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Now Big 10 football. Nation’s erratic pandemic response continues.

This kind of binary, non-relativistic thinking is holding back intelligent, considered decision-making in this country and contributing to the political polarization of responses to the coronavirus.

What would Biden make of Trump’s greatest foreign-policy success?

While the Israel-UAE deal is Trump's foreign policy baby, a President Biden would be in a much better position to deliver it.

Ending Electoral College would make things worse

The federal system of checks and balances, including the Electoral College, was intended to foster stability and compromise while protecting the rights of political minorities

This 9/11 anniversary arrives with the end of the war on al-Qaida well in sight

Other individuals and groups who want to harm Americans should study our war against al-Qaida: We will pursue terrorists to the ends of the Earth, never stopping until the job is done.

COVID-19 changes more bad news for unions

The shift away from a traditional workplace eliminates one of the main ways organizing was accomplished: employees talking to one another.

Republicans offer no help for unemployed and states this Labor Day

The fact that the Republicans could not agree among themselves on the magnitude of the pain to be inflicted pretty much eliminated the chance of a negotiated solution.

Nation should follow Connecticut’s lead with drop-box voting

Drop-box voting has already been used with no discernable problems in many states. Connecticut, Maryland, Michigan and Washington, to name just a few, have adopted drop-box voting.


How art abides

Something will happen. Artists are in charge. Ain’t no virus gonna out-evolve them.

Norwich utilities explains rate increases

The current NPU Board has been focused on bringing this vital organization back on track following years of turmoil and controversy

Look to the spirit of U.S. Constitution to mend a nation

If we do not rebalance those powers and restore the balance of power between the branches, we will probably go down the road to authoritarianism and thus anarchy.

Ginsburg cleared a path to include the excluded

She was kind; she was also steely. She was serious; she also had a twinkle in her eye, and she was full of mischief.

A day to reflect on contributions of our new citizens

Building a better life for themselves often translates into building a better economy for all of us.

The vote, not the fist, will unseat Trump

Civil-rights leadership will be crucial in making sure the protests remain peaceful and do not provide the president an opening to exploit violence.

Community Recreation Center would mean better health for New Londoners

Even when income is controlled as a factor, Black men and women suffer a lower life expectancy. It isn’t race that’s the problem, it’s racism.

Cheeseman says Day critic won't deter her work for domestic violence victims

I should not have been surprised, since this columnist reflexively labels anything Democrat/liberal as good and anything identified with Republican/conservative as bad.

One-man rule must end immediately or consequences will be dire

This lockdown has worked great evil. Its damage will be felt for many years. Families have been ripped apart. Businesses have closed forever.

Why my interests line up with Trump and the Republicans

I'm not a fan of Trump's tweets, but I do believe the Republican leadership ideals mentioned at this point align with mine.


Endorsements: a reverse factor, trifecta and historic marker

A police union does not support one of its own. The Independent Party shows independence. And a scientific journal makes a historic choice.

Visit with care

For the good of old and young, we have to use all the tools we have.

We need to know more about Judge Barrett

The Judiciary Committee hearings should serve as an opportunity for lawmakers and the public to consider what Barrett would bring to the court...


Columnist Robert Reich

Trump's ego has America on the brink of post-election violence

If he loses the election, Trump will not accept the result because it would be the product of Anti-Trump Nation, and Trump isn't the president of...

Columnist Froma Harrop

Cheers and boos for our drugmakers

Trump is in effect saying that foreign countries can negotiate drug prices on behalf of Americans, but Americans' own government can't.

Columnist Leonard Pitts Jr

Which of your children would you lose for $12 million?

Narrow legalities do not address, much less resolve, the sense of visceral wrong that has made Taylor's death a cause celebre.