Don't forget imprisoned U.S. journalist Austin Tice

Since his arrest and detention in Syria seen years ago, Tice has been held incommunicado, with no one taking responsibility for his welfare and his exact whereabouts unknown.

We need a better middle road on China. Here's how.

Trump's China policy is bluster masking appeasement. U.S. China policy, like our foreign policy generally, needs clearer principles.

How Trump's broken promises will make white supremacist terrorism even worse

And what happens if Trump loses in 2020? Then the most radical and murderous on the far right may decide there is no option but violence until the America they want is born out of the carnage.

Listen: The other fella may just be right

Rather than automatically shouting down or shutting out, all Americans should listen and process what people we may disagree or agree with are actually saying.

Increased inflation, more immigration, would slow collective debt

Raising the neutral rate of interest through higher inflation and higher immigration are the only long-term solutions to reducing debt loads throughout the U.S. economy.


Democrats should join GOP, hold authority to account

The Transportation Committee hearing was underwhelming, merely reinforcing facts that were already known, while the key issues and true accountability were punted until another day.

Connecticut Port Authority: Repairing the ship while sailing it

The jobs and economic benefits associated with offshore wind farms are quickly becoming an East Coast gold rush, and Connecticut should get its fair share.

On gun control, Washington should follow Connecticut's lead

They should deal with gun regulation head-on, no matter the opposition, as we did in 2013 after Sandy Hook.

'Reconsider your comments:' sunscreen chemicals are harmful

I have read the numerous studies on the harmful effects of certain sunscreen ingredients on coral, dolphins and humans. It’s most definitely time for FDA to act.

Emulate the Greatest Generation today

We can debate differences on policy but it seems we have lost the ability to respectfully disagree and work together to get to a common solution for our country.

50 Years Ago, Woodstock Gave Peace a Chance

It is not surprising that humanity is still beset by fear, greed and violence. It was unrealistic to expect the Woodstock generation to achieve what the great religions and the Renaissance could not.

Morrison showed strength of the single mom

Toni Morrison spent much of her life encouraging us to consider that single motherhood wasn't just "doable" but desirable.

U.S. future depends on ending budget deficits

Eliminating budget deficits within eight years is not only doable — it’s necessary.

Trump never cared about deficits, and that is a good thing

It is a safe bet that if we cut spending and/or raised taxes it would slow growth, leading to fewer jobs and a higher unemployment rate.

Connecticut leaders speak out on recent mass shootings

"Mental illness and hatred pull the trigger, not the gun,” said President Trump at his White House press conference. "(He's) making up causes of gun violence in America," responded Sen. Chris Murphy.


Students engage gun debate. Good for them.

The students' plan would go well beyond the modest gun-control measures such as expanded background checks and "red flag" laws that have been the...

The Pier and the probe, a tough juggling act

State must continue looking into port authority issues while doing due diligence on a potential megadeal for the future of State Pier.

Ned should ask buddy Andrew to drop dredging case

It was nice to see the guys go fishing, but our local marinas will be clogged with sediment if there is no place to dump the stuff.


Columnist Red Jahncke

Interception follows diversion in Lamont fiscal strategy

The administration devised a way to balance surging operating costs while, at the same time, the mandatory spending cap is imposing a tight limit on...

Columnist Froma Harrop

On setting vehicle efficiency standards, California will win

The Trump administration wants a 37 miles per gallon standard. This is Stone Age thinking in a world of tightening emissions rules where civilized...

Columnist Lee Elci

Banning bags: smart. Taxing them? That's an epic fail.

I propose we empower every Connecticut citizen to be more ecologically sensitive, but at the same time be a warrior for capitalism.