Virginia should serve as a warning to Republicans

The wounds the Republicans have suffered have in many respects been self-inflicted, as their party in Virginia was taken over by hardline forces on the right.

Could global frustration of the masses spill into United States?

The demonstrations not only are the “language of the unheard,” they are the predictable results of broken systems of governance. And the first steps toward chaos.

Vital health clinics could face ax if Congress stalls funding

For the second time in two years, Congress is about to abandon millions of Americans who depend on community health care.

If Republicans don't back Trump, they risk losing base forever

If a quid pro quo involving Trump is established, leveraging military or civilian aid to Ukraine for assistance in the investigation of the attack on the 2016 presidential election, that would not be illegitimate.

Trump's abuse of power worthy of impeachment

To deploy presidential authority to gain partisan advantage is to abuse that authority.

Elijah Cummings' legacy of advocacy for urban issues

The Baltimore native built his career in a place that is often on the receiving end of some of the worst characterizations about city life.

The lenses by which we view presidential candidates

I know one woman who confessed she'd have to really force herself to vote for Bernie Sanders simply because he reminds hers so much of her own estranged father, shaking his index finger over the family dinner table.

An impeachment inquiry vote would put the House on higher moral ground

By offering this concession, House Democrats would expose the White House's stonewalling for what it is, and put Republicans in an uncomfortable spot.


Let kids pick their heroes, gender aside

Why wouldn’t a boy pick a Wonder Woman costume? If he wants to grow up and be Diana, great. If he wants to grow up to be a cis male who embodies superpowers like extraordinary humanity and compassion, that’d be respectable too.

St. Francis House, 20 years of Christian service

All those accepted help with household chores, participate in prayer life and contribute what they can toward maintenance costs.

The power of kindness in troubled political times

There is no inconsistency between kindness and effective, winning leadership. This does not make me an idealist; it just means I am paying attention to the best social science.

It is a mistake to skip local election vote

The councilor that you help elect today could be tomorrow’s senator, or even president!

Molding New London into a city that works for everyone

"Under my leadership, we will celebrate and unite all the vibrant communities of people who live here. I’m asking you to give me a chance to try approaches that haven’t been tried before."

Failed, costly project shows New London Mayor Passero’s ineptness

"As your mayor, you can be confident that I will visit jobsites before, during, and after to ensure jobs are being completed on time and on budget."

Passero seeks New London voter support to build on success

"We have achieved much, but there is much left to accomplish. I am more bullish than ever about the future of the Whaling City."

Don't be misled, police project will built on budget

The architect’s preliminary report included the replacement or addition of scores of items that would never be considered for this project. It was never intended for public consumption.

East Lyme fed false data about police station costs

Had I known this ill-conceived project could potentially cost $8.6 million (or more), then I never would have voted to approve it. I would have pushed for a new station.

Where are my wounds? Where are yours?

This year and every year, I will fight against antisemitism. I will not be fighting alone because I live in a vibrant community full of Jewish identity and connectiveness.


Bad news for state economy if Lamont rolls over on tolls

Republicans are showing no interest in meeting the governor halfway. And if he was expecting backing from his fellow Democrats in control of the...

Women & Girls Fund: vital then and now

As women exercise more leadership in the workplace and civic life, earn better salaries, and find their voices, many are becoming interested in...

What if a local official acted in this manner?

Is it not OK to use the levers of power to extort someone in an effort to get dirt on a political opponent.


Columnist Lee Elci

A bit guilty, but always thankful, on Veterans Day

I'm guilty because I missed an opportunity to fight for something bigger than myself. I missed the opportunity to stand side by side with patriots...

Columnist John Kass

Whistleblower should be first to testify in Trump Impeachment Theater

Is this whistleblower a heroic patriot, as Democrats insist, or is he a Democratic operative as Republicans have alleged?

Columnist Rachel Marsden

Trump has a knack for attracting self-serving grifters

President Trump has a history of engaging with people whose interests are at odds with those of the country — and often with his own.