America's energy boom powers our foreign policy

The fracking technological revolution has made America a global leader in energy production. It is in the nation's security interests to maintain that lead.

Obama advisor: Left's embrace of modern monetary theory is a recipe for disaster

Modern monetary theory, sometimes shortened to MMT, is the supply-side economics of our time.

Forget March Madness pool, try Trump lying madness contest

This year the president has let loose with an average of 22 whoppers a day. Looking at the calendar and doing a little doodling math, I’ll take April 15 in the office pool for his hitting his 10,000 lie.

If a new ‘Trump Doctrine’ recalls ‘Nixon Doctrine’ that's not a good thing

South Koreans should fear that Trump will pursue a doctrine that keeps U.S. safe from North Korean nuclear missiles, but not South Korea.

Don’t count Bernie Sanders out

Sanders, at 77, has figured out a way to make his relatively advanced age work in his favor.

Trump era makes political satire great again

Political targets don’t come much bigger or more outrageously in need of being deflated than Donald Trump.


'Tolls are a tax – and a regressive one at that'

This is a total abrogation of responsibility that puts the fate of taxpayers in the hands of a select few.

Tolls are 'a reliable, sustainable revenue source' to meet transportion needs

I look forward to continuing this critical conversation with residents, elected officials, and labor and business leaders in the weeks ahead.

A path to litigating Sandy Hook

The plaintiffs will still need to convince a jury that the advertising and marketing the defendants used to sell firearms in some way led to the deaths of their loved ones.

Our nuclear deterrent is not on a hair-pin trigger

Since the darkest days of the Cold War, America has sweated over a well-publicized conundrum of nuclear deterrence: Once a wave of enemy ICBMs is detected in flight, our nation has under 30 minutes to get off a counter-strike, before those...

CuriousCT contributor knocks city’s stonewalling of blight records

The real shame is that city residents have to look at these eyesores every day, year after year, while the administration does nothing.

There is no good reason for state agencies to have 'trade secrets'

Government is not a business — it is not beholden to shareholders or investors, and economic success shouldn’t be evaluated merely by bottom-line figures.

Look to UAW plan to salvage state retiree health benefits

OPEB benefits are underfunded by an estimated $20.7 billion, and keep in mind that this figure grows annually.

Old Sod visit revitalizes Irish-American’s spirit

We punctuated our last full day by shedding our shoes and socks and planting our feet in the mighty and freezing cold Atlantic along Slea Head. I was truly inspired by this second “baptism.”

All hands on deck to address the opioid crisis in Connecticut

It is time for an all-hands-on-deck approach to the opioid crisis by including psychologists in the solution and giving appropriately trained psychologists the authority to prescribe medications.

Republican 'Prioritize Progress' a better state transportation plan than tolls

The Republican plan would result in less borrowing than the governor’s half-baked tolls vision. It’s the only plan that allows our state to get to work on our roads and bridges today.


Make the best use of Millstone's next 10 years

By 2029 a decade's worth of new technologies propelled by the growing urgency to reduce carbon emissions will have arisen.

President's reckless remarks widen country's rift

The president is stoking animosity among Americans who hold different political, religious or cultural beliefs.

Approvals in place, East Windsor casino construction should proceed

While it remains important to get the full story about what games were played, and potential laws broken, to gum up the works for the Connecticut...


Columnist Catherine Rampell

Trump's 'socialist' rhetoric is lazy name-calling from a lazy thinker

Despite what you may have heard from Team Trump, all modern countries have elements of capitalism and socialism.

Columnist Paul Choiniere

It's time for an online privacy law

Why have we allowed the internet to evolve as this largely unregulated domain? It is a mistake that needs correcting.

Columnist Jennifer Rubin

Time for candidates to disclose their tax returns

It is remarkable, really, that only two of the Democratic presidential candidates have disclosed their tax returns. Given how many are calling for...