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Graduations 2016

Will Dittman is a leader with a passion for art, the environment

Will Dittman is a leader with a passion for art, the environment

President of his class for the past two years, Saint Bernard School senior Will Dittman is seen as a natural leader who understands and articulates what needs to be done to accomplish a particular goal.

College Graduates as of June 21, 2016

College graduates from around the region.

Grasso Tech grads have built bonds 'stronger than they ever expected'

Cheers were deafening in the packed gymnasium as friends and family of the 129 graduating students congratulated the outgoing seniors for becoming certified to work in the restaurant industry, as hairdressers or barbers and in automotive service.

Ledyard High graduates leave full of love, inspiration

“That powerful word, ‘love,’ is the word that most concisely but also most accurately captures my experience at Ledyard High School,” Principal Amanda Fagan told the outgoing seniors.

Fitch graduates told: 'Promote and encourage what is right'

The Class of 2016 at Robert E. Fitch High School celebrated graduation Friday night and its achievements, including nearly $80,000 in scholarships, all-conference athletes and a softball team now ranked fourth in the nation.

Norwich Tech graduates ready for jobs, higher education, military

While not every member of Norwich Technical School's Class of 2016 is entering the workforce right away — some are college bound and others have joined the military — all have obtained certificates that will open doors for them, according to Principal Nikitoula Menounos.