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From Helms to Trump

Jesse Helms helped to redefine political patterns in the state and paved the way for the attack politics so common today.

Health Depts. critical to supplying vaccine, will need substantial support

Health officials across the country must explain the vaccination process to those who are eligible to receive the first doses, as well as to the broader public.

Biden needs to deliver for working people

Exit polls show show that working people — Black, brown and white families making under $100,000, along with the vast majority of young people — delivered Biden his victory.

Presidents should be picked by popular vote

It's painfully obvious that the Electoral College map forces candidates to focus an inordinate amount of time and money on a handful of competitive swing states. The needs and concerns of millions of Americans are left ignored.

Standing up for Black voters could help Republicans gain ground

Will Republicans become serious about trying to win over (and not demonize) Black voters? They should if they want to boost support among Black Americans.

Democrats should learn they can’t take Latinos for granted

I do take glee in seeing the Democratic establishment flap around for answers when it comes to Latinos.


Military Affairs director says Collins 'got it wrong' on his museum stand

There has never been one moment of one day when I advocated releasing state funding for the pedestrian bridge without assurance that the museum is fully designed, permitted and properly financed.

Intellectual honesty drives a good debate

Choiniere further attempts to mislead when he writes that “Republicans proposed borrowing with no new revenue source.” Since the Republican plan is not a borrowing plan, there is obviously no new revenue source needed.

Trucks already pay, don't penalize these heroes with tolls

Connecticut does in fact collect tax and fee revenue from out-of-state trucks, regardless of where they fuel up.

Please standy by those serving special community

Our essential teams ensure that Connecticut’s most vulnerable citizens are safe and healthy.

Pandemic hoarding isn't the same as regular hoarding, is it?

I'm going to pack up rolls of toilet tissues, paper towels and hand sanitizer, and donate them.

New thinking needed to provide property tax relief

A major shift in how Connecticut taxes its citizens could provide major property tax relief and spur economic growth, while being fairer.

‘Give thanks in all circumstances,’ even tragic ones

Through any haze of hardship burns a ray of sunshine. But its promise will only be captured if we reflect on our bonds of kinship and friendship.

Why the Pilgrims are the ones we remember

The settlers made one of the most crucial decisions in the history of America, a few brave men went outside the stockade and made a show of laying their weapons down.

Local Republican leaders have more pressing matters than Trump's conduct

Isn’t it time for The Day to stop asking about Trump and move on and pay more attention to the fiscal, public health, human and business crises facing our region?

Thanking those who step up to run for office

The electoral process fosters these important conversations that will shape how our community takes on challenges going forward.


Biden's middle-class focused economic approach

The next president will focus on revitalizing the middle class and making it more racially inclusive.

COVID warning is serious, Lamont's options shrinking

Gov. Lamont must take with great seriousness a warning from doctors that a failure to act now in shutting down segments of the economy could cost...

Pedestrian bridge and Coast Guard museum must be treated as one

We remain bullish on the planned museum location on the city’s waterfront. Other communities would be happy to steal the project from New...


Columnist Lee Elci

Head-scratching numbers continue election doubts

It just doesn't add up. And Trump's legal team has less than two weeks to prove fraud is the reason.

Columnist Robert Reich

The dangerous seduction of 'back to normal'

America wants to return to a reassuring normal, but Biden can't allow it. Complacency would be deadly. He has to both calm the waters and stir the...

Columnist Froma Harrop

Voters do not buy simple left/right arguments

Liberal Californians voted against affirmative action. Conservative Floridians supported a big hike in the minimum wage. Folks are not as simple as...