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Abbas wanted Biden's attention. Look what it got him.

Biden may be more sympathetic than Trump, but the future of Palestine doesn't rank high on his diplomatic to-do list.

U.S. Senate must pass the ‘For the People Act’

Critics are seemingly so afraid of this bill that their allegations against it have run off the rails into outlandish territory.

Racism and the business of Fox News

Fox's bottom line is insulated from vagaries in the ad market and among viewers by multiyear affiliate deals locked in with pay-TV providers.

If Court rejected vaccine passports, student mandate could fall

Legal experts generally see vaccine passports as constitutional, but we should not assume that this deference to state power would continue under the current Supreme Court.

Was pulling J&J vaccine the right move?

Based on the data we have, it looks like there really is an association between the vaccine and these blood clots.

Yellen picks a fight with global corporate tax dodgers

It’s a race to the bottom as rich-country governments keep chopping corporate tax rates to lure corporate dollars and end up shifting more and more of the fiscal burden onto the shoulders of middle- and working-class taxpayers.


Solitary confinement is a form of torture. It must end.

There is no dignity in solitary confinement. There is no justice in chaining human beings for 72 hours straight. There is no gain in locking people away in isolation, without human touch or connection, until they lose their minds.

Lamont plan takes your green dollars, doesn't produce green environment

Connecticut Republicans believe there is a better way to protect our environment and achieve cleaner air without asking Connecticut residents to make painful sacrifices when they can least afford it.

Shift funds from New London police to meet vital needs

We will have to shift some of the funds now used for policing our residents to create the positions and programs needed to support education, recreation, health needs, and social services.

New London council showing its anti-police bias

The council cannot simultaneously claim to want reform in policing while doing absolutely nothing to attain it.

Old Lyme's 'character' includes complicity in formation of structural racism

Passing 'Resolution on Racism' would lead Old Lyme to acknowledge this town’s complicity in the very formation of structural racism. Instead its leaders prefer to ignore the issue.

Connecticut should focus on health value, not creating a state public option

Thinking that there will be substantially lower premiums to the public using the state employee health plan is a false hope.

State digital ad tax could kill small businesses

Businesses all across Connecticut are filled with concern about the new tax on digital advertising the state legislature is now considering.

Where is DiMauro's concerns for cuts in UHart academic programs?

Would that DiMauro’s slavish devotion to college athletics and the magical thinking that accompanies it translated also to academics.

Start planning to make state government normal, too

Many of my colleagues rightly stressed the need to return the legislature to its co-equal role. What's the plan? What are the logistics?

People and their history are the heart of Mystic

The people and their history are the heart of a community. I would hope that here in Mystic, folks would be more aware of theirs.


Toxic tick uptick

A new worry surely doesn't seem fair after all we've been through, but the spring and summer of 2021 are predicted to be particularly good for ticks...

Facebook board right on Trump suspension, but now the hard part

This appeared in the San Jose (Calif.)Mercury News. Facebook's Oversight Board made the right call Wednesday upholding the social...

Norwich must take cautious approach toward baseball plan

New, collegiate-level baseball at Dodd Stadium may work fiscally, but Norwich cannot afford to subsidize it if it does not.


Leonard Pitts Jr

Racism distorts America at a terrible cost

Why can't we have nice things? Now, there's a question worth pondering, preferably while sitting out back on a blistering summer day with one's feet...

Columnist Lee Elci

New London police run errands for ‘defund’ council

I'm surprised cops aren't asked to mow the councilors’ yards, walk their dogs, run to the drugstore for a prescription, or take council...

Columnist Clarence Page

Are we a 'racist nation'? Who's asking?

Our perceptions of race and racism are based on our experience, which makes the question so vexing, since all of our experiences are so different.