Melodic power trio Ruby Dear plays Hygienic Thursday

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A new live music series kicks off tonight at the Hygienic Art Park in New London. Called "Avante Garde," the shows don't necessarily reflect the bizarre or experimental acts you might expect. No Sun Ra, harmolodics, or Henry Cow — at least not yet.

But that's actually a good thing in terms of general accesibility. In fact, tonight's act, Ruby Dear, from Bethelehem, Penn., is a melodic power trio fronted by guitarist/singer/songwriter Jenny Founds. Their sef-titled debut CD contains high-energy, hook-frenzied tunes like "Contender" and "You're the Lure" along with enticingly finger-picked gems such as "Spirit Go" and "Blue Nights."

I'm not sure I believe the band's web site's claims that Founds has toured with Jon Anderson (Yes), Gibby Haynes (Buttonhole Surfers), Napoleon Murphy Brock (Frank Zappa), and Perry Farrell (Jane's Addiction) — that'd be a heavy resume for even Kenny Aronoff — but who knows? Maybe Ruby Dear will dip into her past tonight and encore with "The Revealing Science of God" or side two of "Hairway to Steven."

In any case, Ruby Dear should be a fine way to get acquainted with "Avant Garde."

Ruby Dear, Hygienic Art Park, 79 Bank St., New London; $10 suggested donation; (860) 443-8001.


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