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Will the principle of following precedent disappear with abortion rights?

Whatever the court’s conservatives think of the constitutionality of abortion rights, they should not be countenancing rank disavowal of its precedents.

Coming Supreme Court term could prove historic

The conservative court has the chance to fundamentally rewrite the rules when it comes to abortion, ending the constitutional protection the procedure has received since the Roe v. Wade landmark decision.

Cannabis law has tough indoor air-quality rules

The law legalizing cannabis also features the first major changes to the Clean Indoor Air Act since 2004.

Not government’s job to underwrite life of TV, video games, apps

We would likely end up with a UBI on top of existing programs, which would be both more complex and more expensive.

The growing urgency of providing a guaranteed income program

We need to respond in ways that acknowledge that the pandemic has not created catastrophes so much as it revealed that we’re a nation living one step away from massive penury.

Questioning our history is a patriotic pursuit

Whatever your views on the underlying issues, the overall impact of the 1619 Project is much more important than its errors.


Sen. Murphy: Manufacturing is Connecticut's future, if we're smart about it

We have the opportunity to make sure the 21st century is Made in America, we just have to be willing to make smart, bold investments.

Beware woke’s reverse racism and inanity

Woke critical race and justice theory is a cancer that will bring deep and explicit discrimination into every workplace, schoolhouse, and public square decision unless we shut it down right away.

Conservatives have always looked to stop social progress

Decade after decade, century after century, leftist reformers defeated conservatives to advance secular humanism. Not surprising then, that they attack 'woke' culture.

Pelosi and Cheney; powerful female forces playing Washington hardball

This Speaker doesn’t shout. She doesn’t have to. Her self-confidence and long political record add to the volume of whatever she is saying because she is the one saying it.

Think twice, Grandma, before becoming the nanny

Taking care of children is rewarding, but it can be a grind. Grandparents may start to feel resentful or that they're being taken for granted.

Can democracy survive a generation that doesn't care to be informed?

Only 5% of U.S. citizens aged 9-24 are regular consumers of news from newspapers or digital publications. Meanwhile, 54% of Generation Z members get their daily news from social media sites

Should newspapers retire the term 'Op-Ed'? Yes

In an era of fake news, alleged fake news, click bait and confusion, anything that increases clarity should be welcomed.

Should newspapers retire the term 'Op-Ed'? No

Unlike many other words in our business, such as lede, graf, sidebar, deep background, hed and kicker, the public knows what “Op-Ed” stands for even if it doesn’t know where exactly the word came from.

Kids need vaccine to keep them, and adults, safe

Sustainable control of COVID-19 will certainly require vaccinating children. And kids have the right to live free of the threat of the virus, too.

We may never know if the $56K-a-year Alzheimer’s drug works

Follow-up studies are far easier to complete when the disease is cancer, not a neurodegenerative disease such as Alzheimer’s.


Protecting a free press so it can safely do its job

As with federal hate-crime and civil-rights laws, it would give federal authorities the ability to intercede if such crimes are not pursued at the...

Female draft debate should reopen the whole issue

If the public doesn’t support a war enough to muster an all-volunteer military to fight it, should it be fought?

Kinzinger asks right questions about Jan. 6 attack

It is sad and it is troubling how many Americans are willing to lie and deceive themselves about what happened that day and the days leading up to it.


Columnist Margaret Sullivan

Democracy is under attack. Reporters must stop covering it like politics as usual.

Mainstream journalists want their work to be perceived as fair-minded and nonpartisan. They want to defend themselves against charges of bias. So...

Leonard Pitts Jr

Memory fought back

Trump and his enablers have never seemed smaller than they did Tuesday. Not just small, but revealed, caught red-handed in high crimes against...

Columnist Chris Powell

Don't ignore sound reasons that some have vaccine skepticism

Everyone who receives a COVID-19 vaccine is essentially participating in a worldwide medical experiment. That requires respect for individual choice,...