarence Page

Bernie dilemma: Are Dems pining for the days of smoke-filled rooms?

Today the Dems are in full freakout over the rising tide of Bernie Sanders and the prospects of an avowed democratic socialist at the top of the...

Columnist Leonard Pitts Jr

A eulogy for competence

We are teetering on the edge of pandemic, our lives and fortunes at stake. And our leader is an idiot.

Columnist Lee Elci

Immigration bill a peek into future under Democratic control

House bill would gut immigration laws, enforcement and border control. It is dangerous.